Pain Balm: Your Elixir For Chronic Pain

Modern lives have become very busy and stressful. Unhealthy lifestyles with long corporate work hours take a heavy toll on our health. Coupled with this, the rising levels of pollution and increasing levels of adulterated food also makes us susceptible to aches and pains.

Most people have the misconception that only elderly people have aches and pains. However, this is not true as a number of young and middle-aged people are vulnerable to chronic pain due to the reasons mentioned above. Given this scenario, it becomes imperative that we find a solution to this problem that plagues people from all age groups.

This article helps you understand the various advantages and benefits that ayurvedic pain balm provides. Here we first discuss what is pain, why we feel pain and finally we focus on ways and means that can help you alleviate your pain in the best possible way. After reading it, you will be in a much better position to deal with this gargantuan problem that seems to have no cure in sight. Rest assured that here we provide a simple solution to a complex problem in the form of a pain balm.

A pain balm is an ointment that helps you to alleviate your pain using its potent properties. It would not be an exaggeration to say that a pain balm is an elixir for chronic pain. It provides you the perfect mix of soothing as well as cooling properties that can get instant relief from pain in a jiffy. After using a pain balm, you will be relieved of your suffering in a quick and easy way. This will help you a great deal in getting your desired level of healing in the shortest time period.

Read on to find out how pain balm can work immensely as your elixir for chronic pain.

1.     What Is Pain

Pain is a noxious often discomforting feeling that can leave you immobilized over long periods of time. This is mainly caused by some trauma that affects some part of the body. There are different types of pain. Some of them are caused by accidents and injuries. This was the kind of pain that is caused by trauma.

However, there are other kinds of pains as well. For example, joint pain is caused in that part of the body that is connecting two bones. This part of the body is called a joint. Generally, there is cartilage that is found between these bones and there is also a fluid that reduces friction between the two bones.

However, with an increase in age as well as the wear and tear that is caused by the body this cartilage and the joint fluid gets eroded with time. This causes increased friction of the bones and we then experience joint pain. Applying the best pain balm of India over the joints helps in bringing relief over the affected area. Hence, it works a great deal in helping us get back to a normal lifestyle as quickly as possible.

These are different types of pain. Now we move ahead to discussing why we feel pain.

2.     Why We Feel Pain

The human body has an elaborate nervous system. This consists of millions of nerve cells that crisscross different areas of the body. The brain is the central part of the nervous system and the nerves spread out all over the body from this vital organ.

Nerves are made up of nerve cells. Each nerve cell consists of a long section that is the axon. The nerve signals are sent to other nerve cells with the help of this axon. In simpler terms, the axons are the transmitters of the information of pain. The shorter sections on top of the nerve cells are called dendrites. They are the centers of the nerve cell that receive the information from other nerves. Thus, they are the receptors of the nerve cells.

When a certain part of the body is affected by trauma, then the nerve cells transmit this signal directly to the brain through the shortest possible nerve route and we get the sensation of pain. The sensation becomes even more acute and intense if certain tissues of the body are damaged. Then we feel the pain radiating to all parts of the body.

These are the main reasons why we feel pain. In the next and final section, we discuss how a pain balm can help you get rid of your pain without any adverse side effects.

3.     How A Pain Balm Can Alleviate Your Pain

A pain balm is made of the best Ayurvedic herbs that are sourced from the pristine areas of India. These herbs include a smorgasbord of ingredients that make the best Ayurvedic medicine. Some of the most popular herbs and spices for pain relief include menthol, camphor, salicylic acid, shankapushpi, haridra, and ashwagandha. There are others too that are included in most pain balms.

When you apply pain balm over an affected area, it becomes slightly hot and reddish. This is due to the dilation of capillaries that cause increased blood flow to the area. In this way, the surrounding nerve cells relax and stop sending the messages of the sensation of pain. Simultaneously, the menthol, camphor and salicylic acid that are present in the pain balm cool down the affected area so that it does not get overheated.

In this way, we see that there is the perfect balance between the two components of the balm that complement and supplement each other. They provide you with the perfect amalgamation of two opposing tendencies that bring about a sense of equilibrium in the body. A pain balm is the only ointment that can bring out the perfect sense of balance in the body. Hence, you must definitely try it out once.

Slowly and gradually with the sustained application of the pain balm, you will see that the nerve cells and tissues that were damaged get repaired and the sensation of pain slowly fades away. Once you are sure that the pain has subsided, you can stop the application of the balm and get proper healing. You don’t need to use the balm anymore unless the pain comes back inadvertently. This shows that just a little bit of effort on your part can do wonders in managing chronic pain in the best possible way.

This is how a pain balm product of India can alleviate your pain.

From the above discussion, we can safely conclude that a pain balm is your elixir for chronic pain. So what are you waiting for? Quickly make a pain balm a part of your arsenal to combat pain and stay mobile and nimble for posterity!

Invigorating Massage Techniques with Body Oil

Getting a massage is one of the most efficient methods of reducing pain and muscle soreness. While most people think that only old people need a massage, nothing could be further from the truth. Even young and middle-aged people can get bruises and injuries that require extensive treatment. This is where an invigorating massage can work wonders.

Given this scenario, it becomes imperative that we know about the different massage techniques. There are many lubricants that can help in massaging the body but nothing works as good as a body oil. Body oil is truly the elixir that can give you a relaxing and soothing massage.

This article helps in understanding the different massage techniques that can be used with ayurvedic body massage oil. Here we discuss ways and means that you can give the best massage to a tired and fatigued part of the body. After reading this article, you will be in a much better position to treat minor aches, pains, and injuries on your own. In this way, you can get back to your physical activities that form a part of your normal life.

Read on to find out how you can make use of invigorating massage techniques with body oil. This will help you immensely in having good health and fabulous fitness.

1.     Longitudinal Gliding

Longitudinal gliding is one of the most important methods of getting a massage. In this method, the massage is done in the direction of the flow of blood through arteries and capillaries.

