Coconut Oil Is The King Of Oils

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Coconut Oil Is The King Of Oils

Coconut oil is truly the king of oils. This is well exemplified by the fact that its uses and benefits extend over a wide spectrum including diet, hair, and skin too. The best part of this oil is that even though it is generally produced in tropical countries, still it is being exported to far away countries in Europe and North America where its popularity is soaring rapidly.

Coconut oil for hair is extracted from ripe brown coconuts mainly from the outer rings. This process of extraction takes place when the coconuts are crushed and the kopra or coir is removed. What remains in the machine after ginning is the luxurious and flavorful oil. The aroma of freshly squeezed coconut oil is very soothing and is extremely handy for aromatherapy too.

This article explains the uses and benefits of coconut oil in great detail. Here we explain to you how this owl is useful for your hair. It must be noted that even though coconut oil has multifarious benefits, here we only focus on the uses and benefits that it brings to your hair. The other aspects of being good for your overall healthy diet and skin are only touched upon. After reading this article, you will be in a much better position to see that coconut oil is the elixir for a number of health and hair care problems.

Read on to find out why you should include coconut oil in your daily hair care regimen.

1. As A Conditioner

Coconut oil can be used as an extremely good conditioner. The best part of coconut hair oil is that it does not contain any harmful chemicals that can damage your hair. Most conditioners that are sold in the market have chemicals that can irritate your scalp and hair. Prolonged usage of these products can be detrimental in the long run. Hence, it is always advisable that you use coconut oil as your main conditioner. We will show you how to use this in the most effective way.

The reason why coconut oil is so good is that it is the only hair oil that can help in reducing protein loss. Coconut oil is much better than other oils like sunflower oil and mineral oil in this regard. The loss of protein is the primary factor that results in dryness and breakage of hair. Coconut oil contains lauric acid whose molecular weight is very low. This causes it to be able to go inside the hair shaft and nurture and nourish it with a smorgasbord of minerals, vitamins, and fatty chain acids.

When we brush our hair, it can get damaged due to our brushing and combing. Coconut oil can help you avoid this and is very safe for use on children. You can use it as a conditioner that can be left on overnight. You must gauge the amount of coconut oil that you must use yourself as different people have different needs and requirements.

2. For Growth Of Hair

Coconut oil is perfect for making your hair grow long to luscious tresses. This makes it the most economical solution that you have for reducing the thinning of hair. This oil provides a lots of scope for hair to grow longer and thicker in a very short duration of time. Lauric acid is an essential nutrient of this oil and it improves the overall structure of the hair by penetrating the hair shaft.

Hair growth mainly stops as a result of internal causes like shrinking of hair follicles and making natural hair loss remedies a part of your hair care regimen will help you in a much better way. The foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, pumpkin, flax seeds and green tea help in the growth of hair from both internal and external angles.

So at the outset, you must avoid using prescription drugs for hair growth and instead use coconut oil as your all-purpose conditioner. This is because these drugs contain harsh chemicals that can irritate your scalp and may even make hair grow in unexpected places where it is not desired.

3. For Reducing Dandruff

Coconut oil for natural hair is extremely effective for reducing dandruff and has been used for this purpose since ancient times. The major cause of dandruff is an extremely dry scalp. This can make the skin of the scalp flake off causing an itchy feeling all the time. Dandruff is also caused by fungal infections that resemble yeast that is also called Malassezia.

The medium chain fatty acids of coconut oil include lauric acid and capric acid that are endowed with antimicrobial and antifungal properties that kill this yeast virus and other bacteria that have made your scalp their permanent home. In most cases, it is seen that dandruff shampoos that are sold over the counter are not good in curing this problem as they don’t target the main cause of the appearance of flakes.

 Coconut oil is extremely useful in killing these viruses as it makes it difficult for them to reside in your scalp. It is seen that removing these viruses and moisturizing your scalp with coconut oil will help you immensely for reducing dandruff in the quickest way.

4. For Proper Styling

Coconut oil is also useful for the proper styling of your hair. When you make use of hair care equipment like blow dryers, curlers and perms, then lots of heat is applied to your hair shaft. This causes them to be brittle and weak and you become vulnerable to hair fall.

You can prevent this scenario by applying coconut oil to your hair before carrying out your beauty procedures. This will help you protect your hair from the extreme levels of damage that can happen while you are styling your hair. After completing these beauty treatments, you can just add a touch up of coconut oil to your hair that can bring back the life to your strands. Just make sure that you use just a little amount of pure coconut oil for hair as using it sparingly will be more helpful here.

From the above, it is clear that coconut oil outperforms other oils in terms of the benefits and uses that it possesses. This definitely makes it the king of oils.

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