Body Oil vs. Lotion: Which Works Better?

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Body Oil or Lotion First

The tug of war between body oil and body lotions is only a matter of self-preference and choice. As per dermatologists, both skincare products efficiently moisturize the skin and makes it soft, supple, and hydrated. Some love lotions, while others opt for using body oil to keep away skin dryness and moisturize it.

Although, you must be wondering what is the difference between body lotions and body oils and if either one is better than the other. Well, both the products promise to be great for the skin but has different formulas, texture, and ingredients. While oils are light in weight and sink right into the skin. Lotions, on the other hand, are water-based formulations that help in treating various skin-related problems, for example, skin disorders like eczema, keratosis, and psoriasis.

You can choose either of the products or choose both as per your skin needs. Invest in ayurvedic skin care products and avoid chemical products as much as you can. Ayurvedic products are extremely beneficial for your skin in the long-term containing all the goodness of herbal ingredients which are free of any bad chemicals. Be it ayurvedic body oils or lotions, you can determine the effectiveness of these natural body care products after a few weeks of usage.

The connoisseurs of body care products suggest that using body oils and lotions together is the best way to achieve hydrated skin. So, here’s a list of the pros and cons of using body oil and body lotions to get radiant-looking skin naturally.

Pros of Using Body Oil:

  1. It is extremely hydrating for the skin. Most ayurvedic body massage oil comes with absorbent properties that are rich in avocado, jojoba, and almond extracts that help in repairing skin damage. It also helps in deeply moisturizing the skin and enhances it by regulating sebum production. Body oils act as skin-barriers and shields the skin from losing excess moisture. This prevents skin dryness and keeps it hydrated reinforcing the skin’s moisture levels.
  2. It improves your skin tone. Regularly applying body oils keeps them nourished and healthy. Also, body oils are known to improve skin tones and evens out sun damages and tanning. Ayurvedic body oils are made up of rich nutrients and vitamins that help in reducing the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks, dark spots, blemishes, and redness. Applying body oil after a shower is very effective and gets quickly absorbed by the body making it glowing and brings back the lost luster.
  3. It is effective for oily skin types. Yes, you read that right! People with oily and acne-prone skin respond better to body oils as it helps them balance the natural oil production. Moreover, it prevents acne as excess oil will not be produced by your body if you regularly nourish your skin by applying body oils.

Cons of Using Body Oils:

  1. It might feel greasy and sticky. Few body oils are heavy in density and might take time to get absorbed. It can leave your skin feeling slick and might stain your clothes as well.
  2. It is not effective in the long-term. While body oils are great moisturizing agents for the skin, as it penetrates in the most superficial layer (stratum corneum) of the skin, but it does not penetrate in the deeper epidermal levels. Thereby, preventing deep-level moisturizing effect for the long-term.

Pros of Using Body Lotions:

  1. It makes the skin soft and supple. As per dermatologists, dry skin leads to dullness, redness, and cracking of your skin, which can be effectively combated by applying body lotions as a part of your body care regime. Body lotions add an extra layer of nourishment to your skin making it glowing and fuller looking.
  2. It has a long-term nourishing effect. Many skin experts say that body lotions act as emulsifiers as it made up of two liquid ingredients that do not combine, such as water and oil. This has two-faced benefits as lotions superficially nourish the skin and get absorbed deeper into the skin, thereby, moisturizing both the stratum corneum and the epidermis layers of your skin.
  3. It gets absorbed quickly. Using body lotions can help replenish and hydrate your skin effectively as it is thin in texture, light-weight, and non-greasy. It does not cause stickiness and is therefore great for people living in hot and humid or tropical regions.

Cons of Using Body Lotions:

  1. It can cause negative reactions to the skin. As body lotions are composed of various ingredients and different formulas, they might not be suitable for every skin type. Some lotions have fragrances and can cause allergic reactions on your body, while some have additives that can cause redness and inflammation on your skin. Such types of lotions which are made of chemical ingredients are harmful to the skin and must be avoided. To prevent such reactions on your skin, you should use ayurvedic body lotions which are made up of natural ingredients like milk, honey, and olive oil.

Key Takeaway

It completely depends on is your preference, how you want to use it or, at what time of the day you want to use it. In the morning, after a bath, you can apply ayurvedic body massage oils and then top it with a layer of your favorite body lotion. This will boost the moisture level in your skin and make it soft and radiant. Keep skin dryness at bay, by applying a thick body lotion at night before sleeping. This will help your skin stay nourished and healthy.

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