 This helps a great deal in removing the fluid that gets accumulated in the site of the injury. It also has the double benefits of reducing swelling and inflammation as well as providing deep relaxation to tired muscles. This is how longitudinal gliding can help you a great deal.

2.     Deep Transverse Frictions

Deep transverse frictions are effective in treating tendon and ligament injuries. This is because they help in breaking down the scar tissue that has caused the injury and does not allow it to degenerate.

Transverse frictions apply oscillating friction into the tissues that are mainly applied in the direction of the fibers of the tissues. If transverse friction is not applied to the tendons and ligaments, then they might get further damaged and hence, it is indeed prudent to use this massage technique to heal your body completely.

3.     Kneading

Kneading refers to the practice of giving a massage with the help of a particular part of the hand like thumb kneading or palm kneading. The intensity of the pressure must change with regard to the purpose of the massage and the majority of the tissues that are being treated for. This is how kneading can help you cure your aches and sprains.

4.     Compression Massage

Compression massage refers to rhythmic compression that creates an effect of softening on the tissues that have been affected. This kind of massage is generally used as a kind of warming up that helps considerably in more deeper and specific massage work. Sports massage most commonly uses compression massage. This is mainly because of the rehabilitative techniques that this method uses.

5.     Thai Massage

Thai massage is characterized by the method of treatment that is truly revolutionary. Native to Thailand, this massage technique is a unique one indeed. This is because the masseur changes his own body to move the client into a multitude of positions. The main points used here are muscle compression, joints mobilization, and acupressure. Thus, Thai massage is a good way indeed to get the best results of a soothing and relaxing massage. Finally, you can top it off with a massage using the best body massage oil in India.

6.     Swedish Massage

As the name suggests, Swedish massage is native to Sweden. Here the massage is done on the topmost layers of the muscles using kneading strokes that are soft and long as well as tapping strokes that are light and rhythmic. You can also combine it with the movement of the joints. In this way, Swedish massage therapy can relax and energize you in the best possible way. It is even helpful if you inadvertently get injured.

There are four common strokes of Swedish massage. The first one is effleurage that is basically a smooth and gliding stroke that is used to relax the soft tissue. The second one is petrissage that is specifically kneading, rolling and squeezing.

The third step is friction. This helps in increasing the flow of blood and also helps in breaking down scar tissue. The fourth and final step is tapotement that is generally done with the help of the tapping of the fingers, hands or edges of the hands for getting maximum pain relief.

7.     Chair Massage

Chair massages are a very famous kind of massage that helps in providing exercise to your arms, neck, back, and shoulders. This is mainly done with the help of a massage chair on which you can sit fully clothed and just enjoy the machines work on your body. After the chair massage, you can apply some body oil on your body as this will help in getting spectacular results.

These chair massages are generally found in music festivals, country fairs and also in airport massage section. In fact, chair massages are so effective that many big companies even offer a 15-20 minute chair massage free for every day of the working week. This is how chair massages are becoming more popular day by day.

8.     Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu is a Japanese word that means finger pressure. This form of massage resembles the acupressure method of therapy that targets certain locations of the body. Here the therapist applies rhythmic pressure that targets certain special points of the body.

Here also these points resemble the acupressure points that are important for the flow of chi which is Chinese for the body’s vital energy. The supporters of the shiatsu massage therapy help in relieving the blockages from the acupressure points.

Thus, we see that there are many invigorating techniques that can help you get relief from chronic aches and pains. All you need to do is just follow the above-mentioned methods of massage that will help you in this task. For getting the best results in this endeavor, you can definitely use the best massage oil in India that will help in improving the intensity of your therapy to the highest levels!

Get Fast Relief From Joint Pains With Rhumazeal Oil

With the stresses and strains of modern life weighing on our shoulders, it has indeed become difficult for us to find good solutions to our health problems. Given this scenario, it is indeed useful if we find an elixir that can cure our chronic pain once and for all.

While there are many allopathic medications that our doctors prescribe for getting alleviation from our pain, still they have harmful side-effects and tend to become addictive. Hence, it is indeed time that we turn to ayurvedic methods of treatment that can work wonders when combating the woes of chronic pain that plagues our busy lives.

This article provides you with the ways in which you can get relief from chronic pain using Rhumazeal oil. Here we present you first with the reasons behind why joint pain is caused, then we explain to you the different ways in which you can get relief from this back-stabbing pain. Finally, we extol the virtues of this ayurvedic body massage oil that can really go a long way in controlling this pain and provide you with the much-needed relief that you truly deserve.

Read on to find out how to get fast relief from joint pains with Rhumazeal oil. This will certainly hold you in good stead when you want to increase and improve the quality of your health.

Reasons Behind Joint Pain

Reasons Behind Joint Pain

While many people suffer from joint pain, very few people know about the reasons behind the same. Here we are going to explain to you why joint pain is caused in the first place and then you will definitely get a better understanding of the same.

The space between two bones is called a joint. This space is filled with fluid inside cartilage. It is the cartilage and the fluid that keeps the bones nimble and flexible. However, with time, there is a lot of wear and tear of this cartilage and the fluid drains out too. In this case, we experience joint pain.

Most people tend to have painkillers but these allopathic drugs cannot cure the root cause of this problem and only focus on suppressing the symptoms. This only worsens the problems as the relief that they get is purely temporary. Hence, for understanding how to cure it, we need to know how pain is caused.

Why We Feel Pain

Why We Feel Pain

Our body consists of millions of nerves that connect all the different organs and limbs and make us function as a complete whole. These nerves are made up of nerve cells that send the signals of pain to our brain. It mainly does this with the help of the synaptic fluid between the cells that consist of axons and dendrites.

When a certain part of our cells gets damaged, then the nerves in that cell are cut off. This causes a painful sensation that refuses to subside no matter what medicines we take. The moment we stop taking the medication, the pain returns and haunts us like a wretched ghost. This is the root cause of chronic pain that refuses to subside.

For removing this pain, we need something that will help stop these nerve signals from getting transmitted to and fro in our body. This is where Rhumazeal oil can help you a great deal.

