Ayurvedic Hair Care Tips For Monsoons

The monsoons are here providing you with ample relief from the scorching sun. Everybody welcomes the monsoons with open arms in a tropical country like India. This season is especially loved by children and romance lovers who get the time of their life with the pitter patter of the rain.

However, this is a trying time for your hair as monsoons tend to harm your hair adversely. The problem is compounded with the humidity in the atmosphere and the excessive production of sebum that leaves your hair in an oily and messy tangle. Hence, there is an innate need for you to take care of your hair during the monsoons.

This article provides you with the various Ayurvedic hair care tips for monsoons. This comprehensive guide makes it easy for you to get the best tips and guidelines for taking the best care of your hair in this season. After reading it, you will be in a much better position to bring out the best in your hair and maintain optimal hair health.

Read on to find out how Ayurvedic hair care tips can really benefit your hair during the monsoons.

1.     Oil Your Hair Regularly

Oil Your Hair Regularly

Hair oil provides you with the best nourishment for your hair. This is because it has medium chain fatty acids that can help in nurturing your hair strands to the fullest. Our hair tends to become dry owing to the high levels of dampness and humidity present in the air.

This is when it becomes important for you to oil your hair regularly. While there are a number of oils that are good for your hair, for best results you can use a combination of pure coconut oil for hair and Bhringaraj hair oil.

This is because coconut contains the best nutrients that can help your hair grow by leaps and bounds and Bhringaraj is a herb that contains the best properties that can repair hair fall and prevent hair damage. Hence, this combination is really a formidable one when it comes to making your hair grow into lovely and luscious locks.

This is why oiling your hair regularly pays great dividends when it comes to increasing the length of your hair by promoting better hair health.

2.     Do A Head Massage


Another important thing that you can do for maintaining the high quality of your hair is to do a head massage. This not only invigorates the hair follicles by providing the scalp with better blood circulation, but it also helps in removing stress and fatigue after a hard day at work.

A head massage is also very easy to do. You just have to heat two teaspoons of ayurvedic amla hair oil and let it stay for some time. Then apply it to your hair and ensure that it reaches all the corners of your scalp. For extra effects, you can even bend backward and leave your hair behind so that the oil permeates all through your scalp. This will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated as you unwind for the day.

This is how a head massage can do wonders for your hair.

3.     Diet Is Important

While people generally tend to focus on the external aspects of hair care, very little attention is given to internal factors like diet. However, one must make a note of the important part that diet plays in our lives. Even the health of your hair depends largely on the things that you eat and drink.

For having healthy and vibrant hair, you need to eat lots of proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Hair is made up of keratin that is also a protein. Hence, you need to replenish the storehouse of protein that is necessary for better hair growth. This can be done by incorporating lots of legumes, spinach, sprouts, chicken, and mutton in your diet for securing the level of protein.

For getting the best vitamins and minerals, you can always include a lot of fruits and dairy products in your diet too. This will provide your hair with the necessary nourishment that is needed.

4.     Control Frizzy Hair

Monsoons tend to make your hair frizzy and entangled. This is because of the high level of moisture and humidity that is present in the air. This can affect your hair adversely. Hence, you need to control this frizz by conditioning your hair. This is best done by first putting lemon juice in the hair and then letting it dry.

After that, you need to put curds in your hair. This is because curds are a very good conditioner that can provide the required level of hair conditioning that your lovely tresses need.

If you want to improve the level of your conditioning, then you can add an apply-on conditioner to your hair too and then top it up with a gel for added effects. This will help in reducing frizziness and also prevent entanglement.

This is how you can control frizzy hair.

5.     A Herbal Hair Wash

There are many benefits of herbs and they provide you with lots of benefits. Hence, it is extremely imperative that you use herbs too when you are taking care of your hair. The best way to do this would be to have a herbal hair wash that will help you make your hair look the best.

Infused with the goodness of the best Ayurvedic herbs, this hair wash extols the virtues of Brahmi, Reetha, Methi, Japa Pushpa, Ashwagandha and Haridra. All these are classics in their own right as they provide you with the best properties that Ayurveda has to offer. You can combine it with fragrant jasmine hair oil for added effects.

Hence, you must definitely use a herbal hair wash as the solution to all your hair care problems.

6.     Avoid Hair Styling And Coloring

Most people tend to make the mistake of coloring and styling their hair with artificial chemicals. While this may make them look glamorous and attractive, it harms your hair irreversibly. Added to this, when rainwater sticks to your hair, then the colors of the dyes react with it leading to more hair damage. Hence, you must always avoid hair styling and conditioning so as to protect your lovely tresses.

These are the different Ayurvedic hair care tips for monsoons for helping you take care of your hair in the rainy season.

Stay Energized All Day Long With Cooling Oils

Summer has gone and the monsoons are here. While the incoming rains help showcase a sense of cool and calm, still the heat returns when there is a lull in the rains. This leads to people feeling hot and flustered until the rains set it completely.

Considering this scenario, it is clear that you need something that will help you feel cool and refreshed all day long. This can only be possible with the help of cooling oils. There are many kinds of cooling oils but essential oils do this task excellently in addition to the normal repertoire of cool oils that are on offer. The best cool hair oil can help you considerably in getting desired results.

This article provides you with information that will help you stay energized all day long using cooling oils. Here we firstly discuss the benefits of cooling oils. Then we provide you with a detailed understanding of some of the best essential oils that can give the perfect cooling effect not only for your hair but for your entire body.

Read on to find out the best cooling oils that can help you stay energized all day long during the days the rain goes away for a short spell of time.

Benefits Of Cooling Oils


1.      Cooling oils cool down your scalp


 As the name suggests, cooling oils help in cooling down your scalp. They generally contain an important ingredient called menthol that provides a cooling and tingling sensation to not only your head but your entire body as well. Hence, they come in really handy during the months when the rain has reached our cities but has not set in completely. Hence, one must definitely make the best use of these cool hair oils that have multifarious benefits.

