About KMP Ayurvedic

An insight and fondness for ancient Ayurvedic know-how led to the inauguration of a far-reaching brand called KMP Ayurvedic. The products of KMP Ayurvedic are processed by Edible Products India Ltd, situated at Paikpara, Kolkata. The company is familiar with methodologies of synthesizing high-priced and graded Edible oil for the last 36 glorious years. Due to the monumental popularity, the company decided to step into vertical integration that created a range of safekeeping Ayurvedic personal care products.

The name, KMP Ayurvedic was introduced in August 2017 as a one-stop solution for various hair oils, which included Amla, Jasmine, Cool, Extra cool, and Coconut oils. An in-depth knowledge of herbal science is mastered by the creators of KMP Ayurvedic. The progress of the enterprise so far has been commendable witnessing the healthy life of customers. This beginning to ameliorate the lives of Ayurveda followers is sure to yield outstanding results in near future.


• The prime purpose of our team is to focus on the pragmatic side of product dealings. This will intensify the modes of selling, and also strengthen the firm premises.
• To enliven the stories of millions of people across the globe concerned about personal care through a meticulous environment of standard and manufacturing affirmation.
• The brighter side of retail allocation can be assured through paying particular attention to the revolution of products along with better measures to handle commodity prices.
• To upgrade the level of its commodities through the use of an ecologically sound course that keeps intact preservation, well- being, and worth.
• The expansion in indigenous as well as oversea commerce has always been the intention of KMP Ayurvedic products. The idea is to boost the morale of both buyers and sellers undoubtedly.
• To maintain a continuous endeavor to uplift variegation and efficacious development, with continued experiments with fresh products and distribution strategies.


We believe that leadership is the magnitude required to transcribe innovation into actuality. KMP Ayurvedic by-products have constructed a background for certitude and consumer dependency. This has initiated a series of inspired work ethics which have contributed immensely towards a lifelong magnification. Availability of superlative products at a reasonable rate without occupying a middle ground of caliber has always been our attempt. This has assured desirable outcomes for the buyers.

Ultra-modern tools have been implemented by us to bring out the unbeatable set of advantages for interested business holders. The relevance of Ayurveda in Indian culture is being realized since time immemorial. Our objective is to provide a platform that establishes itself as a guide to bygone Ayurveda understanding. This important step towards old scientific learning will not only help us to interpret the significance of Ayurveda in our everyday lives but will also restore faith in it.