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Hair Care for Children

While there is a lot of literature available for adult hair care, there is hardly anything giving tips for children’s hair care. An adult’s habits originate from his or her childhood. Hence, it becomes imperative for teaching our children the essentials of hair care so that they can carry them along in their adult life. … Continue reading “Hair Care for Children”

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Use Herbal Ingredients For Better Hair Care

Herbs play a very important component of botanical formulations. This is because they are loaded with benefits that can cure many maladies. This magical curative property of herbs can also be extended to hair oils. There are many kinds of hair oils that contain all the essential herbs required for better hair growth. This helps … Continue reading “Use Herbal Ingredients For Better Hair Care”

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How to Cure Hair Loss in Your Teenage Daughter

Most people think that hair loss happens only to middle-aged people. However, you will be shocked to know that even teenage girls suffer from this problem. This can be extremely debilitating for an adolescent girl who needs to have a positive body image at this crucial juncture of life. Teenage girls are very sensitive and … Continue reading “How to Cure Hair Loss in Your Teenage Daughter”

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Essential Grooming Tips for Men

Men’s hair care has not been paid much attention before. But it is just as important as ladies’ hair care. That is why men have begun paying attention to their hair care routine in recent times. This augurs well for them as it is very important to have healthy hair. Although hair is not a … Continue reading “Essential Grooming Tips for Men”

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Dye Your Hair Black the Organic Way

Premature greying of hair has become very common in recent times. Nowadays it is observed that even young people are having grey hair. This is mainly because of stressful and unhealthy lifestyles. In addition to this, people resort to solving their greying problem by applying hair dyes. However, hair dyes have unhealthy chemicals that damage … Continue reading “Dye Your Hair Black the Organic Way”

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