8 Expert tips for healthy and shiny hair

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8 Expert tips for healthy and shiny hair

Are you spending way too much on expensive hair products but still not getting desired results? Do you crave for long, lustrous hair that shines all the way through? No matter how much invigorating the TV commercials look about expensive shampoos and conditioners, reality kicks in a different story altogether. Perhaps, it’s time to embrace the goodness of Mother Nature and rely on natural products to revive your hair like never before. Here’s a look at eight expert tips to help you get the best hair of your life ever. Read on to find out more.


Let eggs do the trick

After you shampoo, use a full egg to be used as a hair conditioner. In case your hair is prone towards breakage, put egg whites alongside to help add moisture to your scalp.  The mixture is to be used in equal proportion; half of egg white and half-full egg and apply the same to damp hair. Leave the mixture on your head for a good 15-20 minutes and then move on to wash it off with cold water.


Cleanliness is next to godliness

One of the foremost conditions of great hair is a clean scalp. In majority of individuals, an unclean and itchy scalp leads to moderate to heavy hair fall, which if not taken care at the right time, may lead to severe consequences. Always ensure that your scalp is free from dandruff and itching to make way for growth and shine.


Say no to hot water

The hair on your scalp doesn’t respond very good when treated with hot water. This is solely because the hot water functions to strip down the essential oils from your hair, thus leaving it dry and brittle to the core. When washing your hair, make sure you use cold or water at normal temperature to mitigate any chances of damage.

Also, one more thing to be taken into consideration is the frequency of your hair washes with shampoo. Washing your hair too less can significantly damage the roots where the dirt generally accumulates leading o easy breakage. For regulation of your natural oils all throughout the hair, maintain a washing routine for at least 2-3 days a week. This shall not only help you keep the dirt away from your hair but also bring back the lustre and shine in tandem.


The essential gourd treatment

Gourd juice has been known to work wonders for hair for over many years. Not only it works to impart strength tot hair follicles but also helps in bringing back the shine and lustre without one having to try too hard.  All you need to do is to extract some amount of gourd juice and then apply the same on to your scalp and keep the same for close to 30 minutes or so. Soon after, wash it off thoroughly with cold water. You will be amazed to witness the wonders of this treatment and what good it does to your hair.

If you are also looking to bring back the shine, you can opt for a mixture of your conditioner with a few tablespoons of honey. Next, you will have to apply the mixture to wet hair and leave it on for a good a25-30 minutes before one washes it off thoroughly. Application of this mixture in the right manner works to shut down the cuticle of your hair, which in turn locks in the shine for a long time.


Bring back the bounce

Who doesn’t want a little bounce to their hair? While you can try a lot of different tricks, this one’s an easy one that does the job right. All you need to do is to take apple cider vinegar along with warm water in a 1:1 ratio and make a wholesome mixture to be applied to your hair. One needs to keep the mix nothing more than 10 minutes to get rid of the slightly odd smell that is characteristic of apple cider vinegar.


For maximum strength

One such great ingredient that imparts strength to hair follicles is almond. Almond oil is believed to be an excellent antidote for dry and damaged hair and has never failed to impress beauty enthusiasts all over the world. The process is quite a simple one where you need to take in some almond oil in a small bowl and heat it for no less than 40-50 seconds. Next, you will have to apply the mix to your scalp, spreading the toil all over. Keep it on for at least 30 minutes and then move on to rinse in a normal way as you do with any mild shampoo, your choice, and cold water.


Freedom from dull hair

You probably know this already, but when it comes to hair, no list of expert tips is complete without the mentioning of coconut oil. Coconut Oil is believed to be the chief ingredient in many beauty products that claim to make your hair grow stronger, thicker, and better than before. Hence, one is looking to reach his or her hair goals; coconut oil is one such thing you can swear on. Daily application of coconut hair oil is believed to nourish the roots of your hair from within thus imparting strength and vitality.

Apart from coconut, lemon is another such natural product that brings good stuff to your hair. Once you have washed off your hair totally, take one tablespoonful of lemon juice, and apply the same to your hair. Next, keep it for some time, and after you have rinsed it off, towel dry the hair and style as you normally do.


The right way to brush

Besides using natural ingredients for hair mask and other treatment, it’s also important that you properly brush your hair. Always keep away from using a comb that has plastic bristles as this leads to hair breakage easily. A wooden comb is undoubtedly the best choice to brush away the tangles easily when you run your brush in long strokes, starting from the root to the end of your hair.


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