4 Awesome Ayurvedic Safety Tips for Skin and Hair for Holi

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Holi Precautions

Indian is perhaps the only nation in the world where Spring festivities witness a series of extravaganza like nowhere else. Come Holi or otherwise known as the Vasant Utsav, the entire country is pumped up to celebrate the occasion with great pomp and show. However, like every year, the aftermath of Holi introduces a series of skin allergies, rashes, occasional hair fall, and much more. Also, this year, when the world is in a state of shock and fear with Covid-19, it becomes all the way more important to play Holi safely. In this post, we take a look at six such Ayurvedic ways to play Holi safely and securely. Read on to find out how.

How to Keep the Colors Away and Off Your Skin

Protecting Your Skin & Hair from Holi Colors

While everyone is enthusiastic about playing with colors, it should be taken into consideration that no matter what, one should never let the colors stick to their skin. Hence, one should take to prepare their skin a day earlier to Holi. Start by applying Mustard or Coconut Oil all over your body. You can do this the night before Holi when you hit the bed or a couple of hours ahead before you head out. Apply the oil in a generous amount all over your hands and face and your hair as well. These are the areas where colors are mostly thrown and stay for long. Applying Coconut or mustard oil shall act as a layer between the color and the skin and also makes it easy to remove the colors later on.

If you are not into applying hair oil, the occasion of Holi is one such day where you ought to make an exception. Hence, start by using a good amount of Coconut Hair Oil. This shall help keep the colors away from reaching the roots of the hair, which is usually the cause of hair fall, as noticed after Holi. After you have removed the colors from your skin, it is necessary that you apply Ayurvedic Body Oil to help replenish the natural glow and shine to your skin.

How to Get Rid Of Hard Colors, the Ayurvedic Way

A majority of colors are prepared from harmful chemicals and substances like glass, acid, and hence they stick to the skin and become really hard to remove. The following are certain measures which can help remove such colors and not damage the skin:

  • Never scrub too hard to remove the color, as this would lead to further damage.
  • For people with sensitive skin, it will only aggravate the condition.
  • Always avoid going out in the sun after the festivities are over.
  • It is quite normal for some color stains to stay behind. Give it some time and continue applying Ayurvedic Body Oil, with regular washing and scrubbing, it should go away on its own.

 Protect Your Eyes and Mouth

playing holi safely

While playing with dry colors is always recommended over water-based colors, dry colors may get into your eyes a lot faster. Hence, if you encounter such a situation, immediately rinse with water. In extreme cases, where you witness redness or swelling, apply Rosewater and lie down for a while. This should relax your eyes and bring down the pressure of eyes to normal levels.

Remedy for Skin Allergies

Apart from Ayurvedic and organic-based colors, the majority of commercially available colors are chemical based and are potentially unsafe. Hence, skin allergies are a common occurrence after the Holi is over. In order to help prevent skin allergies and rashes from occurring, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Use a face wash and not soap to remove the colors. Also, while washing, never rub vigorously and be gentle as this can further damage your skin.
  • Before your head out to play colors with your family and friends, soak some Multani Mitti (Fuller’s earth). When you return, apply the paste to your skin and body to help prevent the rashes from occurring.

Another excellent home remedy is to mix sweet oil, gram flour, and milk cream with rose water. Once the paste is dried, rub it off and use a good moisturizer as a follow-up.

Wrap Up

So, now you know what all needs to be done in order to ensure a safe and happy Holi. While playing colors, it is also recommended that you stay away from getting dipped in pools where others might have taken a plunge earlier. This increases the chances of being contaminated. Hence, one should stay away from such places for good. While we can’t wait to celebrate the festival of colors with great joy, pomp, and show, our heart also goes out to the ones who are affected by Coronavirus. Pray the medical professionals, and scientists soon find a cure to save the world from losing more lives.

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