2.      Instant relief from fatigue and stress


Cooling oils also give you instant relief from fatigue and stress. This is because they soothe and calm your nerves so that you can have a tranquil and serene feel all through the day. Many people get tired quickly owing to the unhealthy lifestyles that city dwellers lead. Considering this reality, it becomes essential that you have some remedy in hand that will help you tide over life’s daily difficulties in a very easy way.

3.      Good for an invigorating massage

Cooling oils are also good for getting an invigorating massage on a humid and sultry day. All you need to do is just apply this oil on your back and neck and enjoy the tingling sensation that it brings over the entire body. The best part about cooling oils is that they help in curing muscle soreness and light injuries too. Hence, one must definitely make the best use of these oils so that they can help you sail smoothly even on extra sunny days.

This is how cool hair oil brands in India outshine those from other parts of the world. Now that we have discussed the benefits of cooling oils, we can now proceed to explain the different types of essential oils that can help you stay cool and calm all through the monsoons.

1.     Rosemary Oil

Rosemary oil is one of the best essential oils that can help you in staying cool all day long. This is because you get a tingling sensation when you first apply rosemary oil on your scalp. The trick to using this oil is to take only a few drops and then spread it all over your hair so that it easily reaches all the corners. Then you can just sit back and relax and enjoy the tranquil experience that this oil brings to your mood and spirit.

2.     Lavender Oil

Lavender oil has a sweet fragrance that can soothe the most upset mind. No wonder it is used widely in aromatherapy. Derived from the floral extracts, this oil is very handy in ameliorating your sense of inner peace.  Added to this is the fact that it has antibacterial properties that help immensely in curing problems of the scalp. It mainly does this by killing all the bacteria and fungi that have made the hair in your head as their permanent dwelling place.

 Lavender oil is also a very good sedative that helps in curing insomnia and fatigue related to overwork. In this way, you can get instant relief from a broad spectrum of sleep disorders that will alleviate your suffering by a great deal.

3.     Lemongrass Oil

Lemongrass oil helps immensely in making your hair follicles stronger and it’s also good for getting rid of dandruff. This is mainly because of the high level of citric acid that it contains. The citric acid present in lemon and lemongrass works as an astringent that helps in getting rid of dandruff in an easy and effective way.

All you need to do is just apply a few drops of lemongrass oil to your hair and let it rest for a couple of minutes after finishing your shower. Then you can wash it off with cold water to get the desired effects completely.

4.     Peppermint Oil

Most of us love the cool and refreshing taste of peppermint, but do you know that there is an oil called peppermint oil. This is derived from the peppermint tree and it has many cooling benefits. The most noteworthy advantage of peppermint oil is that it helps immensely in hair growth and recent research suggests that it is exceptionally good for reducing baldness.

Another fact about this oil that needs to be highlighted is that this oil provides a cooling and tingling sensation to the scalp that helps you get instant relief from the heat and humidity even on the most sultry day. Hence, you must definitely try out this oil for its cooling and calming properties.

5.     Cedarwood Oil

Another oil that can keep you cool and calm is the prized cedarwood oil. This oil has the advantages of increasing your blood circulation and also reduces the brittleness in your hair. In this way, it strengthens your hair follicles and increases the nourishment and nutrition to your scalp. This helps in better regrowth of hair and also in repairing damaged strands and tresses.

All you need to do is just take a few drops of this oil and leave it on your scalp for half an hour. Then wash it off with cold water so that you can feel rejuvenated and relaxed.

This is how you can stay energized all day long with cooling oils that are the best cool hair products.

Reduce Frizziness And Split Ends With Amla Oil

The monsoons are here and with it come the lovely raindrops that cool down the parched earth. All of us love to see the rains lashing on the ground after a scorching summer. This mesmerizing sight certainly brings a smile on everybody’s face, especially children.

However, the monsoons can be a trying time for your hair. The high levels of humidity and moisture will make it difficult for you to provide the best care for your hair. This leads to various problems like frizziness of hair and split ends. Hence, you will have to find a solution to these problems that will help you have shiny and lustrous hair all through the year.

This article provides you with solutions to reduce frizziness and split ends using ayurvedic amla hair oil and a host of other oils too. While there are many Ayurvedic oils that can help you get the best hair care, none of them quite matches the benefits and advantages of amla oil. Still, we have mentioned other oils too that can help you in this regard should you decide to try them out as well.

Read on to find out how you can reduce frizziness and split ends with amla oil.

1.     Amla Oil

Amla oil has many potent benefits that make it stand out from all other oils. It is also called the Indian gooseberry and contains lots of Vitamin C that is extremely good for your hair. Vitamin C has the unique properties of repairing the hair follicles and also the other cells that are associated with hair growth and renewal. Amla oil also helps in reducing frizziness and split ends due to these same facts.

The best part about amla oil is that it is very easy to apply and use. All you need to do is just apply three teaspoons of amla oil to your hair before you go to bed. Make sure that you massage all the tips of your hair with this amla oil. Also, see to it that it reaches all the corners of your scalp and no part of your head is left untreated. Massage your head well for at least 5 minutes so as to help the oil penetrate deep into the hair shafts.

Then put on a shower cap and let the oil stay overnight so that it can get absorbed by the hair. Wake up the next day and shampoo as normal and apply a conditioner so that all the nutrients of the best amla oil in India stay intact in your hair.

This is how amla oil can help in reducing frizziness and split ends for your hair.

Now that we have discussed the benefits of amla oil, we can now move ahead to see the benefits of another important oil too. Furthermore, we will discuss the use of amla oil when combined with other hair care products that make for a veritable combination perfectly designed to keep hair problems at bay.

2.     Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is also one of the best oils that can help in reducing frizziness and split ends. This is because it contains medium chain fatty acids that help immensely in moisturizing and hydrating your hair and scalp. It is no secret that South Indian ladies have used coconut oil since time immemorial to nourish and nurture their hair owing to its potent benefits.

