5 Silly Hand Sanitizer Myths You Hardly Knew!

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Amazing Facts About Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizers – the word that we have heard so much in the past one year. Who knew that we would actually buy hand sanitizers with our monthly grocery now? Thanks to the covid-19 pandemic, people are now aware of hand sanitizers and how important it is to maintain hygiene. Till 2020, most people didn’t really pay attention to hand hygiene.

This antibacterial essential can be extremely useful for you. And it is a must-use right now.

However, not all hand sanitizers in the market are effective in killing bacteria, germs, etc. And even if they do, they will leave the hands feeling sticky. Some of them are thick as well. We don’t want that feeling in our hands, right?

They take time to evaporate and work on your hands. Thanks to KMP Ayurvedic, now you have a sanitizer that’s will minimize all your sanitizer issues. KMP is a market-leading Ayurvedic product brand in India. Its sanitizer has got all the ingredients that work fantastic on the hands as a skin disinfectant.

Buy them in bulk to save some bucks! It contains 80% alcohol. The alcohol based hand sanitizer will not dry your hands and can be used as often as you want. It is a must-have to fight against the Deadly virus.

The instant hand sanitizer is available in 50, 100, 200, 500 ml bottles as well as 5 and 20 litres packages. You can obviously pour them in spray bottles and use.

KMP has also introduced the new instant hand sanitizer gel, which is available in lemon, Neem, and Sandalwood flavours.

All you need to do is pour a few drops on your palm and rub your hands together. Since the market is full of poor quality sanitizers, make sure you only invest in the best.

In this blog, we are going to talk about some sanitizer-related myths.

They are not Effective Against Germs

We have heard plenty of times that sanitizers are not effective against germs. But it is not true at all. KMP Ayurvedic hand sanitizer is 99.99% effective against many common germs and bacteria. All you need to do is apply it at regular intervals.

You will Need to Moisturize Your Hands After Using Them

Secondly, a lot of times it is heard that sanitizers dry out the hands. Even though our sanitizer has got 80% alcohol, still it is quite moisturizing for your skin. You can use it as many times as required. Make sure you drop it in your purse whenever you step out of the house. It is as important as carrying your mobile phone or charger. Our formula is amazing for your skin. As we work in Ayurveda, we know how delicate your skin is. We have worked on the formula extensively so that you do not have anything to complain about. We understand your requirements and as a leading Ayurvedic brand, we use all skin natural nutrients.

This will leave your skin feeling soft. You wouldn’t regret the purchase. You can avail it at IndiaMart as well.

All Sanitizers are The Same

There is another common myth in the market that all sanitizers are the same when it comes to killing germs. However, this is not true. Our sanitizers meet all the required protocols. It is made of the best products and is the best bet in the market. We take pride in saying that we have the best sanitizers in the market.

We also have small bottles that you can easily carry. You should use them before eating, when you reach home, before touching the face, etc. You must use KMP hand sanitizer when you are touching any common point such as doors and knobs, flush, taps, windows, public transport, etc.

They Smell Clinical

We have heard that many sanitizers in the market smell too chemical. This is because they are mainly made of alcohol. However, we have some amazing hand sanitizers, which you should grab immediately as they smell heavenly.

They are available in Sandalwood, neem, and other flavours. You will love to smell your hands whenever you apply.

They Leave The Hands Feeling Sticky

As mentioned earlier, a bad formula can make a hand sanitizer sticky. It is definitely not a pleasant feeling. But yes, we guarantee that this is not the case in KMP ones. This is the reason why you should only settle for our hand sanitizers.

They are silky to apply and will leave your hands feeling smooth and butter soft. You will not feel any stickiness on your hands. Make sure you give it a minute to dry up.

So these are a few myths about hand sanitizers that you need to get rid of. You should always remember the importance of hand hygiene. You have to use sanitizer for yourself as well as for the sake of your close ones and society!

The numbers are again going up and all we can do is abiding by the protocols. Carry one whenever you are leaving home and use it when you reach home as well. Make sure you also disinfect your clothes, bag, etc. The Ethyl alcohol present in KMP sanitizers would make sure that you are free of germs and viruses.

Let’s join hands for a healthier and COVID-free tomorrow.

However, do not stop using hand sanitizers ever because now you know how important it is

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