8 Mantras from Hair Experts to Grow Your Hair Faster

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8 Mantras from Hair Experts to Grow Your Hair Faster

Some blessed souls are just born with awesome genes, inheriting a luscious mane while some just have a very specific hair care routine to enable them in attaining so! For the rest (majority) of us, we still struggle to uncover the perfect set of routines that will help us grow our hair faster than usual. Not to forget, the internet that is a sweet killer who thrashes us with a million sets of ideas and taunts us with magical hairdos which our hair cannot pull off ever! All this because most of us perpetrate silly crimes (which we don’t even know we are committing), leading to hair loss, degrading of hair quality and volume, restricting or hindering new hair growth.

So, we have charted out the 8 tried and tested mantras approved by hair experts to help you achieve your dream mane! Along with them, look out for important tips and recommendations scattered throughout the article that might assist you even further. We have attempted to cover all the Do’s and Dont’s that you should adhere to, for boosting your hair growth rate which can only be achieved with a healthy scalp. Our scalp is the foundation for our hair and therefore, healthier the scalp, healthier the growth. We are often hammered with various hair care solutions available in the market through advertisements. The urge to grow hair faster pushes us in believing the lies that are sold via pills, hair supplements, hair care products, etc. But the actual truth lies in achieving a sustainable mane which does not wear off or disappear after stopping the usage of medicines. Experts say that growing hair in a shorter period requires both outer and inner attention. Oversee to what you apply on your hair and what you eat on your plate.

So let’s start off by learning a bit about our hair, shall we?

(Nature of our hair and factors affecting hair growth)

So let's start off by learning a bit about our hair, shall we

Growing of hair takes place in four stages. First is the growth stage, then the breakdown stage; followed by the resting stage and finally the regrowth stage. One of the interesting facts that many people are oblivious of is that we are born with around 1, 00,000 hair follicles that stay with us our entire lives. (So a lot of potential there! Laughs!) Another interesting fact is that our hair grows about half an inch every month.

Now, enough knowledge-gathering! Here are 8 tips to boost your hair growth naturally. –

There definitely isn’t a single magical way to just get up one day with lengthy & healthy hair. These tips will certainly require constant executions to aid hair growth. We assure you that if they are obeyed properly, your growth cycle will definitely be nudged 3 times ahead than your natural one.

  • Start feeding your hair with proper nutrition.

Start feeding your hair with proper nutrition

A well balanced and nourishing diet stimulates hair follicles to attain the first step which is the growth stage. This is turn promotes hair growth from the crux. Make sure that along with a healthy diet, you practice regular sleep cycles and exercises. Use ayurvedic hair products for the best results.


  • Do not fail to use good shampoo and conditioner.

Do not fail to use good shampoo and conditioner

They help cleanse your scalp by removing dirt, dust and other impurities accumulated on it. So it is strictly advised not to skip this step as a clean and healthy scalp encourages growth. You can deduce your washing cycle depending on your hair and scalp’s behaviour. If they tend to get oily and sweaty frequently, make sure to wash them often. If not catered properly, they may block your follicles, restricting hair growth. Wash twice a week if your scalp is dry. This helps to retain the natural oils borne from the scalp, further preventing irritation.

  • Know your hair first and then choose wisely.

Know Your Hair First and Then Choose Wisely

Understand what type of hair you have and how it reacts to certain situations, commonly the weather.  According to your hair type, use appropriate cleansers and shampoos suiting it specifically. Use a clarifying shampoo if you have an oily scalp. For a dry scalp, choose a hydrating or moisturizing shampoo whereas for a fine hair type, opt for a gentle shampoo.

The same applies for your hair care routine. Customize your daily hair rituals as per your hair type. This way, you do not end up mistreating your healthy hair and damaging it further.

  • Pair up your diet with organic hair supplements.

    Pair up your diet with organic hair supplements

    Natural and organic hair supplements along with a proper diet will give that extra push to your hair growth cycle. Good quality of antioxidants helps neutralize the radicals, promoting the cells to develop. Apart from them, amino acids, iron, calcium, magnesium support the structure of your hair. Vitamins A, C, D, Omega-3, and co-enzymes are also great at strengthening your hair.

  • Trimming helps.

Trimming helps

Yes, you read that right. Do not fall back on your trimming appointments by falling under the common myth. Chopping off your old tips won’t harm your growth cycle at all. In fact, it helps you to get rid of any split ends or rough tips that spoil the show before it even begins. You won’t lose much as your hair continues to grow every day, every month. Regular trimming is a must-follow rule any expert will agree on. It is advised to trim your hair every six to eight weeks without missing out on your appointments.

  • Style less to flaunt more.

Style less to flaunt more

Over styling your hair frequently will definitely mess things up for you. Especially if you use extensive heat emitting gadgets such as blow dryers, straightening or curling irons, and products with heavy chemicals that harm the texture of your hair. Even the simple step of blow-drying after washing your hair should be skipped. Wet hair should be dried naturally and if needed, blow-dried at a much later stage to achieve a finished look. Permanent responding treatments contribute to hair fall and frizz. We advise you to opt for a certain keratin treatment instead.

  • Don’t trust everything you hear.

Don’t trust everything you hear

The internet sometimes promotes various myths and misconceptions about hair growth. Do not believe any advice blindly. Enquire and take counsel from a well trained professional or hair care specialist before trying out any treatment or DIY.

Practice good hair habits:



  • Using sulphate and paraben infused hair products.
  • Washing your hair with hot water.
  • Washing too often.
  • Avoiding to follow a regular hair care regime.

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