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White Hair

White Hair 101 –What, How and Why

It’s quite a common thing for your hair to turn grey as one grows older. The transition from a young man with a full head of hair to one who has grey hair can be a tad disappointing for many. Although, it’s a natural phenomenon to take place, sometimes poor lifestyle choices and unhealthy choices … Continue reading “White Hair 101 –What, How and Why”

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Trendy Hair

5 Hair Care Trends to Pick Up in 2020

With 2019 coming to an end, one starts to winder what it means for your hair and the product trends that are picking up in the market. From texture sprays to blow dryer brushes and innovative options for scalp treatments the list is pretty long. Here’s a look at 5 such hair care trends to … Continue reading “5 Hair Care Trends to Pick Up in 2020”

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Hair Care

4 Essential Hair Care Tips to Keep Up Your Crowning Glory

There’s no denying the fact that your hair is seemingly the most gorgeous and versatile accessory that comes naturally alongside your other bodily features. That is precisely why people tend to experiment with it in several different ways to change the way they look and feel. One can keep it long or short, colour it, … Continue reading “4 Essential Hair Care Tips to Keep Up Your Crowning Glory”

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Skin Care

2020 Self Care Resolutions – 7 Things to Consider

If there’s one single philosophy that dominates self-care and grooming regime, it’s gotta be freshness. That’s right! Trying something new or fresh has always been the prime concern when it comes to self-care and grooming. A new haircut, facial hair, or maybe adapting to a new skincare routine can definitely bring about a change in … Continue reading “2020 Self Care Resolutions – 7 Things to Consider”

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Brushing your hair

6 Steps Routine for a Healthy and Fabulous Hair

Everyone wants to look their best. With great styling, choice of apparel, make up everything set aside, nothing gets right if your hair is not right. And, it’s got nothing to do with how you brush your hair or the hair cut or the hair color but the kind of state your hair is. That’s … Continue reading “6 Steps Routine for a Healthy and Fabulous Hair”

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