4 Awesome Braid Hairstyles to Up Your Summer Hair Fashion

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Braid Hairstyles for Summer

The dreaded summer is here. As you know, Indian summer is not the most comfortable. It is hot, dry and sweaty. The heat is unbearable and the only way to stay sane is to keep your hair off your neck and face.

Understandably, the high humidity and scorching temperature can play a number to spoil the quality of your hair. It can even make your hair frizzy and greasy. So, the first step to styling your hair in summer is to apply coconut oil or even better, cool hair oil. Cool hair oil isn’t greasy and the best part is that the coolness of the oil rejuvenates the tired scalp. The oil breathes life into lifeless hair and readies the locks for snazzy hairstyle experiments.

After you have oiled your hair and your hair is soft, smooth and shiny, try these 3 amazing braid hairstyles that are high on glamor and will keep your hair away from your face. For these styles, you can keep away your heat styling tools.

  1. Side Braid Bun Hair

Side Braid Bun Hairstyle


Instead of a full braided bun, try something new by braiding one side and sweeping it into a side bun. Perfect for formal affairs and weddings. This cute braid hairstyle can be worn in summer because all the hair is completely up.

Start this braid hairstyle by untangling your hair and then:

  • Start with your head’s front top right side and separate your hair into 3 sections. Begin braiding.


  • Braid diagonally across your head and make sure that the braid has a slight curve


  • When you reach the bottom left of your head, stop braiding


  • Tie the rest of your hair that is left into a ponytail using a hairband


  • Twirl your hair and wrap it into a bun, which should be around the base of your ponytail. Secure all the loose hair and the bun with bobby pins.
  1. The Double Braid

Double braid hairstyle


The double braid hairstyle keeps hair in place and prevents it from sticking to your neck and face. It is a cute hairstyle, which works for a fun day out with friends or a date night. You can achieve this hairstyle in three simple steps.

  • Do a side parting in your hair and then separate a two-inch section from it. Split this section into two halves. Make sure the halves are equal. Then, you have to do a fishtail braid. For this, make use of your thumb and pass a portion of your hair from the left section to the right and vice versa.


  • When you have finishing plaiting the complete section into a fishtail braid, pull your hair backward and use pins to pin it with the loose hair at the back.


  • While using the same method, bring your hair over your shoulder and start plaiting it into a fishtail braid. Keep plaiting until all your hair is in the braid and then tie it.
  1. Long Hair Side Braid

Long Hair Side Braid Hairstyle

For this braid hairstyle, you need to have long hair. This braid is made with four strands, instead of three. This braid goes from the front left of the head to the bottom right side, and gives out a waterfall vibe. Here’s how you can get it done.

  • Side part your hair and pick four hair strands from the side that has the most hair.


  • Start braiding your hair. Begin by braiding the fourth strand over the third strand. Then, weave the fourth strand under the second strand. Next, weave the first strand under the fourth strand. Then, cross the first strand over to the second strand.


  • Incorporate more hair. Join a small piece of hair with the third strand and cross it over with the strand that is next to it and then under the next strand.


  • Continue repeating the method until you have braided all your hair and reached the side of your neck. Stop braiding and secure it with a scrunchie.
  1. Swedish Crown Braid

Swedish Crown Braid Hairstyle

When the temperature is hot, but you want to look cute, this braid hairstyle is the perfect hair-do. Instead of the same old ponytail, try this. This hairstyle is perfect for those with thick, long hair. You can simply wear it up and stay cool even when the mercury outside is making everyone crazy. Follow the given steps to master this hairstyle.

  • Untangle your hair, separate it into three neat sections and start braiding. Start from the front left side of your head.


  • Make sure to braid your hair in a way that there is no loose hair. The braid should be at eye level.


  • Braid your way horizontally across your head and ensure that there are no loose strands.


  • Continue braiding until you have reached the right side of your head and make sure that the braid is still at eye level.


  • While braiding, pull your hair up and finish regular braiding your entire hair. Secure it with a rubber band.


  • Pull the braid across your head and secure it with bobby pins. Make sure to hide the ends well so that it looks like a continuous braid.


Braiding your hair into any one of the above-mentioned braid hairstyles is the best way to up your style this summer. Since the country is in the throes of a national lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you have plenty of time mastering each of these hairstyles. When you finally step out, you are sure to wow everyone with your killer looks. Also, make sure to apply extra cool hair oil so that your locks can withstand the harsh Indian summer.

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