Effective Tips To Beat The Sizzling Heat

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Effective Tips To Beat The Sizzling Heat

Spring is here with all its color and splendor. This is the season of blooming flowers and they provide you with a riot of colors. The long winter nights are gone and it is time to celebrate Holi, the boisterous festival of colors. There is also a sense of warmth in the atmosphere owing to the rising temperatures making you feel hot after a long span of three cold winter months.


Given this scenario, it becomes natural that with every passing day, you feel the intense heat building up in your body. The situation affects all parts of your hair including your scalp and the best way of overcoming this problem is to use a number of natural coolants that will help cool down your body.


There are many types of coolants, some of them are internal and the others are external. The internal ones are those that you consume in order to bring down the temperature inside your body while the external coolants are those that you need to apply to different parts of your body in order to bring down the temperature considerably.


This article discusses the different types of ways in which you can reduce the temperature of your body. Here we discuss those ingredients that will help you stay cool and calm with the soaring mercury. Though we have discussed many different things to manage the intense heat of your body, still we have given special emphasis to cool oil brands in India as they help in reducing the intensity of the heat in an easy but considerable way. In addition to this, we have also discussed other factors that can also help you in great measure.


Read on to find out the different ways in you can beat the sizzling heat and how cool oil can help you in this regard.


1.     Pitta Dosha


According to Ayurveda, there are three different types of body constitutions.  Among these three, one of them is the Pitta constitution. Corresponding to these three constitutions are three doshas. Doshas refer to something that reflects a sense of imbalance in the body. Pitta dosha signifies the fact that there is excess heat in the body that needs to be removed. Now how will you remove this excess heat? The other remaining following points will help you in this regard.


2.     Change Your Diet


The easiest way to remove heat from your body is to change your diet. You mustn’t have a heavy dose of spicy food as it will increase the heat content of your body by a large amount. You can go for cool dishes like cucumber and boiled green vegetables that will go a long way in reducing the body’s internal temperature. You can also have fruits like watermelon and muskmelon coupled with curds and buttermilk to tide over the rising heat of spring.


Drink a lot of water in order to hydrate your body and keep it cool. You can also have basil seeds that should be soaked in water for some time and combined with rosewater and milk that will help in effectively reducing body heat by a large amount.


You can also have herbal teas or tisanes like chamomile tea and peppermint tea that will give you relief from the increasing levels of heat. Cumin seeds, coriander seeds and fennel also go a long way in removing excess heat from the body.


This is how you can change your diet to suit changing times.


3.     Use Cool Oils


You can massage your head and body with cool oils that will help in cooling down your scalp and remaining parts of your body. Ayurvedic cool oil is particularly helpful in this regard as it can keep your head and mind easily refreshed and rejuvenated. Although this oil is generally applied to the head due to its cooling properties, you can even apply it to your hands if you feel that they are getting overheated. Just take care not to apply it to your face as that is a sensitive part of your body and needs special care.


Cool oils are enriched with menthol and other cooling ingredients that help your scalp get relief from the sizzling heat. They actively control the rise in temperature of your head and help bring it down. Even though there are many Ayurvedic cool oils in the market, you can use this best Ayurvedic cool hair oil for maximum results.


All you need to do is just apply this oil once daily before going to bed. This will help you get quick sleep on a sultry night and in this way, you will feel energized and refreshed the moment you get up. This will help to look forward to a warm and sunny day without feeling heated up and fatigued.


Cool oils perform this incredible feat owing to the large number of cooling herbs that are present in them. Even though there are a number of Ayurvedic herbs that have differing characteristics, cool oils contain the ones that are truly the best. In this way, they can help you considerably in reducing the agony of intense heat.


In this way, cool oils can bring down the temperature of your head in an easy way and can help keep you relaxed and stress-free.


4.     Engage In Exercise


There is no greater joy than plunging into a cool swimming pool in order to beat the heat of the spring and summer. Hence, you can engage in sports activities like swimming and diving that will help you cool your body in an easy way.


If you don’t know swimming and are not that sporty, then you can take part in gardening in the early morning. The cooling environment of dawn will help you get rid of the excess heat in your body and the plants that you nourish and nurture will also help in calming and soothing an overheated mind. In this way, you can get rid of the pent up energy in your body and can start your day in a very happy and relaxed way.


This is how you can combine the benefits of cool hair oil products with a good diet and exercise that will easily help you beat the sizzling heat.


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