How Rhumazeal Oil Can Help You

How Rhumazeal Oil Can Help You

Rhumazeal oil is the best pain relief oil in India that contains the goodness of Ayurvedic herbs and ameliorating oils all rolled into one. When this oil is applied on the affected area, then an increased sense of heat is generated in this body part. This increases the circulation of blood in that part and the nerves slowly become numb. In this way, you get instant relief from the pain.

When this oil is applied time and again in this area, slowly the blood circulation returns to its normal position and the pain goes away due to the enhanced flow of blood in the body part. Added to this, the increased heat that is caused by this oil mimics the action of hot compress applied on the body and helps in relieving the painful symptoms that are present therein.

In addition to this, Rhumazeal oil contains the goodness of Ayurvedic herbs that can help in restoring the vigor and vitality that is present in healthy people. This makes it the most potent medicine for getting rid of chronic pain.

The best part about Rhumazeal oil is that it does not have side effects which make it much better than any other form of medication. This makes it much more favorable when compared to over the counter drugs that have numerous side effects from damaging the lining of your stomach to creating a sense of dependency that leads to addiction.

Hence, from the above, it is clear that Rhumazeal oil is really useful in getting relief from joint pains once and for all.

The Goodness Of Ayurveda

The Goodness Of Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an ancient medical treatise that has its origins in the Vedas that were composed in India thousands of years ago. While all this useful knowledge has remained dormant for a long period of time, it is only recently that people have started understanding its utility and efficacy all over the world.

This has even been spearheaded with thousands of Westerners too who have embraced the goodness of Ayurveda with open arms. In fact, even allopathic medical practitioners have accepted its benefits by stating that it is indeed better than having drugs with numerous harmful side effects that take a heavy toll on your body.

It is indeed necessary and important that we as Indians learn to appreciate the benefits of Ayurveda once that the entire world has explained its usefulness. It is only through this that our quest for having an elixir that will cure all our health problems will be realized.

Ayurveda has stood the test of time and its prevalence will surely increase given the high level of stress and strain that modern lifestyles bring. Hence, it is high time we realize that allopathic drugs are not the be all and end all of having the best treatment. We must surely give our indigenous products a chance by trying them out at least once.

From the above, it is clear that you can get fast relief from joint pains with Rhumazeal oil, the best body massage oil in India. So say hello to Ayurveda and grab your bottle of Rhumazeal oil today!

A Pain Balm Is The Best Pain Reliever

Every human being has to endure pain and suffering sometime in his or her course of life. This is the stark reality that we must all accept. However, we have something at our fingertips that other living beings don’t. That is the power of medicine. Medicine has helped improve our lives in a variety of ways. This has mainly been possible because of the advances in medical technology that have happened in recent times.

While there are many systems of medicine, the purest and natural among them is Ayurveda. This ancient Indian medical treatise has worked wonders in curing people from chronic ailments that don’t seem to get cured with Allopathic and Homoeopathic medicines. It is also steeped in ancient Indian tradition that makes it worthwhile for us to learn and become more aware of it.

This article focuses on explaining why an Ayurvedic pain balm is the best pain reliever. Here we first explain what pain is and why it is caused. Then we go on to explain how a pain balm can help you get rid of the pain that stays for a long period of time. This makes it evident that a pain balm is the best pain reliever.

What Is Pain

Pain is a noxious feeling that is caused by a stinging and throbbing sensation in some part of the body. This is generally caused by some physical trauma that damages the equilibrium of our system. In this way, pain has a debilitating feeling that can hinder our work and our daily lives. Hence, it is important for us to learn how this can be cured quickly before it escalates into something that is more serious.

There are many kinds of pain balms and massage oils that can come to your rescue if you are suffering from acute pain in some part of the body. All you need to do is just apply some of this balm or oil in the affected place and massage it gently on the skin for reducing the sensation of pain in your body. This will provide you a much higher amount of relief in a jiffy that will help alleviate the pain. The best balm for muscle pain will help cure sore muscles too. This explains what pain is and how it can be tackled with the help of pain balms and massage oils. Make the most of these medicinal products that will help you get rid of pain in a quick and easy way.

Why Is It Caused

The sensation of pain is caused by the nerves that form an integral part of the nervous system. They are also called as neurons and are found all over the body. When we feel pain, it is basically the nerve cells sending the message that something is wrong in some body part. This is why we feel this throbbing and hurting sensation that impairs our ability to work properly or even carry out our daily activities properly. Hence, for stopping the feeling of pain, we need to find something that will alleviate this sensation and bring a sense of relief to the affected part. For example, you can use a back pain relief balm for curing backache.

This is where pain balms and massage oils can come in very handy. Their chemical composition consists of Ayurvedic elements like herbs and botanical extracts that can help in getting relief in the shortest period of time. The best part about Ayurvedic products is that they are very effective and don’t have side effects. Hence, you can definitely make use of them for curing the malaise of pain without having to think about how it can harm your body in an adverse way. This is how they can be very helpful in the long run.

How A Pain Balm Can Help You

 A pain balm consists of chemical ingredients that have been specially formulated so that you get instant relief from your pain. These formulations have been done by expert practitioners of Ayurveda who have left no stone unturned in giving you the best that medical knowledge has to offer.

While there a number of companies that have come with pain balms, you can check out the best pain relief balm in India that will help you get maximum relief in the shortest time span. You can definitely make use of it and see how well it works.

Pain balms are very versatile and user-friendly. They can be used among people from different walks of life. They are also relatively inexpensive that makes them affordable among a large section of the population. They are also very portable and take up very little storage space that makes them suitable for use even when you are traveling. Hence, they have multifarious advantages that are not present in conventional medicines.

Why A Pain Balm Is The Best Pain Reliever

A pain balm contains a number of ingredients like salicylate that helps in creating a warm sensation in the affected area of the body. This helps in desensitizing the nerve endings that create the sensation of pain that you keep feeling now and again. The temporary disabling of pain causes the body to relax and helps in repairing the damaged cells and tissues. Generally, the pain subsides after a certain amount of time and the problem gets cured.