Coconut oil is also easy to use. The best part about coconut oil is that you can apply it any time of the day and as many times as you want. This is because there are no side effects of this oil. All you need to do is just apply two teaspoons of coconut oil to your hair after taking a bath. Let this oil stay on your hair for the whole day. This will provide wholesome nourishment to your hair.

If you want added benefits to your hair, then you can apply a little bit of coconut oil even at night before you go to sleep. This will ensure that it stays on your hair all night long providing your hair with round the clock nourishment. Then when you take a bath in the morning, you can wash it off.

If your hair becomes too oily due to the double application of oil, then you can then put curds in your hair twice a month. This will remove the excess oil and will also work as a conditioner. In this way, you can reduce frizziness and split ends with coconut oil.

3.     Egg Yolk

Egg yolk contains lots of protein that helps your hair grow longer and more luscious. Hair is made up of a protein called keratin that helps in the elongation of the hair shaft. This protein needs to be replenished every now and again hence, you must put nutritious elements like egg yolk that can repair damaged hair follicles and help them grow.

The best way to apply egg yolk is to mix it with curds, honey, and amla oil. This will fortify it even further and will serve as a formidable combination for your hair. It will also remove the stinging smell of egg yolk when it is applied to your hair standing alone. So try out this hair mask using the effervescent amla oil that will bring more glamor and splendor to your lovely tresses.

4.     Aloe Vera

The wonderful properties of aloe vera were known since time immemorial by the ancient Egyptians. This wonderful herb can be combined with amla hair oil and jasmine hair oil for reducing split ends and frizziness of your hair.

Normally applying aloe vera to your hair can be sticky and messy. But we provide you with a wonderful solution for getting around this problem. All you need to do is apply a mixture of aloe vera with few drops of amla oil and jasmine oil to your hair. Then you can let it rest for around half an hour.

Then wash it off with a mild shampoo. The two oils will not only nourish your hair but will also make it easy for you to remove the aloe vera from your hair after it sits tight on your scalp. In this way, you will have the added benefit of all three herbs and oils.

This is how you can reduce frizziness and split ends with ayurvedic amla oil.

Tone Down The Mercury With Extra Cool Oils

Summer is here and with it comes the irresistible heat. The soaring mercury can make many people dazed and uncomfortable. We really need something that will help us beat the heat during these sizzling times.

However, there is no need to fret and fume as there are many options available that will help you get some relief from this intense heat. Some of the remedies for tackling heat are internal and some of them are external.

Among the internal remedies, you can consume cold drinks, chilled lassi and even ice cream that will help cool down the temperature inside your body by a considerable margin. Among the external ones, you can plunge into a swimming pool on a hot sunny day.

However, all the above things are mainly well known by people from all walks of life. However, there are other remedies that most people are not that well aware of.

This article helps you to tone down the mercury with an extra special and unique element. These are basically extra cool oils. Many of us may have heard of cool hair oils that are applied over our scalp but most of us have not heard of extra cool oils. These are essentially an advanced and sophisticated version of the ordinary cool oils with added cooling features and characteristics.

Read on to find out how you can tone down the mercury with extra cool oils.

Organic Ayurvedic Ingredients Of Extra Cool Oils


Organic Ayurvedic Ingredients Of Extra Cool Oils


Extra cool oils are made of unique herbs and botanical extracts that contain cooling ingredients like camphor and menthol. These elements are very well known and can help in bringing down the temperature by a considerable margin. They have been sourced from all over India and have been distilled and packaged with motherly care so that you can have instant relief from the heat with no side effects at all.

The best part of Ayurvedic products is that they don’t contain harmful chemicals. They are completely organic and won’t harm you in any way. They consist mainly of elements like a blend of different oils that help in hair growth and renewal. In addition to this, they also contain cooling elements that help give you immense relief on a hot and sultry summer night.

All you need to do is just apply the best extra cool hair oil to your head before you retire for the night and then you can enjoy a sound and restful sleep all through the sizzling summer. Just take a bath the next morning so that the oil gets washed off and let it dry naturally. The cooling properties of this oil will then help you stay cool and fresh all through the scorching day.

Hence, don’t you think that you should try these extra cool oils? Don’t miss out on this amazing experience that will make you wish that the next summer comes back quickly.

Add It With Other Elements



Most of us use shampoo to wash our hair and to remove the grime and dirt from our hair. However, shampoo contains harmful chemicals and anti-dandruff shampoo has even more chemicals than normal shampoos. Hence, it is not safe to use these shampoos for washing your hair. But have you wondered what the other alternatives would be?

Here we present you with other elements like a combination of curd and lemon added with extra cool oils that will not only bring you relief from the intense heat but will also help in getting rid of unwanted dandruff. For this, first you need to take the juice of a lemon and apply it all over your scalp. Then wait for ten minutes and sit under the fan to let it dry off.

Then apply a handful of curd and apply it all over your scalp. Make sure that it reaches every nook and corner of your hair. The cooling effect of the curd will bring a cooling effect on your head immediately. Then let it stay for half an hour. Take a bath after that.

You will be really surprised to see that all the dirt and grime and even used up oil have been removed from your head without using any harmful chemicals. The hair is also conditioned very well and all the dandruff has been removed.

For ameliorating this process even further and feeling the cool sensation all through the day, you need to apply extra cool oil after this entire process is over. This will help in sustaining the cooling and tingling sensation even when you face the hot scorching sun when you go out. In this way, you can protect yourself from the harmful blaze no matter how much the mercury soars.

In this way, it is clear that you can add other elements to stay cool and refreshed along with extra cool oils as the main element. This is how you can get the maximum benefit from the wonders of Ayurveda. So why don’t you switch to the organic cleaning way rather than something that is commonplace and can also harm your health?

A Unique Brand



As mentioned above, many people have heard of cool oils but not many of them have heard of extra cool oils. This evidently showcases the fact that extra cool oils are a unique brand that is not available that easily. These cool hair products are really a unique brand.

