4 Essential Hair Care Tips to Keep Up Your Crowning Glory

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Hair Care

There’s no denying the fact that your hair is seemingly the most gorgeous and versatile accessory that comes naturally alongside your other bodily features. That is precisely why people tend to experiment with it in several different ways to change the way they look and feel. One can keep it long or short, colour it, or leave it as it is, curl it, straighten it, and whatnot. Despite all that, we tend to care less and less, and the result is hair breakage and untimely hair fall, which brings distress and discontentment in our lives. Most of us tend to complain about hair fall, but there’s not much that we do. Given our busy lifestyle, time is definitely a constraint as optimum hair care demands you invest a lot of it if you want your glorious tresses to be in their best shape. Seasonal changes are another such thing that contributes towards damage to hair fall, especially during the winters when our skin and scalp turn dry and demands that we take special attention to restore normalcy. If you have been taking care of your hair throughout the year, then you might not have to invest a lot of time while during seasons change to ensure your hair stays healthy and looks beautiful all the way. Take note that only shampooing and conditioning might work for some, but not for all as your hair is different from others and vice versa. Here are a handful of expert hair tips that one can follow to keep their hair healthy and glorious throughout the year. 

Never Skip Oiling

Never Skip Oiling

Guess what! Your granny and mommy were right. They are the ones who, in spite of belonging to the old era, were blessed with Rapunzel like hair that was free from all blemishes that we complain these days. The secret lay in hair oil. Hair oil formed an indispensable component of primary haircare and still stands strong today for anyone who wants to have a head full of shiny and gorgeous hair. No matter who you are or what you do, never skip oiling as it is the essential nourishment that your hair demands all the way.

Additionally, it also works as a deep condition mask. Do what you want to do, but consider oiling your hair at least once a week. Try Ayurvedic Amla hair oil, or organic and cols pressed oils for maximum benefit. You can also use the good old coconut oil by warming it up in a bowl and applying the same to your scalp with the help of a cotton ball. Then gently massage across your scalp with your fingertips and leave the same overnight and follow it up with a morning shower and rinse thoroughly using a mild shampoo. It will not only work to offer nourishment to your hair but will also guarantee you a good night’s sleep. Filled with the essence of Jasmine, Ayurvedic Jasmine Hair Oil is another great option to consider, which works towards locking the natural moisture in your hair.

Give Hair Masks a Chance 

Hair Mask


Besides oiling, one should also try hair masks from time to time. All you need is some fine natural ingredients that are either readily available in your kitchen or from a nearby store. Homemade hair masks mostly use products like yogurt as a base and the goodness of Amla, eggs, and lemon, which are beneficial towards supporting hair growth when applied across the entire length of your hair. After application leaves it for a good 15-20 minutes and then rinse it off with a mild shampoo followed by a conditioner. This should wash off the hair off the impurities and dirt and offer natural shine and softness. Also, when you are applying a hair mask, ensure to stick to the same products every time as frequent alternation, inclusion/exclusion of products might cause damage to your hair. If you find any ingredient in the hair mask to be unsuitable for your hair, consider replacing it immediately after a couple of uses.

Change the Way You Part Your Hair 

Bald Spot


Time and again, most of us happen to spot a bald spot across our hairline. So, it’s wise to consider changing parting your hair once a while. If you have long hair, try loose buns and ponytails and refrain from using tight bands that offer pull to your hair strand as this could lead to thinning and breakage. Use claw clips if possible, and invest in scrunchies instead. Go for silk hair ties and pillowcases as silk is the only fabric out of a few that can’t offer any pull to your hair. Also, it will help in managing rough or curly hair.

Never Use Heat 

Hair Dryer


A majority of us tend to use a hairdryer after a wash. While that is convenient, the heat emitted from the blower does more damage than good to your delicate strands. If your blower comes with a setting option, turn on the cold air option as you dry your washed hair. Also, if you prefer to use a hair styling tool like a straightener or curler, for instance, make sure you use a heat-protectant spray before you use the same.


Your hair is your natural crown, one that you never take off. By adhering to the tips mentioned above along with a smart and balanced diet and using herbal hair oil, you should be able to keep up your crowning glory forever!

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