Besides this, it also contains menthol, camphor and a number of herbs that help in cooling down the pain so as to avoid overheating. This offers a contrast to the salicylate and creates a feeling of balance in the body. After using the pain balm for a few days, you will definitely see a marked improvement in the feeling of pain. This is a much better feeling than that which you get after having strong painkillers that can ruin your digestive system.

This is because allopathic medicines have to be consumed and can have adverse side effects whereas pain balms don’t harm the body in any particular way. This makes them extremely effective for senior citizens who cannot consume too much food in a short period of time. Also, old people are the most susceptible to aches and pains so they should keep a pain balm within reach of their hands in case of any sudden emergency.

This clearly shows that pain balms are the best medicine for elderly people and they are also useful for people of other age groups too who are suffering from intense pain.

From the above, we see that pain balms are the best pain reliever and must be used judiciously in order to get effective relief from pain.

A Soothing Massage Can Alleviate Your Pain

Chronic pain is the cause of many of our daily struggles. It makes doing simple everyday work and socializing difficult and thereby interfering with our mental, emotional and spiritual parts. The quality of life is also affected by pain. Unfortunately, the first treatment we opt for when we experience chronic pain is medication.

As a result, people are becoming more and more addicted to drugs like opioid, which are used in modern day pain killers. People tend to be hooked to drugs after taking them medically for chronic pain like back pain. Death from opioid overdose from pain killer has surpassed those from illicit street drugs.

If you are suffering from chronic pain, try using other methods to cure your pain before you opt for prescription drugs. Even though medicines may seem like a faster and easier method, it will harm you in the long run. Among other pain-reducing methods, the most effective and safe method is massage.

How Does A Massage Work?

A massage, if done correctly, is bound to give you a relaxing and rejuvinating sensation. But how does massage help to chase your pain away? There are two ways a massage helps you with your pain:

  • The relaxation response- An involuntary but predictable response of the nervous system through massage techniques and touch.
  • Mechanical response- These responese are physical effects that occur in the body on application of pressure on soft tissues.

Together these responses create amazing physical and emotional benefits.

The caring, safe touch of massage is an invitation to relax. This helps you relieve your pain and creates a relaxation response. When relaxation response is initiated, your heart and breathing rate will slow down, your blood pressure decreases, hormone production decreases and your muscles relax. This relaxation response also increases the level of serotonin, a hormone responsible for positive emotions and thoughts.

Relaxation response could decrease the physical effects of stress which in turn reduces the stress associated risks such as hypertension, anxiety, insomnia, sexual dysfunction, psycological problems, to name a few.

The physical manipulation increases the blood and lymph circulation while relaxing and normalizing the soft tissue that releases nerve like muscle, tendons, ligaments etc.  and the deeper connective tissue.

Improved circulation increases the oxyen and nutrient supply to the muscle cells, which reults in its improved health. This results in enhancement of tissue functioning, leading to more removal of waste products and increase in the absorption of excess fluids, reducing the swelling in soft tissues.

Massage therapy also relaxes the muscle tissues thereby reducing painful contractions and spasms. Massages are also known to reduce nerve compression. When muscles contract, they also compress the nerves around them so when they are relaxed after a massage the nerves are no longer compressed thereby improving the functioning of muscles and organs since organs share neurological pain pathways with muscles.

The Best Oils To Use For Your Massage:

There are a variety of oils you can use for a massage. You can use the recently trending water dispersable massage oil in if you are too lazy to clean oily towels. Or you can try ayurvedic oils since they contain a blend of many oils and herbs to specifically target muscle pain. Also, they are all natural and more effective.

Other alternatives which you can use are sweet almond oil, coconut oil, apricot kernel oil, etc. They are easily available and also effective. Whatever oil you use, try using the natural variant since it will be more effective.

How Often Should You Go For Massage:

For general wellness, you can opt for a massage session about once or twice a month, depending on your body.

For chronic conditions like migrane, back pain, etc. you should start going for a massage at least twice a week during the first few months, then you may decrease the frequency according to your needs. Chronic conditions require more attention and therefore more massage visits. It may not be solved in one session, but it can be well managed with regular and frequent visits.

Massage is a neccesity for athletes to maintain muscle health and flexibility. Those who are heavily involved in sports need to go for a massage as much as 3 times a week since massage for them is a necessity and not a luxury.

People who go to massage for stress relief can go once in a week or two since massage can reduce stress drastically.

Some Types Of Massage & Their Advantages:

  • Swedish Massage: This is one of the most popular massages. It is very good for relieving stress and for people who experience full body muscle cramp.
  • Deep Tissue Massage: This massage may not suit everyone, but is great for people with chronic pain due to buildup of scar tissue or those with painful areas in neck, shoulders, and back.
  • Trigger Point: It is similar to deep tissue massage and goes way deeper than the Swedish massage. It is best for chronic muscle pain, tension, as well as migraines caused by tension.
  • Myofascial Release: It is similar to trigger point massage and targets trigger points in the fascia. This kind of massage can be relieving for those who suffer from fibromyalgia and is also used as a treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • Craniosacral Therapy: It uses a very light touch which encourages a proper movement of cerebrospinal fluid through the brain and spinal cord. Since this massage has a light nature, it is very effective for fibromyalgia or other pain-related problems that include the whole body.

Even though massage is an all-natural and effective way to deal with various pains, there are a few precautions you must take care of. Tell your massage therapist about any health-related problems or cuts or burns you may be having. Your massage therapist must know about your medical history so that they can suggest what type of massage will be best for you. You also need to tell about your problem area, how bad it can be sometimes and many other related things. During the massage, try relaxing your muscles, and if you have a problem doing that talk to your massage therapist so that they will do the needful. Also, tell the therapist when the massage session gets too painful. This way you will get the maximum benefit out of your massage session.

Effective Tips To Beat The Sizzling Heat

Spring is here with all its color and splendor. This is the season of blooming flowers and they provide you with a riot of colors. The long winter nights are gone and it is time to celebrate Holi, the boisterous festival of colors. There is also a sense of warmth in the atmosphere owing to the rising temperatures making you feel hot after a long span of three cold winter months.