Extra cool oils are especially apt for a tropical country like India where the hot weather can take a toll on your health and especially your hair. In this situation, it would be really nice if you could have something that would protect your hair all through the summer. This is where extra cool oils can help you tone down the mercury so that you stay refreshed and rejuvenated all day long.

Hence, you should embrace this oil and apply it to your hair to see its useful properties. Why let this golden opportunity slip out of your hand when you can avail it conveniently?

From the above, it is clear that you can tone down the mercury with extra cool oils. This will definitely make your summer more charming and pleasant!

Stay Refreshed All Day Long With Fragrant Jasmine Oil

Summer brings with it a lot of heat and grime that leaves us tired and dirty. It also takes a toll on our hair as the scorching sun stimulates the production of sebum in our hair. This makes it oily and smelly even after bathing maybe twice a day.

Given this scenario, we need something that will help in keeping our hair fragrant and refreshed all day long. Jasmine oil can help you immensely in this regard. The cooling properties of this oil and its breathtaking fragrance are enough to mesmerize your senses even on a hot sunny day.

This article enlightens you in this regard by providing you with all the benefits of jasmine oil. Here we extol the virtues of this oil so that you can get optimal relief from the blaze of the summer sun. After reading this article, you will be in a much better position to see for yourself why applying jasmine oil can work wonders, especially during the summer.

Read on to find out how you can stay refreshed all day long with fragrant jasmine oil.

1.     Reduces Hair Fall And Hair Breakage


Reduces Hair Fall And Hair Breakage


Jasmine oil has high therapeutic properties as it can help in reducing hair fall and breakage. This oil is made from jasmine flowers that are used extensively in all Asian cultures. Jasmine oil has cooling properties that calm and soothe your hair and prevent them from falling off. This also makes the hair strong and resistant to breakage. The moisture content and elasticity of your hair is also enhanced by using jasmine oil.

You can even combine it with jojoba oil or other essential oils that can help it enter into the cuticle of the hair in order to condition it deeply. This also helps in soothing the mind and also relieves stress. People those who suffer from muscle tension are also relieved. Thus, we see that jasmine hair oil has myriad properties that help to nourish and nurture your hair to maximum levels.

2.     Fights Scalp Problems


Fights Scalp Problems


Jasmine oil is an antiseptic that helps in removing bacteria and fungi from your scalp. It also helps in removing itchy conditions like dandruff. This is mainly because of the natural healing properties of this oil. In this way, it can protect your scalp from a number of infections. You can even add jasmine oil to your hair mask and also to the usual scalp oil that you regularly use.

3.     Has Aroma therapeutic Properties


Has Aroma therapeutic Properties


Jasmine hair oil has aromatherapeutic properties that help it cure a number of ailments and health-related conditions. These include headaches, hypertension, insomnia, and depression too. The fragrant smell of jasmine oil works wonders in curing all these diseases. In fact, aromatherapy is so effective that even allopathic doctors have started extolling its virtues. Hence, one must definitely make optimal use of aromatherapy so as to get relief from pain and suffering.

4.     Reduces Frizz


Reduces Frizz


Jasmine oil helps in retaining the moisture content of the hair and reduces frizz and dryness. It is also very hydrating and makes the hair soft and moist. This will let you increase the number of luscious curls on your head very easily. You can even add it with coconut oil so as to have a sealant that can increase its efficacy in the best possible way. In this way, you can reduce frizz in a jiffy. All you need to do is to use jasmine oil regularly for getting spectacular results.

5.     Makes Your Hair Soft



Jasmine oil can help you immensely if you have curls that are dry and brittle. The moisturizing properties found in jasmine oil make it possible for you to have soft and silky hair. It not only helps in combating dryness but also conditions your hair in a very effective way. In this way, it reduces hair dryness and combats scalp problems. It also prevents webbing of the hair and helps in easy detangling.

From the above, it is clear that jasmine oil has a lot of benefits. Now we proceed to how you can stay refreshed all day long with jasmine oil.

1.     Apply The Oil In The Morning


The easiest way to make use of jasmine hair oil is to apply it in the morning after having a bath. This will help you stay refreshed and rejuvenated all day long. The cooling properties of jasmine oil will energize you so that you can bring your bounce back even as the mercury soars each summer day. So don’t forget to apply the oil right after taking a bath in the morning.

2.     Combine It With Coconut Oil


Combine It With Coconut Oil


You can even combine it with coconut oil for added effects. Coconut oil helps in increasing hair growth and provides your hair with the needed nourishment that it deserves. When combined with jasmine oil, it can multiply the benefits of both oils. Jasmine oil has a calming effect on the whole body and also has aromatherapeutic uses. Hence, it will definitely hold you in good stead if you combine coconut oil with jasmine oil so that you can get the potent benefits of both.

3.     Combine It With Amla Oil


Combine It With Amla Oil


If you want to maximize the utility of the best effects of Ayurveda, then you can combine the virtues of jasmine oil with Amla oil. Both of these oils have excellent cooling properties. Amla is extremely good in cooling down the body on hot summer days and jasmine also soothes and calms down the mind. Hence, using both of them can be a potent combination that will help you sail through smoothly during the difficult summer days. Hence, it is indeed prudent if you combine the benefits of jasmine oil with Amla oil.

4.     Apply The Oil Before Going To Bed


Apply The Oil Before Going To Bed


If you want to have a good night’s sleep in summer, then you can even apply jasmine oil in the night before going to bed. This will help your head stay calm and cool all through the night. So no matter how high the temperature is, you will be able to enjoy a serene and tranquil feel for the entire duration of your sleep. Hence, it is definitely a good idea to apply the oil before retiring for the night.

From the above, it is clear that you can stay refreshed all day long with fragrant jasmine oil. So you must definitely make it a part of your daily routine.

Repair Your Hair With Herbal Hair Oils

Hair is very important for many of us out there. We see it as something that beautifies us. Healthy hair is a sign of a healthy you.

Hair, if not taken proper care of, can result in hair fall, thinning of hair, split ends, baldness, dandruff, and many other hair problems. The constant exposure to heat and chemical treatments, pollution and dust exposure also tend to weaken our hair significantly.

