Jasmine Hair Oil


Why use Ayurvedic Jasmine Hair Oil?

When it comes to Ayurvedic Hair Oil Products, Jasmine Hair Oil reserves its seat as a top contender. Starting with a great smell that lingers for over hours, it is one of the most preferred choices to usher in a handful of hair benefits. As the name suggests, Jasmine Hair Oil takes on natural extracts from jasmine flowers which also functions as a great aphrodisiac. Additionally, the flower is also a preferred choice for many to dispel emotional roadblocks and for spiritual healing needs. Jasmine is a natural stress buster and the blending of other rewarding herbs like Ghritakumari, Jaba and Methi; it acts as the perfect antidote to issues like hair fall and excessive hair loss. One of the best ways to do a natural hair spa at home, the non-sticky property of jasmine hair oil comes from the light oil used in its composition and thus is a huge hit among younger generations. It is recommended that one should massage their scalp with fingers daily to ensure deep conditioning and proper absorption across the scalp. Issues like dry and itchy scalp can also be cured owing to the inherent moisturizing properties of Jasmine. As such, it also contributes towards making your hair supple and extra soft.

Understanding the science behind

While Jasmine alone can offer a string of benefits for your hair, one might as well consider boosting its strength, blending with other products like Coconut Hair Oil. The combination imparts both volume as well as strength and also accelerates the process of hair growth. Further tracing the goodness of Jasmine, it helps in easy detangling of hair, especially if one has frizzy, coarse or uneven textures. If taming unruly hair has been a challenge, Jasmine can be the answer. The strong lingering scent of Jasmine is also believed to be an effective remedy to flush out lice and mitigate issues like dandruff. Lastly, Jasmine Hair Oil is believed to impart natural shine. So, if pollution and overexposure have made your glorious tresses dry enough, you should consider Jasmine for a change. It might take a month or more to bring back the luster but it is worth the time invested. The fact that your hair gets uniquely soft alongside with each application, is an overkill factor.


• Take a moderate amount of KMP Ayurvedic Jasmine Hair Oil on your palm.

• Massage gently on your scalp with light fingers.

• Consider overnight oiling and follow it up with shampoo the next day for the best results.

• Rinse it thoroughly.

• Use regularly for best results.


• Ghritakumari

• Methi

• Jaba