Given this scenario, it becomes natural that with every passing day, you feel the intense heat building up in your body. The situation affects all parts of your hair including your scalp and the best way of overcoming this problem is to use a number of natural coolants that will help cool down your body.


There are many types of coolants, some of them are internal and the others are external. The internal ones are those that you consume in order to bring down the temperature inside your body while the external coolants are those that you need to apply to different parts of your body in order to bring down the temperature considerably.


This article discusses the different types of ways in which you can reduce the temperature of your body. Here we discuss those ingredients that will help you stay cool and calm with the soaring mercury. Though we have discussed many different things to manage the intense heat of your body, still we have given special emphasis to cool oil brands in India as they help in reducing the intensity of the heat in an easy but considerable way. In addition to this, we have also discussed other factors that can also help you in great measure.


Read on to find out the different ways in you can beat the sizzling heat and how cool oil can help you in this regard.


1.     Pitta Dosha


According to Ayurveda, there are three different types of body constitutions.  Among these three, one of them is the Pitta constitution. Corresponding to these three constitutions are three doshas. Doshas refer to something that reflects a sense of imbalance in the body. Pitta dosha signifies the fact that there is excess heat in the body that needs to be removed. Now how will you remove this excess heat? The other remaining following points will help you in this regard.


2.     Change Your Diet


The easiest way to remove heat from your body is to change your diet. You mustn’t have a heavy dose of spicy food as it will increase the heat content of your body by a large amount. You can go for cool dishes like cucumber and boiled green vegetables that will go a long way in reducing the body’s internal temperature. You can also have fruits like watermelon and muskmelon coupled with curds and buttermilk to tide over the rising heat of spring.


Drink a lot of water in order to hydrate your body and keep it cool. You can also have basil seeds that should be soaked in water for some time and combined with rosewater and milk that will help in effectively reducing body heat by a large amount.


You can also have herbal teas or tisanes like chamomile tea and peppermint tea that will give you relief from the increasing levels of heat. Cumin seeds, coriander seeds and fennel also go a long way in removing excess heat from the body.


This is how you can change your diet to suit changing times.


3.     Use Cool Oils


You can massage your head and body with cool oils that will help in cooling down your scalp and remaining parts of your body. Ayurvedic cool oil is particularly helpful in this regard as it can keep your head and mind easily refreshed and rejuvenated. Although this oil is generally applied to the head due to its cooling properties, you can even apply it to your hands if you feel that they are getting overheated. Just take care not to apply it to your face as that is a sensitive part of your body and needs special care.


Cool oils are enriched with menthol and other cooling ingredients that help your scalp get relief from the sizzling heat. They actively control the rise in temperature of your head and help bring it down. Even though there are many Ayurvedic cool oils in the market, you can use this best Ayurvedic cool hair oil for maximum results.


All you need to do is just apply this oil once daily before going to bed. This will help you get quick sleep on a sultry night and in this way, you will feel energized and refreshed the moment you get up. This will help to look forward to a warm and sunny day without feeling heated up and fatigued.


Cool oils perform this incredible feat owing to the large number of cooling herbs that are present in them. Even though there are a number of Ayurvedic herbs that have differing characteristics, cool oils contain the ones that are truly the best. In this way, they can help you considerably in reducing the agony of intense heat.


In this way, cool oils can bring down the temperature of your head in an easy way and can help keep you relaxed and stress-free.


4.     Engage In Exercise


There is no greater joy than plunging into a cool swimming pool in order to beat the heat of the spring and summer. Hence, you can engage in sports activities like swimming and diving that will help you cool your body in an easy way.


If you don’t know swimming and are not that sporty, then you can take part in gardening in the early morning. The cooling environment of dawn will help you get rid of the excess heat in your body and the plants that you nourish and nurture will also help in calming and soothing an overheated mind. In this way, you can get rid of the pent up energy in your body and can start your day in a very happy and relaxed way.


This is how you can combine the benefits of cool hair oil products with a good diet and exercise that will easily help you beat the sizzling heat.


Pros of Ayurvedic Wellness Products

Ayurveda is one of the most ancient medical methods known to humans. This form of therapy was known to Indians since 5000 years. It has been handed down from generation to generation within this time span.

In modern times, these products have been manifest in the form of Ayurvedic wellness products like coconut oil for hair that play a major role in providing you with excellent therapy. In this article, we extol the virtues of these products that will help you derive the best benefits from them.

Read on to find out the different pros of these Ayurvedic wellness products that will help in elevating your lifestyle to a much higher level.

1.     Prophylaxis

Prophylaxis is the process of preventing illnesses. Most people keep focusing on how to cure ailments but never on how to prevent them in the first place. This is especially true of Western medicine that puts great emphasis on curing diseases. However, Ayurvedic medicine is quite different. Ayurveda is an Indian medical treatise that focuses on preventing physical and mental problems. It helps in showing you the correct path to achieving better health and prophylaxis is the method it adopts to achieve this goal. Hence, it is clear that prophylaxis is the best solution for all your healthcare problems.

2.     Glowing Skin

We generally focus on applying a large number of skin care products to our skin. However, the flip side of this is that we end up using a large number of chemicals on our skin that can cause innumerable damage. The best way to take care of your skin is to first recognize the type of skin that you have. There are mainly three types of skin, dry skin that is also called vata skin, sensitive skin that is also called pitta skin and oily skin that is also called kapha skin. Once you have found out your skin type, all you need to do is to dig into the vast repertoire of Ayurvedic know-how that will help you have glowing skin in a jiffy. In this way, you can make optimal use of Ayurvedic products.

3.     High Concentration

In our increasingly interconnected world, it has become mandatory for us to have high concentration levels at all times. However, this becomes extremely difficult in the face of the mechanical lifestyles and daily information overload that we have to face daily. Hence, we definitely need some help that will enable us to have a better quality of concentration. Here Ayurveda can help us immensely by providing us with ingredients that can raise our concentration levels to a much higher plane.

