Amla hair oil 101: a comprehensive guide revealing the inner workings of the oil

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Amla oil for hair

Who doesn’t desire age-defying lustrous, nourished and thick hair? If you do the same and have tried several celebrity-endorsed hair care products but to no avail, consider going back to your grandmother’s hair care regime. Ask her the secret behind her gorgeous hair, and she’ll tell you about the divine tonic, known as Indian gooseberry or amalaki. 

By now, you must be intrigued to know more about this mysterious, miracle tonic believed to be the best medicine for your hair. Amla oil for hair can do wonders for your luscious mane, and here’s everything you cannot wait to know about the oil. 

Let’s start from the basics – What is amla hair oil?

benefits for your hair

Amla oil is extracted from the Indian gooseberry tree. The tree is native to India, but it is grown commercially in some parts of the Middle East and Asia. The small berries on the flowering tree are round and yellow-green. The fruits are in season from October to March and offer a host of benefits for your hair, skin and overall inner body health. 

Amla oil is anti-inflammatory and rich in antioxidants. The amla oil for men and women offers hair several levels of protection, and it has been a favorite of people for more than 3,000 years. 

Amla oil has been associated with Ayurvedic healing for years, and as you must be aware, the Ayurvedic healing system is one of the oldest in the medical world. Its origin is from India, and it offers a whole body or holistic healing. The medical system is based on the belief that wellness and health depend on a delicate balance between the body, mind and spirit. The oil supports the immune system and plays into this belief system. 

If you’re not using amla oil for your hair, it can be used as a liver tonic and even improve eyesight. You can even eat amla to strengthen your digestive system. 

So, maybe ditch the modern hair products and go back to your roots to give your hair a new lease of life. The amla hair oil is devoid of chemicals, and it is a gift of nature that comes with no side effects. 

Amla oil advantages for your hair 

The most common hair goal for people is to have a shinier and softer mane. Amla hair oil can help you achieve this goal without any hassle. All you need to do is apply the oil regularly and maintain a routine. You can even mix other wonders of nature for your hair, such as coconut hair oil and other Ayurvedic hair care products. 

Studies have revealed that amla hair oil keeps parasites far away from your hair and stimulates hair growth. Now, take a look at the coveted benefits of amla oil for hair. 

  • Stimulation of hair growth and a resultant thick mane you cannot stop loving!

As mentioned above and widely known, amla hair oil increases hair growth and thickness. The oil strengthens hair from within as it is packed with polyphenols, flavonoids and other antioxidants. 

Polyphenols promote hair growth by relaxing the muscles in the blood vessels around the hair follicles. So, you know the cells of your hair follicles will get a constant supply of nutrients. 

Flavonoids inhibit the activity of 5a-reductase and encourage hair growth. 

Since hair growth is increased, you can expect to see a thick mane in no time. You won’t be able to stop touching your hair. 

  • Dandruff? Forget all about it, thanks to amla hair oil 

The growth of dandruff is prevented thanks to the antibacterial properties of amla hair oil. Typically, dandruff is caused by an imbalance in the bacteria present in your hair. 

The oil also has anti-inflammatory properties, and it helps treat the scalp with care. 

  • Strengthens hair and improves the overall hair health 

The application of amla hair oil works on several levels to improve your hair’s overall health and strength. Your hair will be happy after you start using amla oil. 

The antioxidants present in Ayurvedic amla hair oil will protect your hair from the harmful and damaging effects of the sun’s UV rays, along with the free radicals present in the air. 

  • Amla oil offers protection to the cuticles of your hair 

Hair cuticle protection is guaranteed when you use amla hair oil. The oil is like the best friend your hair never had, and it contains vitamin E, vitamin C and polyphenols and flavonoids. No matter the hair problem you are experiencing, amla hair oil will fight almost all of them. 

  • Intense hair moisturization

Amla hair oil contains fatty acids, which deeply moisturize the hair. The fatty acids include linoleic acid (omega-6 acid) and linolenic (omega-3 acid). While linolenic acid prevents hair loss, linoleic acid accentuates how much the scalp can absorb. These are the dynamic duo your hair needs to be healthy, thick and luscious. 

  • Amla hair oil can prevent grey hair 

Amla hair oil is one of the most effective Ayurvedic hair oil products, which helps in slowing down the process of premature greying of hair. While there’s no research that the oil can reverse the grey hair you already have, it can stimulate hair growth and prevent more grey hairs. 

Besides the hair on your head, amla oil even contributes to the growth of the beard. That’s why men can use amla oil to promote their facial hair growth. Also, the oil helps moisturize the skin found under the beard while conditioning the hair on top of it. Since the oil has anti-inflammatory qualities and antioxidants, it protects the beard from environmental damages. 

Wrapping up

Amla hair oil is the miracle tonic that your hair needs to get a new lease of life. It is the oil that has been missing from your hair care kit. You can apply the oil as it is or heat it up.

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