5 Hair Care Trends to Pick Up in 2020

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With 2019 coming to an end, one starts to winder what it means for your hair and the product trends that are picking up in the market. From texture sprays to blow dryer brushes and innovative options for scalp treatments the list is pretty long. Here’s a look at 5 such hair care trends to look forward to in 2020.

Going Waterless

As frequent climate change bring forth harsh times for our environment, people are starting to look for newer and more full proof way to conserve resources, which includes water as well. Not to mention the fact that some folks are too busy to maintain their hair very day. Thankfully, both concerns are now being answered due to revolutionary offering in terms of products turning waterless. Front runners in hair care business are now resorting towards styling by dry cleansing which doesn’t require water at any step. However, when we say waterless, it doesn’t mean you won’t require water at any step. At one point in time, you will still have to use water like you normally do from time-to-time in order to wash your hair in order to prevent unwanted build up across your scalp. While you are doing so, it would be great if you could take to using ayurvedic amla hair oil to boost hair growth at the same time.

Scalp Care

Hair care brands wants consumers to be as obsessive about scalp care as they are about hair in general. You got trichologists, hair experts, dermatologists, stylists all screaming with one common slogan –Healthy scalp means healthy hair. Sure, there are sugar and salt scrubs filling the shelves in the market but brands are now looking to add a lot extra beside mainstream scalp care products. Scalp Exfoliating Scrubs are already in demand and comes packed with the goodness of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) to help prevent build up across your scalp, which would further facilitate towards your hair growing under a clean and pH balanced environ. Also, Pre-Shampoo Build up Remover contains Micellar water that breaks up any residue on your scalp and offers a cooling sensation before you take a shower. Additionally, scalp moisturizers, balms and sprays are also slowly picking up. No matter which scalp care product you plan on picking up, pray do read the labels for the ingredients, knowing your scalp is also a part of your skin and way different from hair care. For people with dry scalp, try coconut hair oil which acts as a natural stimulant and fights off dryness readily.

Cordless Hair Tools

Cordless Curler

While a lot of us prefer to use brands that have already embraced the “cut-the-cord” methodology for their products, 2020 is one such year when majority are looking to go wireless. Cordless hair curlers are already up for pre-orders and come in a wide range of colours to choose from.

Extension Cares and Length Retentions

Hair Extensions

Growing your hair can be a really daunting task. One has to be gentle while styling and ensure that the right products with the right set of ingredients are being used, so that it doesn’t lead to breakage. Hair product brands are totally aware of this and hence they are looking to come up with products that are aimed at retaining the length. Besides, the same kind of concern has ushered it right for wig and hair extensions as well. Whether you prefer putting on extensions as an added layer of protection or as a styling need for extra length, one needs to be sure to take care so that no damage is done. Leading hair care brands are coming up with sulphate free shampoos and leave on lotions that helps one detangle their hair with a few strokes. The best part being the products can be used for both original as well as hair extensions as and when the need be. As wigs and extensions gain popularity each day, there’s certainly no doubt that we will see a string of length retention as well as extension and wig care products popping up.

Dryer Brushes

The best thing about blower brushes is that they can outset two different tools and its inherent functions in one go. So, one doesn’t need to use the blow dryer and the brush separately. Plus, the dryer brush also offers freedom from unnecessary strain on your arms as well as commonly occurring issues like broken bristles or even excessive hair that gets sprinkled across your room or bathroom floor. There is no denying the fact that dryer brushes are the latest offering and thank God they are already made available commercially to make our lives easier. It seems 2020 has a lot in store for us to take care of our hair and scalp with added convenience.

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