4.     Stress-busting

Ayurvedic wellness products have stress-busting properties that work wonders in reducing the high levels of stress that are extremely common in modern lifestyles and work environments. Normally we generally tend to accumulate the stress in our minds and bodies as there is no available outlet to channelize it out. However, with Ayurvedic wellness products like jasmine hair oil, it has become extremely easy for us to handle stress in a more effective and organized way. This is how Ayurveda plays a very important role in ameliorating our lifestyles in a much better way.

5.     Removing Toxins

Ayurvedic wellness products have inherent detoxifying properties owing to their high levels of purity. Our world is always plagued by pollution and impurities that adversely affect our health. This is a result of the high levels of industrialization that are characteristic of developing countries. In this scenario, it has become essential that we make use of these products to the fullest.

6.     Weight Management

Obesity is one of the primary problems that are plaguing the world in modern times. This malice has witnessed a high level of growth in recent times owing to the widespread consumption of junk food and other unhealthy dietary patterns. In this context, it becomes essential that we manage our weight in the most effective way. Here, Ayurvedic products act as a boon as they encourage you to follow a Sattvic diet that is free from harmful elements that keep adding to your weight. In this way, these wellness products help at a considerable level of weight management.

7.     Building Immunity

Ayurveda consists of a melting pot of herbs and medicinal plants. Most of them are exotic concoctions that have been derived from botanical extracts that have been exclusively handpicked from Indian forests. These herbs and elixirs help in building immunity and protecting against diseases that can be effectively countered with their therapeutic properties. In this way, Ayurvedic wellness products like amla hair oil help immensely in building immunity in the body.

8.     Balancing Hormones

Many ladies suffer from the fluctuating levels of hormones that are characteristic of menstrual cycles and even pregnancy. This hormonal imbalance can wreak havoc in the body by setting these cycles out of gear. Ayurvedic wellness products go a long way in balancing these hormones in the right way so as to provide much-needed relief to these suffering ladies. This is mainly achieved by the herbal ingredients of these products that help you balance out the irregularities within a short span of time. In this way, Ayurvedic wellness products go a long way in helping ladies achieve a state of balance in their fluctuating hormones.

9.     Better Recovery From Illness

Ayurvedic wellness products contain therapeutic properties that make it possible for you to recover faster from a large variety of illnesses. This is mainly because of the potent herbs and medicinal extracts that are present in them. Diseases are mainly caused by viruses and bacteria and Ayurveda aims to kill and exterminate them from the body in order to provide you with a healthy living environment. In this way, these wellness products help in better recovery from illness in the quickest possible way.

10.Holistic Balance

Ayurvedic wellness products like cool hair oil help you immensely in getting the right amount of holistic balance in the body. This is because they provide you with the perfect blend of the physical, mental, emotional as well as the spiritual needs of your entity. This is not possible in other types of therapies as they focus only on the physical aspect of your lives. Hence, it is amply clear that only Ayurvedic wellness products can help you achieve the required holistic balance that will not be possible in any other type of therapy.

From the above, it is clear that Ayurvedic wellness products have a lot to offer. So you must not miss out on this wonderful opportunity and must make the best use of them in order to obtain a healthy lifestyle.

Health Benefits of Various Ayurvedic Elements

Ayurveda is a holistic medical treatise that originated in India. Its history goes back to 5000 years and relies on a large number of botanical extracts that cure various diseases and ailments. Earlier this profound knowledge was confined to India but now even Westerners have acknowledged its benefits. Given the current scenario, it has become essential for us to develop an awareness of the same.


This article provides you with an overview of the different advantages that Ayurveda brings to your body and mind. Here we enumerate the ways in which this treatise can help in ameliorating your health to a considerable level. In this way, you come to know how Ayurvedic products like coconut oil for hair can help you immensely.


Read in to find out the virtues that Ayurvedic elements have and how these healing properties are unique and unparalleled.


1.     Helps Manage Stress Better


Modern lifestyles are very hectic and lead to very high-stress levels. This is because of the demanding nature of our jobs coupled with the hustle and bustle of urban life. Given this scenario, Ayurveda helps us with the perfect solution to all these problems. Recent research suggests that oils and balms that come with Ayurvedic elements help in reducing fear and anxiety and bring a sense of calm to your body. In this way, they help in driving negative thoughts away and invoke a sense of inner peace. Hence, it is very much clear that Ayurveda helps in managing stress in a much better way.


2.     Helps In Weight Loss


Obesity has become a primary cause of concern in modern times. Unhealthy lifestyles with emphasis on junk food and sedentary work are primary reasons behind this recent trend. This has made weight loss programs one of the most popular businesses currently. But do you know that weight loss involves 70 % diet and 30% exercise? Hence, no matter how much you work out, you need to emphasize more on your diet.


Ayurveda helps you achieve just that by providing you with the best diet chart containing healthy and wholesome food. This helps in managing your weight by avoiding foods that can raise it to heightened levels. These undesirable foods also wreak havoc in your body by setting your digestive system out of gear. Once you begin to follow the Ayurvedic diet that is also called the Sattvic diet, you begin to remove these noxious elements from the body that helps in proper weight loss at the right time.


3.     Balanced Hormones


Many ladies have problems with their menstrual cycles due to fluctuations in their hormonal levels. This is mainly caused by an imbalance in the female hormones that trigger these issues. Ayurveda contains a storehouse of knowledge that can help you get rid of this problem in a jiffy. This is mainly because of its potent and holistic nature.


4.     Reduces Inflammation


There are many hidden reasons that cause inflammation. The most common among them are lack of sleep, faulty diet and bad digestion. There are many benefits that Ayurveda can bring into your life. Reducing inflammation is one of them. This is mainly achieved by rejecting waste materials from the body after proper regulation of the cardiac and digestive system. Ayurvedic hair oils like amla hair oil contain a variety of herbs that have anti-inflammatory properties. You can combine this with a moderate level of exercise that helps in increasing the metabolic rate. The antioxidants present in these Ayurvedic concoctions also help in reducing inflammation and boosting your energy levels.