The best way to help it gain back its strength and shine are herbal treatments like herbal oils, shampoos masks etc.

Out of these herbal treatments, herbal oils are the easiest to find, won’t punch a hole in your pocket and are quick to show amazing results. Oils moisturize your hair while giving it all the necessary nutrients.

The Indian ayurvedic system of medicine is known to include information on various kinds of herbs and oils which gives desired results depending on your hair care regimen. Herbal oils are a boon for anyone interested in taking care or their hair correctly.

Herbal oils have numerous benefits and no side effects like those chemical treatments. Unlike artificial oils, herbal does not show immediate results but when the results come they last long are more beneficiary. Many people have turned to herbal oils due to their effectiveness and longevity. Here are a few ways of how herbal oils can help you get healthier hair:

Healing and repairing the hair strands:


Healing and repairing the hair strands


Herbal oils are the best when it comes to repairing hair naturally. There are many ingredients which help in the process of repairing. An important ingredient of many herbal oils is fenugreek (methi), which is well known for its hair related benefits. It contains a lot of vitamins and minerals and therefore is an ingredient that can be easily found in most Indian kitchens since it plays a very important role in Indian cuisine.

These vitamins and minerals also help heal and repair the hair strands which gets damaged due to constant exposure to sunlight, heat, and pollution by binding the hair strands and giving them the required flexibility and strength. The hair grows longer, thicker and quicker than before.

Fenugreek contains vitamin B, C, A, and K. It also contains iron and calcium that is really helpful in repairing the hair. The benefits provided by fenugreek is incomparable and is a must in your hair care regimen.

Improving The Texture Of The Hair:


Improving The Texture Of The Hair


The overall health of your hair is reflected by your hair texture. Denser and thicker has a higher chance of having better hair texture. Stress and strains of modern lifestyles cause our hair to be damaged, thereby ruining its texture. Pollution in developed cities also contributes to hair damage.

Herbal hair oils coat your hair, thereby protecting your hair from the harmful effects of pollution and promoting hair growth at its full potential. This automatically causes hair texture to improve significantly.

Reducing Dandruff:


Reducing Dandruff


Dandruff is a problem that many of us face nowadays. The major cause of dandruff is a dry scalp, generally caused by lack of nourishment to the scalp. This nourishment can be provided by using herbal oils since oils are very moisturizing. A well-moisturized scalp won’t flake off and cause dandruff.

Some dandruff is also caused by a yeast producing bacteria that feed on the scalp. Herbal oils can get rid of these kinds of dandruff to due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties, due to which it kills the bacteria and yeast and prevents dandruff from returning.

There are a lot of chemical products for dandruff removal, but they do not remove the problems from the core. Herbal oils have this unique antibacterial and antifungal property which makes it the best and the most effective way to get rid of dandruff.

Reducing Hair fall:


Reducing Hair fall


Hair fall is another major problem most of us face nowadays. A little hair falls every day is typical, but too much of hair fall could cause excessive thinning of hair and, in extreme cases, baldness. Stress is the leading cause of hair fall, while pollution and heat treatments help to make conditions worse. Herbal oils can save you from these problems.

Regular use of herbal oils makes the strands and roots reliable and flexible, therefore reducing hair fall to a great extent. It also nourishes the hair, making it smooth and silky, which causes lesser tangles and hence lesser hair fall. Not only do herbal oils reduce hair fall, but they also promote the growth of new hair by providing nourishment to the scalp.

Saving from other hair related issues:


Saving from other hair related issues


There are much other minor hairs relates problems that we face in our day to day life, such as split ends, greying of hair, breakage of hair, dry and dull hair, frizzy hair to name a few. Herbal oils come very handily when you are face to face with such problems.

All the above problems are caused by lack of nourishment to the hair. Herbal oils nourish the hair thoroughly from root to tips, which help you combat issues like greying of hair, split ends, etc. with ease. Herbal oils also help control frizz by untangling the strands and aligning them properly. Also, when proper nutrition is provided, the hair automatically becomes lustrous and smooth, therefore making it less frizzy.

Taking care of your hair is something you should do on a regular basis since your hair is one of the first things that people see when they look at your face. Healthy hair leaves a good and positive impression on the people around you. Maintaining your hair is sure to enhance your personality!

A well-maintained hair will always stand out from other recklessly kept hair. Also, the best way to maintain our hair, as we read before, is oils! A head massage combined with herbal oils can work wonders on the health of your hair.

Other than the outer treatments, eating healthy is important too. Eat protein-rich foods such as eggs, while also taking in other nutrients biotin, iron, zinc and magnesium. So for the best and quick results, use herbal oils and massage your head to improve blood circulation, use herbal shampoo, conditioner and sometimes herbal masks and eat a diet rich in protein and iron!

Nourish Your Hair With Amla Oil This Summer

Summer brings with it extreme heat and sultry days. Added to this, the pollution and grime of large cities add to our health woes. Considering this situation, even our hair and skin get harmed. Hence, we need something that will help us in safeguarding our hair.

While there are many times of balms and oils that can help you relieve the stress of summer, still Ayurveda is the best bet when it comes to providing you with ample strength and luster to your hair. Nowadays one can find a large variety of Ayurvedic oils in the market. However, among them, ayurvedic amla hair oil is one of the best that can particularly help you in the summer.

This article helps in understanding why amla oil is extremely useful for nourishing your hair. We discuss all the different ways in which this oil benefits your hair starting from the fall of hair all the way to reducing dandruff. After reading this article, you will be in a much better position to gauge how you can make the best use of amla oil in order to get long and luscious tresses.

Read on to find out how to nourish your hair with amla hair this summer.

1.     It Reduces Hair Fall

In the summer, most of us tend to bathe two or even three times a day. During such situations, we rub our hair vigorously causing hair fall and hair damage. Hence, the health of our hair takes a severe beating.

