Coconut Hair Oil


Why use Coconut Hair Oil ?

Fancy a full head of hair with minimal hair problems? While that is almost everybody's dream, the essence of Coconut Hair Oil is far overreaching than one can imagine. Coconut is a miracle element of nature. It quenches thirst, takes care of skin blemishes, improves liver conditions and when extracted in oil form makes way for shiny, glorious tresses. Medical researchers also suggest how Coconut Oil is one out of a few non–volatile oils that function effectively as a natural UV ray protector, having an SPF value of not less than 8. It's quite a tragedy that not many people are aware of the goodness of Coconut Hair Oil and often chooses to replace the same with commercially available beauty bottles from the store.

Ever wondered why people residing along the coastal regions have shiny, black hair? The secret lies in coconuts. As a matter of fact, coconut hair oil happens to be the first plant whose oil has had such multiple usages all over the world. When the oil is derived from coconuts, it comes in the shape of a thick and white semi-solid structure and needs to be purified before one can apply it on their hair. Coconut Hair Oil, when used regularly, functions to stimulate hair growth as it seeps deep into the hair follicles. Additionally, it also promotes fighting other scalp issues like lice, dandruff, dryness and itchiness to name a few. Similar to Jasmine Hair Oil, Coconut too has inherent moisturizing qualities and helps restore long lost luster and shine of your hair, thereby making it soft as well. It also helps take care of split ends, hair breakage and lower hair loss, thereby boosting growth.

Understanding the science behind

The presence of healthy fats in coconut oil contributes to strengthening the protein layer of hair follicles. Besides, its anti-microbial properties offer fast and effective resistance against microorganisms that cause several infections to your hair and scalp. Being a rich source of anti-oxidants, it helps reduce inflammation to skin and scalp. More than 60 percent of coconut oil is made up of three essential fatty acids, out of which 90 percent are healthy saturated fats. Hence, coconut hair oil acts as a natural conditioner to offer effective results for your hair. Further, the presence of Lauric Acid also helps the oil penetrate deep into the hair shafts, thus offering freedom from recurring issues of dandruff and lice. Also, taming of curls and frizzy hair seems to be a piece of cake when Coconut Hair Oil is applied evenly all across the hair length.


• Take a moderate amount of KMP Coconut Hair Oil on your palm.

• Massage gently on your scalp with light fingers.

• Leave it for 20-25 minutes.

• Consider overnight oiling and follow it up with shampoo the next day.

• Rinse it thoroughly.

• Use regularly for best results.


• 100 % Pure Coconut Oill