5.     Nurtures Your Body

Ayurvedic elements contain a lot of ingredients that help to nurture your body to optimal levels. Generally, when we feel down or sick, it is mainly due to an imbalance among the various elements in our body. Ayurveda helps you to restore this balance by providing you with a diet chart that best suits your constitution. In Ayurvedic terminology, there are three types of these constitutions and they are called doshas. Once you recognize the dosha that you belong to, you can take adequate preparations to cure your problems by selecting the diet that best suits your dosha. In this way, Ayurvedic elements nurture your body considerably and consistently.

6.     Energizes You

Ayurvedic elements remove drowsiness and lethargy from the body. They do this as they have herbs and minerals that invigorate your body and make it ready for high-level activity. There is generally a blockage in our energy levels if we are following a faulty diet or a sedentary lifestyle. Ayurveda helps you to correct these imbalances in your life and in this way, it removes the energy blockage. This goes a really long way in helping you focus on a holistic way of life that is free of diseases and full of activity.

7.     It Is Holistic

Most of the times, we focus on looking at the external world. We never try to look within us. This creates problems of high expectations and we end up staying unhappy all the time. Ayurveda helps you to overcome these problems by mellowing your expectations from life. In this way, you realize that there is more to life than the external world. Once you begin looking inwards, you find out that you are much more than flesh and bones and possess a spirit that needs to be nurtured well. In this way, you learn to look at a holistic way of life that helps you get a new perspective on the philosophy of healthy living.

8.     Reduces Toxins

There are many toxins that are present in your body but Ayurveda classifies them into three basic types. The most prominent among these is ama that is caused by the build-up of noxious elements in the digestive system. Consuming Ayurvedic elements and applying aromatic oils like jasmine hair oil help in getting rid of these undesirable products and in this way, it removes these toxins from the body. Ayurveda also provides you with guidelines on having meals and this will protect you even further. For example, according to Ayurveda, it is advisable to have the biggest meal of the day during lunchtime when the sun is at its zenith. This helps in keeping the digestive system free of problems and completely protects it from any ailments or disorders. So from this, we can conclude that Ayurvedic elements contribute immensely to reduce toxins from the body.

From the above, it is clear that Ayurvedic elements have various health benefits that can truly elevate your lifestyle to an entirely new level. All you need to do is just glance through the above-mentioned points in order to get a brief understanding of the same.

How To Use Different Massage Oils To Alleviate Muscle Pain

Who wouldn’t love to have a soothing and relaxing massage after a hard day’s work? This massage becomes even more therapeutic when combined with massage oil. While there is a wide variety of massage oils that are available in the market, it is always advisable to use massage oil that has Ayurvedic ingredients as its main constituents.

Ayurveda is a vast storehouse of information that has the goodness of exotic Indian herbs and botanical extracts that are obtained from premier quality flora in this wonderful land. When all these wellness ingredients are distilled in the form of massage oil, they create a wonderful blend that can alleviate muscle pain effectively.

Let’s discover the different types of massage oils that you can use in order to reduce the pain and soreness that you feel in your muscles. There are numerous ways in which you can combine all the oils into one compact concoction that will help you get instant results.

Read on to find out these different types of massage oils that will help you get an invigorating massage to calm and soothe your frayed nerves.

  1. Ayurvedic Massage Oils

As mentioned earlier, Ayurvedic oils are really useful in reducing the level of muscle soreness and fatigue that comes with age and heavy exercise. While there are many different kinds of massage oils, the most useful among them is KMP Rhumazeal Oil, a new wonder product that cures rheumatoid arthritis while enhancing your zeal for health and fitness.

Rhumazeal Oil contains a perfect blend of different kinds of oils that help in healing the body effectively. It also contains exotic herbs that make it very therapeutic for the body as well thus making the Ayurvedic pain relief oil a panacea for all your muscular ailments.

  1. Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is very helpful in enhancing proper blood circulation in the body. Extremely suitable for relief from pain and lowering the intensity of swellings and inflammations in different parts of the body, Peppermint oil has a number of other benefits. It helps in regrowth of hair due to the effective production of a kind of protein called keratin.

  1. Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil has analgesic properties that make it good for working as an effective anti-inflammatory. Very useful in getting instant relief from neural and muscular pain, Eucalyptus oil also helps in reducing muscular spasms caused due to injuries and wounds. It can also be applied to the body for getting an invigorating massage and makes it an effective massage oil as well.

  1. Lavender Oil

Lavender oil also has soothing properties that help in reducing pain and soreness in the muscles. It is also useful in getting rid of joint pain and relieving the stress and tension in the body.Lavender oil is also effective for aromatherapy as it has a soothing and refreshing fragrance that helps keep you refreshed and rejuvenated for a long period of time all throughout the day.

  1. Chamomile Oil

Chamomile oil is renowned as a herbal aspirin as it gives intense relief from muscular pain, sudden cramps and blood vessels that have become swollen that can cause blood pressure problems. This is mainly because it mimics the properties of aspirin that works as a blood thinner making the passageways clear from getting clogged. This mechanism reduces the pent-up pressure in the blood vessels and helps in preventing cardiovascular problems.

  1. Clary Sage Oil

Clary sage oil has antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory compounds that calm down the nervous system. This helps in reducing fatigue and muscle soreness. It is also suitable for reducing anxiety and stress disorders. By the use of effective aromatherapy one can calm and soothe frayed nerves. Apply this useful massage oil on affected parts of the body to get instant relief from your ailments.

  1. Yarrow Oil

The strong analgesic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of yarrow oil help in healing joint pains.It also helps in decreasing the intensity of swellings that occur in the gastrointestinal tract.This makes it perfect for treating arthritis and problems of the stomach, thus helping in digestion as well.

  1. Vetiver Oil

Vetiver oil is very popular for relieving rheumatic problems, arthritic problems, and muscle aches and sprains. Its anti-inflammatory properties also make it very popular in Ayurveda. This is how the marvelous oil helps ailing patients get relief from the different types of noxious feelings that occur in the various parts of the body. Just apply this effective pain oil to help alleviate your pain effectively.

