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If there is one thing that this current ongoing pandemic has served to emphasise is the supreme importance of good personal hygiene. For the past one and a half years, the world has been ravaged by the novel coronavirus, and efforts are being made on a war footing to eradicate this disease.

Even though vaccines have been developed, and with an ever increasing number of people around the world getting their jabs, the importance of following good personal hygiene practices cannot be overstated. Just by following a few simple practices on a regular basis every day, it is possible to minimise the risks of getting infected, and in turn safe, secure and healthy.

Following good personal hygiene practices is of utmost importance. This is because, by following such practices, you will be in a better position to prevent getting infected by not just the coronavirus, but a whole variety of other diseases. It is therefore important that you follow these practices both when you are at home and when you are outside so that not just you but everyone else around you is safe, whether they are your family members, your friends, acquaintances, classmates, coworkers or even the public at large.

The various elements of good personal hygiene include washing one’s hands at frequent intervals, bathing every day, brushing one’s teeth at least twice a day, maintaining good nail hygiene by trimming both fingernails and toenails on a regular basis as well as wearing a set of fresh and clean clothes every day.

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Maintaining proper hand hygiene has been extremely important even before the coronavirus pandemic happened. Right from our childhood we have been taught that we need to wash our hands before meal times, after coming home from outside, after touching any surfaces that are deemed to be unclean and even after picking up something from the floor. So deeply ingrained in us is the concept of cleanliness that the current pandemic only served to reinforce and strengthen its cruciality.

Even when we are not doing things by ourselves, we often end up doing things that require washing our hands. For example, when we meet people outside. In our overly connected world, physical contact is only to be expected in the course of social interactions. It is only normal to shake someone’s hands, to give them a pat on the back, or even to extend them a warm, loving embrace. But what we may not know is what surfaces and which other people they have come in contact with before us. And if that’s not enough, we often even handle items of theirs!

In view of all of this, it is safe to conclude that our hands are a hugely significant, if not the largest, carriers of potentially risky and dangerous germs, bacteria and other microorganisms.

So, as it is easy to infer by now, there is no excuse for not washing our hands. But, it may so happen that in a lot of occasions we are nowhere near a sink where we can wash our hands with soap and water. So, what can we do about maintaining our hand hygiene then?  

Enter the hand sanitizer! 

Hand sanitizers have become nothing less than saviours during this pandemic. These substances are effective in getting rid of all the harmful germs, bacteria and microbes from our hands within seconds. These may be liquids, gels or foams that kill the microorganisms that are present on our hands when applied on them. Even though it is considered that washing of the hands with soap and water is the most effective method to completely eliminate all harmful microbes from the hands, hand sanitizers do the job just as effectively in situations where soap and water are not easily or closely available. 

Nowadays, there is a wide variety of hand sanitizers available in the market. From an Ayurvedic hand sanitizer to floral scented ones, the choices today are plenty! 

Let’s take a look at some of the most common everyday situations when you can (and should!) use a hand sanitizer:

  • When Meeting People

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We human beings are social creatures. We crave social interaction and the warmth of human contact. However, during the times of a pandemic it is important to maintain adequate social distancing and also keep our hands clean. When you meet someone, apply hand sanitizer before making any physical contact with them, and also when you leave. This helps to keep the chances of any disease spreading from person to person at a minimum.

  • When Going Shopping

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It is well known that items in shops, supermarkets, shopping malls and department stores are handled by several different people. And if that is not enough, the money that you pay and the change that you receive too would have changed hands for a countless number of times before it reaches you. Therefore, it is always recommended to apply hand sanitizer after you have completed your shopping to keep dangerous microbes off your hands. 

  • Before Eating

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We have all been raised with this. Right since childhood, we have been repeatedly told that we should always wash our hands before eating, because what comes in contact with our food eventually enters our body. Nobody wants to eat germs and bacteria, so do remember to apply sanitizer on your hands before a meal or snack, regardless of where you are eating, or whether you are using cutlery or eating with your hands!

  • When Riding Public transportation

When using hand sanitizer

Even though we have been advised to stay at home as far as possible, sometimes it may become necessary to travel. When travelling on any public transportation, apply hand sanitizer after getting to your seat and even after getting off. This is because public transportation, by its very definition, refers to vehicles that a lot of different people have come in contact with.

  • Before touching the mouth, eyes or nose

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We know very well that the easiest and quickest way for any harmful microorganisms to get inside our bodies is through the organs on our face. Yet, it is only too common to see people touching their mouths, noses and eyes without washing their hands. It is therefore recommended to apply hand sanitizer before touching either the eyes, nose or mouth so as to minimise the risk of any infection.  

KMP Ayurvedic helps to keep you ahead by offering you a wide range of personal care products so that you can keep yourself safe and healthy. In these current times, by keeping instant hand sanitizer with you wherever you go, you will be able to keep your hands clean at all times!

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