Best Oils for Hair Care: Growth, Dandruff & Dryness

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Best Oils for Hair Care

Are you conscious enough about how your hair would look like in the party you are scheduled to attend next week?

The pressing issue of hair styling problem is not prevalent just among girls, guys too bear the burden. Be it a function or a formal occasion, hairstyle contributes 60% of the outlook for guys.

Thus, a good hair oil that can deal with all the hair tantrums like growth, dandruff, and dryness, is a de rigueur for males and females alike. Read on to know how to put a nip in the bud of all your hair issues and get that look you have been dreaming from a long time.

Different Hair Problems = Different Hair Oil Options

When it comes to hair problems, there is perhaps no end to the can of worms. Some of the common ones from such problems include:

  • Restricted growth of hair follicles
  • The emergence of dandruff
  • Increasing dryness

For some, stagnant hair growth and the small length is giving the sleepless nights, while for some dandruff is the reason for their social awkwardness.

On the other hand, the dryness and itchiness in the scalp is yet another common problem that affects the growth and strength of the hair follicles and eventually becomes a headache for most of the teenagers.

To ensure you could take good care of your hair and enhance the strength of the hair strands, there are several hair oil brands you can opt from. Out of them all, coconut hair oil, amla hair oil, jasmine hair oil, almond hair oil, argan hair oil, etc. are some of the most sought-after hair oil that has been roping in buyers from ages.

Best Hair Oils to Treat your Hair Problems

To let you get rid of the hair problems like growth, dandruff, and dryness, you can consider applying either of the following oils to your hair.

Coconut Oil


Coconut Oil


One-hour champi using coconut oil acts as a blessing in disguise for those who have complaints of huge hair fall and breakage.

Do not worry about protection against heat and hair loss, since coconut oil is proficient in that. The oil is stuffed with fatty acids that penetrate the hair deep and conditions the roots efficiently. Being a moisture-retainer, the oil enhances the growth of the hair follicles.

Convinced already? There is more!

Coconut oil, like other hair oils, doesn’t evaporate in the air, instead remains glued to the scalp and this is precisely what makes the oil even more effective.

Add to its credentials, this oil can be found at any nearby store or market. Quick, get your wallet and buy it now!

Argan Oil


Argan Hair Oil


It is derived from Argan, a tree found in Morrocco that bears fruits with nuts. The oil is extracted from the nuts. The Moroccan oil is rich in Vitamin E content along with ferulic acid and fatty acids.
It might also interest you that this oil comprises of antioxidants, which protect your hair strands against UV rays and thereby reduces the damage done to the hair cell. The oil nourishes your follicles and makes them smooth and shiny, like never before.

Jasmine Hair Oil


Ayurvedic Jasmine Hair Oil


Besides having a rejuvenating smell, Jasmine oil also endowed with properties that make the hair strands and scalp as strong as an ox. It has the moisturizing capacity that prevents the hair fall and breakage.

The lighter essence of the Jasmine extract helps in deep penetration of the hair shaft and follicle that conditions the roots thoroughly, strengthening the foundation for life.

The naturally healing properties of the oil protect the scalp from being infected, and hence makes dandruff and you stay miles away from each other. Regular application of the Jasmine oil on your hair will soften it and you will find it much easier to detangle your hair while you comb it.

Plus, the conductive property of the hair oil seals the moisture in the hair, and days of hair frizzing becomes a thing of the past.

Jojoba Oil


Jojoba Oil


Having similar properties as coconut hair oil, the Jojoba oil hydrates the hair deeply, moisturizes the hair follicles, and treats them from deep inside. As a result, the chances of the emergence of dandruff are negligible and dry scalp means ‘bye-bye dandruff’.

In fact, you won’t believe how shiny and soft your hair becomes.

Amla Hair Oil


Amla Hair Oil


The Indian Gooseberry oil is considered to be an unavoidable ingredient for any hair oil. The amla oil is rich in flavonoids content and it also contains healthy fatty acids and antioxidants, which work together to strengthen each and every hair follicle. You get amla oil for men as well as women and give your hair the oil it actually deserves.

There are many other best oils for hair that are available in the market, namely castor oil, olive oil, etc. Based on the need of your hair, you can choose the most suitable option for treating your hair follicles as well as scalp. Just ensure you use the oil your scalp actually needs, not the one you find compelling.

When you visit the market, ensure going through the ingredient before making a choice keeping in mind the benefits of each of the above-mentioned options. You take a calculated move for your hair and you will rejoice until eternity. Trust us!

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