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health benefits of ashwagandha

What Are The Health Benefits Of Ashwagandha?

Ayurvedic medicines have been around us for a while. Some people trust Ayurveda more than they trust the commercial stuff being circulated in the market. Ayurveda has its roots in India and many people rely on it for their overall benefits as it is the most important herd in the Ayurveda family. In fact, people … Continue reading “What Are The Health Benefits Of Ashwagandha?”

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how to take care of hair naturally

Everything You Need To Know About Hair Care

Hair is an important aspect that shapes your face and even your personality. To some people, hair means a great deal and they do a lot to take care of it. But long hair doesn’t always mean that it is the ideal kind of hair. Not the length, but it is the hair texture that … Continue reading “Everything You Need To Know About Hair Care”

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helmet hair protection

Why Is It Important To Protect Our Hair From Helmet?

Wearing a helmet is a must whenever we ride a bike or even a bicycle. It is as important as the brakes. Accidents happened uniformed and sometimes not from our fault but rather of someone else’s. So the best thing to do is be concerned about our safety at all times whenever we are riding … Continue reading “Why Is It Important To Protect Our Hair From Helmet?”

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amla oil for hair

All about Amla Hair Oil

Amla oil is the Indian secret for long and lustrous hair. Women and men alike have been using this oil for centuries to fight many hair issues and it has never failed us. Also, known as the ‘ Indian Gooseberry’ is derived from the Amalaki tree which is found in India. This oil oozes with … Continue reading “All about Amla Hair Oil”

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Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer v/s Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer

What Makes an Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer Different From An Alcohol-Free One?

Even though hand sanitizers have existed around us for a while, their importance is now recognized more than ever. The ongoing pandemic has reminded us of the basic hygiene habits which all of us were anyway supposed to be following all our lives. The best way to protect ourselves from novel coronavirus is by keeping … Continue reading “What Makes an Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer Different From An Alcohol-Free One?”

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