In such a case, if you use amla oil, then you can definitely protect your hair and reduce hair fall by a large margin. This is because amla hair oil nourishes the entire strand of hair right from the root to the tip and also strengthens your hair by penetrating the hair roots. In this way, you can control hair fall by a considerable margin.

For better results, you can even eat an amla every day and drink a glass of amla juice daily for supplementing the amla oil that you apply on your hair.

2.     It Helps In Reducing Dandruff

It Helps In Reducing Dandruff

Amla hair oil is an excellent conditioner and it can be used very effectively in removing all dandruff from your scalp. All you need to do is just put some lemon and curd on your hair. Let this mixture stay on for half an hour. Then take a bath in order to rinse off this hair mask. Then you must apply amla hair oil on your scalp and massage it all over your head.

You will observe a substantial fall in the amount of dandruff in your hair. The lemon has astringent properties, the curd kills all the yeast-producing bacteria and the amla hair oil has properties that prevent the recurrence of dandruff. Hence, by combining the power of all these three elements, you can get the best results for eliminating dandruff.

In this way, amla hair oil plays a pivotal role in getting rid of dandruff once and for all. This is how it can help you considerably.

3.     It Nourishes Your Hair Deeply

It Nourishes Your Hair Deeply

Amla hair oil has high levels of Vitamin C that makes it absolutely great for your hair. It removes all the dryness from your scalp and adds a large amount of luster and softness. This oil also has large amounts of essential fatty acids. These fatty acids nourish the roots of your hair and also make the hair follicles very strong.

All you need to do is to apply amla paste on your hair, let it stay for an hour and then wash it off with warm water. After that, you need to apply this best amla oil in India to your hair and let it stay for the entire day. In this way, you can have the double benefits of using raw amla along with amla hair oil.

In this way, is clear that amla hair oil nourishes your hair deeply right from the roots.

4.     Avoid Premature Greying

Avoid Premature Greying

In contemporary times, it is often observed that many youngsters also have grey hair. This is because of faulty diets and poor environments. Many things have been tried to avoid this malady but nothing has worked as well as amla oil.

This is mainly because amla oil is rich in antioxidants. These antioxidants kill the free radicals that are present in our blood and help in protecting the pigmentation of your hair. While amla by itself does not have the ability to dye your hair, you can use it in combination with henna for getting hair that is golden brown in color.

For this, all you need to do is mix some amla paste, tea, and henna and apply it on your hair. Then just let it rest for half an hour, then wash it off. After that, you can dry your hair and then apply some amla oil to your hair. This will not only help luster and shine but will also help in toning the brick red color of the henna so that it gets a golden brown tinge. In this way, you can look attractive and charming while providing the best nourishment to your hair.

In this way, you can protect your hair from premature greying by using the goodness of amla hair oil.

5.     Strengthen Your Hair

Strengthen Your Hair

Amla hair oil helps in increasing hair growth; it reduces the breakage of hair and strengthens the follicles of your hair. You can apply a mixture of amla pulp and lemon juice and let it rest on your scalp for an hour then rinse it off. Then apply some amla hair oil to your scalp and get stronger hair right from the roots to the tips.

6.     Condition Your Hair

Condition Your Hair

Amla helps in conditioning your hair too. Just put some ayurvedic amla oil and then apply amla paste and henna to your hair. Then let it rest for an hour and then rinse it off. Your hair will be smooth and conditioned as never before.

7.     Cleanse Your Scalp

Cleanse Your Scalp

Take a well-beaten egg and add it to some amla juice. Then apply it to your hair and massage it properly so that it reaches all the parts of your head. Then rinse it off and apply some amla hair oil to your head. This will help you have a scalp that is squeaky clean and it will stay clean for quite a long duration of time.

From the above, it is clear that you can nourish your hair with amla oil this summer. This will surely add luster and shine to your lovely tresses.

How Jasmine Oil Benefits Your Hair And Skin

Jasmine oil is a natural essential oil that is extracted from the jasmine flower. Jasmine oil has one of the richest fragrances among the other essential oils. Jasmine has about 300 species. It is considered a shrub with a tender flower which emits a mixture of sweet and earthy fragrance. Asian and eastern cultures are commonly known to use jasmine oil.

Jasmine oil has a lot of benefits overall. Jasmine is also used in creating the middle notes of perfumes due to its powerful but pleasant aroma. It is also used to make incense sticks for this very reason. Jasmine essential oil has been used for medical purposes since quite some time and it is one of the oldest flowers to be distilled for fragrance.

Here are a few benefits you are bound to get if you incorporate jasmine oil in your hair care regime.

No More Weak Hair :

No More Weak Hair

Weak hair is a very common issue we all need to face in our day to day life. Chemical processes such as coloring, bleaching, etc can make your hair weaker since it strips the hair of its natural moisture. Some hairstyles may also contribute to the weakening of your hair in some parts, which causes hairs to break more easily.

The moisturizing property of jasmine oil is known to prevent hair breakage. Just like the popular jojoba oil, jasmine oil too is light and therefore can penetrate the shaft and cuticle of the hair and condition it deeply. Also, it helps you keep your natural moisture and elasticity intact. Try including jasmine oil in your DIY deep treatment mask or along with other oils during hot oil treatment. This way you will get the full benefit of the jasmine oil.

A Clean Scalp:

During the summers, a major problem that we all face is a dirty scalp. The excess oils in our scalp could not only make our scalp dirty by attracting dust but also makes our scalp prone to bacterial infections. It could also lead to dandruff. But there is an alternative to the harsh anti-dandruff shampoos that will also clean your scalp and disinfect it- Jasmine oil.

Jasmine oil, as we all know, is a well known antiseptic. Therefore, it is a great oil for removing bacteria and product buildup from the scalp. It has natural healing properties, which work to reduce and eliminate the infections and scalp conditions such as dandruff, dry scalp, etc. to use as a dandruff remedy, mix a few drops of jasmine oil with your scalp oil and leave it on your scalp overnight. Wash your hair the next morning to get rid of dandruff, product build-up, and dry scalp.