  1. Camphor Oil

Camphor oil is used as the primary ingredient in ointments and the oil works as a painkiller to get instant relief from muscle pain and soreness, and also the discomfort produced by sprains and dental problems. This is mainly because of its inherent analgesic properties. The pain-relieving properties of this oil make it extremely conducive for getting a soothing and relaxing massage as well.

  1. Orange Oil

Orange oil contains limonene and mycrene which have strong antioxidant properties that help in reducing body inflammation. They are also effective for treating fever, knee ailments and other infections that cause overall malaise. This is how orange oil can be used in treating wounds and injuries, especially those that are caused due to sports injuries. In this way, it works well as an effective pain relief oil.

  1. Geranium Oil

Geranium oil stimulates the microglial cells present in our bodies. These cells help release anti-inflammatory vectors that heal infections caused by bacteria, arterial inflammation, and problems associated with our memory.This helps to enhance the cognitive properties of our brain as well and stimulates our level of intelligence as well.

So just choose any one or a combination of these massage oils that will help alleviate muscle pain. This will help you get spontaneous relief from a host of your ailments and disorders.

Why Applying Jasmine Oil Is Good For Your Hair

Jasmine oil is renowned for its fragrance. The exotic smell of jasmine flowers is enough to soothe and calm down frayed nerves. No wonder it is extensively used in aromatherapy. However, while most of us are aware of its captivating fragrance, very few of us know about the other benefits of jasmine oil.

Jasmine oil is extremely beneficial for the hair and skin. This rich oil can be effectively used to cure many hair related ailments like hair fall and dandruff. In addition to this, it can also be used for improving the quality of your skin. Jasmine oil is extracted from jasmine flowers and is widely used in Oriental cultures.

There are numerous benefits that jasmine hair oil can bring. We provide you with the resultant changes that you will see once you begin using it while applying the oil the right way to get the best results.

Read on to find out how to make jasmine hair oil an integral part of your hair care routine. This oil is generally mixed with other useful oils like coconut oil, almond oil or olive oil to get a combined result. You can also use it as a stress-buster that will help rejuvenate yourself after a busy schedule. So let us now proceed with the reasons explaining why jasmine oil is extremely good for your hair.

1.     Makes Hair Stronger And Reduces Breakage

Jasmine hair oil is extremely effective in moisturizing the hair to an optimum level. This strengthens the shafts of the hair and makes them resistant to damage. In this way, they can overcome the daily wear and tear that accompanies modern working lives.

When combined with coconut oil, it can really work wonders as both these oils are extremely useful for increasing hair growth. Another way in which you can use it is to warm the oil a little and then massage it all over your hair. This will help in the rapid growth of hair.

Hair is made up of keratin and needs to be supplied with proteins, vitamins, and minerals in order to make it grow properly.  Jasmine oil contains all these nutrients in equal measure that helps in proper growth and development of hair shafts. When applied to hair, this helps in reducing natural hair loss that occurs with age.

In short, we can clearly see that jasmine oil is the perfect solution to problems of hair growth.

2.     Helps In Reducing Dandruff

Dandruff is known as the bane of having good hair. They are caused by bacteria that grow in the hair. These bacteria combine with yeast to form dandruff that damages your hair. Jasmine oil helps in killing these bacteria and yeast with its microbial properties. In this way, it helps in getting rid of this problem once and for all.

This benefit of jasmine oil is not widely known. You can also combine this therapy with an anti-dandruff shampoo. For this, all you need to do is oil your hair with jasmine oil for six days a week and then wash it off with anti-dandruff shampoo once in a week. This will help you get rid of your dandruff in a jiffy.

If left untreated, this problem will continue to persist and will increase substantially. Hence, it needs to be nipped in the bud before it reaches alarming proportions. This can be easily achieved using jasmine hair oil as your panacea for reducing dandruff from the roots. Just try it out once and see the amazing results that it brings!

3.     Reduces Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair is another problem that plagues us from time immemorial. It makes your hair become dry and worn out and causes severe problems for its growth. However, jasmine hair oil can work as a wonderful solution to this problem.

The extensive moisturizing properties of jasmine oil helps in getting rid of frizz and giving life back to your luscious curls. In this way, it can help preserve the curly texture of your hair and can preserve it for posterity.

While most of us try to get rid of frizzy hair using artificial chemical treatments, jasmine oil is a better way to solve this problem using natural remedies. Chemicals can harm your hair irreparably and can aggravate the frizzy look. On the other hand, jasmine oil contains only natural ingredients that have no side effects. This makes it a much better choice.

4.     Gives You Soft Hair

The hydrating properties of jasmine oil provide you with the necessary softness that is required for having silky hair. All you need to do is just massage jasmine oil on your scalp every night before going to sleep. The next day, just wash your hair normally.

If you continue doing this for a prolonged period of time, you will see that your hair has naturally become soft and silky. This comes in especially handy in winter when hair tends to become hard and brittle. Using this oil will help you detangle it also as it becomes smooth and easy to brush.

5.     Leaves You With A Soothing Fragrance

This is the best part of using jasmine hair oil. The invigorating fragrance of this oil will definitely help you stay refreshed and rejuvenated all day long. While other oils may have many benefits,none of them match the aromatic fragrance of jasmine oil. Hence, you must definitely try out this oil once if you want to feel on cloud nine every day.

6.     It Calms You Down

The aromatic effects of jasmine oil are manifold. It helps you calm down and keeps stressful situations under control. This can really help you unwind after a hard day at work. The nerves are soothed and anxiety is kept under control using this wonderful oil.

This medicinal value of jasmine oil is unparalleled when compared to other oils. Also, you don’t need to put a great deal of effort into getting the best results. You just have to have an invigorating massage on your scalp at the end of the day and just relax and let the captivating fragrance enthrall you with its soothing properties.

From the above, it is clear that jasmine oil has many benefits for your hair. Using it regularly will definitely help in improving the quality of your hair considerably.