Ayurvedic Skincare Hacks for Summer 2020

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ayurvedic skin care tips

As summer comes all the way parading in a few days, it brings a gazillion of issues in its trail. Above all, skin problems are plenty ranging from pigmentation, redness, acne, tan and much more. Ayurveda is one such great path of remedy to reverse the odds. Read on to find out how.  

The world of skincare is ever expanding and with science and technology ruling the roost, neo age skin care tactics have proven to be beneficial for one and all. We have witnessed the advent of Chinese techniques of skincare, followed by Japanese and Korean beauty regime that celebrities have been endorsing for quite some time. The new school of thought operates on the notion of higher number of bottles the better is the skincare. Now, the question stands, do you really require so many bottle to up your beauty game? In essence, we look towards Ayurveda to help find a suitable answer to the question. Ayurveda , as well know is a treasure trove of information that brings together the very best of rituals and formulations to set the base right for creating one’s perfect makeup world. Alongside, an Ayurvedic approach also takes care of one’s skin and suggests changes towards one’s lifestyle across important aspects like sleeping pattern, regular nutrition, exercise as well as emotional balance. With the summer season setting in real fast, beauty and skincare aficionados have already started stacking their cabinets with the best of essential skincare elements. Now, if you are one among many who believe in the nourishing and healing power of an ancient science, the goodness of natural herbs and ingredients, Ayurveda’s got your back real good! Further, if you have already had enough of your beauty treatment living on bottles, it’s probably high time to embrace the power and goodness of ancient Ayurveda to be your saviour this season. Here’s a list of skin blessing remedies that you absolutely need to embrace.


If you are looking o reap the very best of your skincare routine, exfoliation is absolutely vital. It not only helps get rid of dead cells but also improves your skin texture. Ayurvedic products like neem, sandalwood, fennel and green gram act as natural defoliators owing to their cleansing properties. As these ingredients function towards cleaning your skin it also help maintain the natural oils that are essential for your skin to stay fresh.


While exfoliation lets your skin breathe to the fullest, your pores would require a good toning session as a follow up. Toning helps in hydration of your skin and offers maximum relaxation for your pores. Jasmine, cucumber, rose water as well aloe vera are great toning agents as they have anti-inflammatory properties. Ensure that you refrigerate such ingredients before you use them for toning of your skin.


No matter who you are or where you stay, you are committing a sin for your skin opting to skip a moisturizer. When summer’s around, it is necessary that you pamper your skin with a host of good and natural elements. Followed by an effective yogurt toning section, moisturizing helps to lock the hydration for good. Honey, Sandalwood Oil, Kasturi Manjal and Chickpea Flour are great Ayurvedic options for optimum moisturizing of your skin. When used regularly, they can give your skin a smooth feel without making it greasier.

Tam Removal

The blazing heat of sun brings in the ill effects of tanned skin. Anytime you feel your skin is tanned by the sun, consider a proper oil massage across your face as well as your body. A diluted combination of neem, and almond oil help soothe damaged skin and also steer clear of bacteria leading to pimples and acne. Additionally, orange peels too function towards de-tanning your skin. Ayurvedic Body Oil is a great choice that brings forth the combination of Neem, Haldi and Aloe Vera to help achieve a healthy and glowing skin.

Remedy for Lips

Like your skin and body, your lips can turn towards becoming pigmented or dark, when left exposed in the sun for long. Treating them with beeswax, Shea butter and mint oil extracts can help to bring hem back to life. While mint functions to nourish your lips and give a protective covering in the face of harsh climate, Shea butter works to restore moisture and improves the overall texture.

So, now that you know the Ayurveda hacks for a glowing and healthy skin, its time you adapt to them soon before the blaze of summer play foul with you. Write to us about your skincare routine during summer time and whether you prefer using Ayurvedic products regularly.

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