Say No To Frizz:

Say No To Frizz

Frizzy hair has become a big problem in our day to day life. No matter how much we try to tame our hair, there is always a loss of moisture causing our hair to be frizzy. Since moisture-deprived hair seeks moisture from outside, humidity makes the matters worse.

Under such weather conditions, we need to look for ways to tame our hair, and jasmine oil may just do the trick. Jasmine oil tames frizz by creating a conductive condition which not only hydrates the hair but also seals the moisture in the hair and scalp. So now you know how to tame your frizz and liven up those curls. Use coconut oil with jasmine oil as a sealant for frizz free hair.

Soft Hair:

Soft Hair

Dry and brittle hair can leave your hair looking unhealthy and lifeless. There are many causes for dry hair, some of them being heat, wind or living in an area with a dry climate. Frequent swimming in chlorinated water can also cause your hair to dry out.

The moisturizing property of jasmine oil conditions the hair deeply and helps the hair to retain moisture, thus making it shiny, lively and soft. This added softness will prevent webbing of hair, thereby making it easier to detangle

Jasmine oil also benefits the skin in many ways:

Anti Aging:

Anti Aging

Ageing can make the skin look dull and increase the appearance of wrinkles. Jasmine oil has a lot of antioxidants, which help protect the skin from the environmental stressors, giving your skin a youthful appearance.

Even Skin Tone:

Uneven skin tone can be really troublesome. Jasmine oil can help you with that. This oil is really effective when it comes to evening out the skin tone and it also reduces the appearance of age spots.


As we all know, jasmine oil is a good moisturizer like many other natural oils. Therefore it can be used to treat dry skin and it also provides a natural moisturization which won’t clog pores.

Non- Irritating:

Jasmine Sambac is a variety from Hawaii and can be very beneficial to those with sensitive skin because of its non-sensitizing and non-irritating properties. It is great for all types of skin and balances all types without causing any kind of irritation.

Adding Jasmine to your hair-care and skincare regime won’t only provide them with immense benefits, but its beautiful fragrance will calm your mind too. Jasmine is also a well-known aphrodisiac.Jasmine oil is also a popular antidepressant.

Apart from being a well-known aphrodisiac, jasmine oil has a whole lot of other benefits.

It helps in managing depression, insomnia while acting as a sedative. It is also known to have disinfectant and antibiotic properties.

If you are a woman this oil is a must buy since it helps in treating symptoms of PMS and keeps the uterus healthy. Even symptoms of menopause are reduced with this oil. Reducing labor pain during child delivery is another magical thing this oil is known for and it also increases lactation.

 It also helps in managing arthritis pain. And on top of that, it is great for hair and skin! So many benefits in just one oil! There isn’t a single benefit that you will miss if you use this oil. So go get your bottle of jasmine oil as soon as possible to enjoy the benefits.

Cool Oils Are The Best For Sultry Weather

Summer is the season when the heat rises and the high levels of humidity cause a lot of sultriness. Everybody loves to cool down on these blazing days. They generally resort to having cold drinks and ice creams so as to cool down the temperature. But did you know that you can make use of cool oils too to reduce the scorching effects of the sunny days?

There are many varieties of cool hair oils. Some of them are generic oils whereas others are essential oils. Among generic oils, we have cool oils and extra cool oils whereas among essential oils we have lavender oil, peppermint oil, and sandalwood oil. These are both very effective and can be very useful in managing humid and sultry summers. Hence, we need to be aware of them.

This article focuses on these five kinds of cooling oils that can help you beat the heat every summer. All you need to do is just read up on them and find the oil that will work the best for you. We provide you with all the benefits and advantages of these oils. These will help you understand their inherent qualities as well as how they work. After learning about them, you will be well-prepared to face the summer.

Read on to find out which cool oils will be the best for sultry weather.

1.     Branded Cool Oils

There are a number of branded cool hair oils in the market and they come in various forms and formulas. These oils have special ingredients in them that can help in bringing the temperature of the body down by a considerable measure. The best part about cool oils is that they contain a mix of ingredients that is not the case when you use essential oils.

This makes them more potent and versatile and enables them to be used for a variety of purposes and occasions. While there are a number of branded cool oils in the market, you can use the best cool hair oil that will help you get the best results in a jiffy.

2.     Branded Extra Cool Oils

In addition to branded cool oils, we have branded extra cool hair oils too that are more suitable for people who sweat a lot and feel the burden of the heat falling on them in the scorching summer sun. These two oils form the main cool hair products. These oils are just like cool oils but they contain more cooling ingredients like menthol and herbs that help in bringing down the temperature of your scalp by a considerable margin.

Extra cool oils are also good for oily to very oily hair. This is because their cooling properties help in reducing the production of sebum in your scalp that is responsible for the extra oil and stickiness that is characteristic of oily hair. While there are a number of branded extra cool oils in the market, you can use the best extra cool hair oil that will help you get amazing results in a short span of time.

3.     Lavender

The soft floral notes of lavender have cooling as well as aroma therapeutic properties. It is also versatile as it can be used in a wide variety of situations. Ayurveda states that lavender can help in reducing heat from the body and also helps in calming down the mind. You just need to apply a few drops of lavender to your palm or even to your temple and feel the cooling sensation spread all over your body. Just keep in mind that lavender is an essential oil and must be used sparingly.

The best part about lavender is that it is highly uplifting and can help in removing the lethargic feeling that is characteristic of summer. Hence, just dab a few drops of lavender oil in your underarms and you can get a lot of relief on a hot and sweaty day. Try this useful tip and you will be in a much better position to tolerate the excessive heat of summer.

4.     Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is so potent in reducing heat in the body that it is often compared to the cooing effects of iced tea. In this way, it offers relief in a frosty and refreshing way. Menthol is the main ingredient of peppermint oil and it can be either inhaled or applied to the body for getting a cooling effect that is really powerful. You can either just take a sniff after opening a bottle of this oil or you can get a sensation that is both icy and tingling.

