7 Skincare mistakes to avoid at all cost

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7 Skincare mistakes to avoid at all cost



We all have our personalised skincare routine set up! Don’t we?! Our tried and tested methods passed on from an elder sister, or mom just works fine! Other than just simple CTM (Cleansing, Toning, Moisturising), a vivid new range of products dealing with specific skin type and concern promote an additional activity to your routine. Nowadays, influencers, beauty bloggers or so-called beauty gurus share their DIY remedies, review recently launched products and give away tips for healthy skin. Such videos go viral within a few hours. It has become a copious blunder on the internet today! No doubt, this content educates you on your skincare but confuses you even more. Also, we need to know that every skin is different, and it reacts differently to the same stuff.

Skin is said to be an essential element of our body. It is prominently affected by even the slightest weather change. And therefore, skincare must be in everyone’s routine. Most of us know the seriousness of the matter and try to keep up with it. Although, sometimes we perform silly mistakes that might harm our skin or deteriorate the skin’s quality. Here, we have articulated the common mistakes we make during our skincare routine and ways to avoid it.

#1 Not cleansing properly


Some of us wear heavy makeup, while others do a basic one. Either way, cleansing is an inevitable part of skincare. Washing off your make up is crucial. If the makeup stays on your face for too long, it blocks your pores, causes rashes, premature ageing, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, acne, etc. All of this can promote long-lasting side effects. Eye makeup if not removed properly, can cause irritations and eye problems. So one better not get lazy now than regret later. Wash and cleanse your face with the right products suiting your skin type. All types of makeup wipes, micellar water, toners, and foamy cleansers are available in the market. Choose wisely and regularly use for healthier skin. This simple habit goes a long way.

#2 Not using moisturisers on Oily skin type.

This is the most common fallacy amongst us. Moisturisers hydrate our skin and help it maintain a soft nourish. Skipping this process on an oily skin type will only cause the skin to produce more oil by overcompensating it. The key here is to choose the correct moisturiser. Many water-based, oil-free, non-sticky formulas are available in the market, especially for such skin type. Debunk this stigma, go ahead and hydrate your skin!

#3 Using the wrong makeup wipes

Makeup wipes are a blessing in disguise for instant and hassle-free cleansing or removing stubborn makeup. But what we miss to notice is that some wipes contain a substantial amount of alcohol, chemicals and strong preservatives which can be very harsh on our skin. On top of it, they are not eco-friendly at disposal. There are various alternatives and chemical-free natural, organic makeup removal formulas available in the market. Keeping all this in mind, choose your wipes wisely.

#4 Failing to cleanse your neck

Come on now, admit it!

When it comes to skincare, we often concentrate on our face and neglect the neck area. This also includes your shoulder, hairline, ears, etc. The skin on your neck is susceptible and delicate and needs to be taken care of just like your face. So don’t forget to cleanse your neck and upper chest area.

#5 Overusing scrubs

Sure, scrubs deep clean your pores, exfoliating the dead skin cells and give a nice finish to your face. But, this should not imply that scrubbing needs to be done frequently. Over scrubbing can cause skin rashes, redness, triggers breakouts, and even shedding of skin flakes. So, be aware that you scrub after proper intervals.

#6 Too much sunscreen

There is nothing like too much sunscreen! Sunscreen should be applied deliberately (as every sunscreen instruction suggests) and re-applied after a few hours. Sunscreen should be mandatory no matter what skincare regime you follow. A good SPF helps you safeguard your delicate skin from UV Rays and the harsh humid sun. Some also say that it is okay to skip sunscreens in winter. DEFINITELY NOT! In fact, they should be used even if you stay indoors or sit in front of a computer/ mobile/ TV. The rays emitted from them are harmful to your skin and can dull down your natural glow.

Additionally, some ladies use products with SPF. Regardless of SPF present in them, its efficiency decreases because of the blend. So, do not ever skip sunscreen during your skincare routine.

#7 Neglecting the ingredients present in your products.

One should be utmost careful about what composition will go on their faces before buying a product. Firstly, one should understand their own skin and face. What is your skin type, are you allergic to specific chemicals/ ingredients, or are these ingredients safe for your skin? We should bear such basic knowledge of all these small but essential things. It is advised to go for more organic, vegan, paraben-free products which are low in chemical proportions.

Be informed and aware of what your skin needs. These small mistakes can sometimes cause unwanted issues to your skin. So from now on, be more mindful with your skincare regime and flaunt your beauty.

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