Just keep in mind that you need to use just use one drop of this oil for best results. Be careful not to use too much of it. Also, avoid using it for children who are below 7 years of age. If you really must use it on children, then you must dilute it in water.

You can also use Spearmint essential oil or Eucalyptus oil in its place as both of them contain menthol that is the main ingredient. All these three oils are really effective for use in cooling compresses. All you need to do is just add a few drops of these oils and soak a couple of washcloths with it. You can either use them immediately or you can store them in the fridge until they get completely chilled and then apply them on your forehead, back of the neck or any part of the body that you so desire.

5.     Sandalwood

India is a very hot country and is a place where sandalwood oil has always been prized because of the calming and cooling qualities that it possesses. It has an earthy, woody and classic fragrance that is a better alternative to the purely floral alternatives of lavender. Sandalwood is also much more gentle on the skin that peppermint.

According to Ayurveda, sandalwood oil is famous for eliminating Pitta Dosha that is an imbalance of having too much fiery heat inside the body. In this way, it helps in quelling the flames that are produced by the element of fire. In this way, it helps in providing high levels of calmness and clear-headedness as there is a rise in heat and frustration of summer. It is also said to reduce excessive sweating so you just need to put a little bit of sandalwood oil in your underarms the next time you feel hot.

From the above, it is clear that cool oils are the best for sultry weather. So just make use of these five cool oils that will help you beat the heat of summer. You can choose from these cool hair oil brands in India.

Coconut Oil Is The King Of Oils

Coconut oil is truly the king of oils. This is well exemplified by the fact that its uses and benefits extend over a wide spectrum including diet, hair, and skin too. The best part of this oil is that even though it is generally produced in tropical countries, still it is being exported to far away countries in Europe and North America where its popularity is soaring rapidly.

Coconut oil for hair is extracted from ripe brown coconuts mainly from the outer rings. This process of extraction takes place when the coconuts are crushed and the kopra or coir is removed. What remains in the machine after ginning is the luxurious and flavorful oil. The aroma of freshly squeezed coconut oil is very soothing and is extremely handy for aromatherapy too.

This article explains the uses and benefits of coconut oil in great detail. Here we explain to you how this owl is useful for your hair. It must be noted that even though coconut oil has multifarious benefits, here we only focus on the uses and benefits that it brings to your hair. The other aspects of being good for your overall healthy diet and skin are only touched upon. After reading this article, you will be in a much better position to see that coconut oil is the elixir for a number of health and hair care problems.

Read on to find out why you should include coconut oil in your daily hair care regimen.

1.     As A Conditioner

Coconut oil can be used as an extremely good conditioner. The best part of coconut hair oil is that it does not contain any harmful chemicals that can damage your hair. Most conditioners that are sold in the market have chemicals that can irritate your scalp and hair. Prolonged usage of these products can be detrimental in the long run. Hence, it is always advisable that you use coconut oil as your main conditioner. We will show you how to use this in the most effective way.

The reason why coconut oil is so good is that it is the only hair oil that can help in reducing protein loss. Coconut oil is much better than other oils like sunflower oil and mineral oil in this regard. The loss of protein is the primary factor that results in dryness and breakage of hair. Coconut oil contains lauric acid whose molecular weight is very low. This causes it to be able to go inside the hair shaft and nurture and nourish it with a smorgasbord of minerals, vitamins, and fatty chain acids.

When we brush our hair, it can get damaged due to our brushing and combing. Coconut oil can help you avoid this and is very safe for use on children. You can use it as a conditioner that can be left on overnight. You must gauge the amount of coconut oil that you must use yourself as different people have different needs and requirements.

2.     For Growth Of Hair

Coconut oil is perfect for making your hair grow long to luscious tresses. This makes it the most economical solution that you have for reducing the thinning of hair. This oil provides a lots of scope for hair to grow longer and thicker in a very short duration of time. Lauric acid is an essential nutrient of this oil and it improves the overall structure of the hair by penetrating the hair shaft.

Hair growth mainly stops as a result of internal causes like shrinking of hair follicles and making natural hair loss remedies a part of your hair care regimen will help you in a much better way. The foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, pumpkin, flax seeds and green tea help in the growth of hair from both internal and external angles.

So at the outset, you must avoid using prescription drugs for hair growth and instead use coconut oil as your all-purpose conditioner. This is because these drugs contain harsh chemicals that can irritate your scalp and may even make hair grow in unexpected places where it is not desired.

3.     For Reducing Dandruff

Coconut oil for natural hair is extremely effective for reducing dandruff and has been used for this purpose since ancient times. The major cause of dandruff is an extremely dry scalp. This can make the skin of the scalp flake off causing an itchy feeling all the time. Dandruff is also caused by fungal infections that resemble yeast that is also called Malassezia.

The medium chain fatty acids of coconut oil include lauric acid and capric acid that are endowed with antimicrobial and antifungal properties that kill this yeast virus and other bacteria that have made your scalp their permanent home. In most cases, it is seen that dandruff shampoos that are sold over the counter are not good in curing this problem as they don’t target the main cause of the appearance of flakes.

 Coconut oil is extremely useful in killing these viruses as it makes it difficult for them to reside in your scalp. It is seen that removing these viruses and moisturizing your scalp with coconut oil will help you immensely for reducing dandruff in the quickest way.

4.     For Proper Styling

Coconut oil is also useful for the proper styling of your hair. When you make use of hair care equipment like blow dryers, curlers and perms, then lots of heat is applied to your hair shaft. This causes them to be brittle and weak and you become vulnerable to hair fall.

You can prevent this scenario by applying coconut oil to your hair before carrying out your beauty procedures. This will help you protect your hair from the extreme levels of damage that can happen while you are styling your hair. After completing these beauty treatments, you can just add a touch up of coconut oil to your hair that can bring back the life to your strands. Just make sure that you use just a little amount of pure coconut oil for hair as using it sparingly will be more helpful here.

From the above, it is clear that coconut oil outperforms other oils in terms of the benefits and uses that it possesses. This definitely makes it the king of oils.