Coconut Oil Use for Soft Nourished Hair!

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use coconut oil for hair growth

If your mother or grandmother pulls you in for a coconut head massage- LET THEM! It is the best thing that can possibly happen to your hair. Other than smelling like a vacation, this oil has innumerable benefits. For centuries, women all around the world have been using coconut oil for multiple reasons. This oil has innumerable benefits. From cooking to skincare it has made a remarkable spot in every category. The Hair care industry has for years now showcased the benefits of this oil. It can fix damaged brittle hair, help strengthen it and even add gloss and shine to it. Coconut oil is considered to be the best when it comes to promoting hair growth. It is loaded with natural vitamins and essential fatty acids naturally which helps nourish the scalp and help to remove sebum build-up from hair follicles. It is also recommended to reduce and even put a stop to hair fall. The ideal time recommended keeping coconut oil in your hair is 30 mins or overnight. anything longer than that can cause more issues than the ones they solve. It is the best oil for damaged hair. You can’t skip coconut oil from your hair care routine. It is ideal for almost all hair types. Now that we know the richness in properties of coconut oil, let’s figure out ways we can use coconut oil for hair!

Make Coconut Hair Oil A Part Of Your Pre-Shower Ritual

oiling hair

If you love pampering yourself on every weekend then coconut oil is your best friend. It has high nourishing qualities and is ideal for people who have damaged or super curly hair. Massaging warm coconut oil before going for a hair wash can tame your hair, make it more manageable and also help your hair from getting dry after washing it. Apply coconut hair oil 30 mins before washing your hair, and then rinse it off with a mild shampoo and pea-sized amount conditioner. Remember to wash your hair thoroughly to clean the coconut oil otherwise, it might clog the cuticles on your scalp and even increase germs built up.

Strengthen Your Conditioner With The Goodness of Coconut Oil

hair conditioner benefits

To trap the conditioner’s hydrating ingredients within your hair, mix a little bit of coconut oil with your conditioner. This will help boost the properties of the oil and provide the ultimate nourishment to your hair. Add a little amount of coconut oil to your conditioner and apply it to your hair post washing it off with a shampoo. Leave it on for 5-10 mins. Leave it on for long enough to be completely absorbed by your hair and penetrated through your shafts.

Coconut Hair Oil Is The Perfect Addition to Your Hair Mask

hair mask for damaged hair

When adding active ingredients to your hair mask, don’t forget to include coconut hair oil. While eggs and milk can provide protein to your hair, coconut oil can be the supplier of deep nourishment to your scalp. Hair masks are recommended to be kept for 30-45 minutes and not more than that. Mixing coconut oil with your hair mask can help strengthen your hair, promote hair growth and makes it soft and smooth.

Coconut Hair Oil As Post Shower Serum

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Take a tiny amount of coconut oil on your palm, mix it with your hair serum and apply it on your hair endings. It is the ends that get most damaged due to pollution and dust. Adding coconut oil will make it more tamable and even provide your hair with shine and gloss. It can also help deal with split ends.

Make Coconut Oil Your Detangling Partner

how to detangle hair

We all have had blunders while styling our hair at least once, especially when we try to curl it. If your hair ever gets tangled, rather than forcefully trying to run your fingers through your hair and having a war with it, put some coconut oil. The grease of the oil will help you detangle the strands without breaking it

Protect Your Hair From The Sea With Coconut Hair Oil

coconut oil in hair before beach

Beach person? Great! But don’t forget to apply coconut oil on your hair as religiously as you apply sunscreen on your body before taking a dip into the ocean. Saltwater can heavily damage your hair as it has alkaline in it which leave your hair looking dry and rough. Applying a good layer of coconut oil can act as a shower cap and protect the saltwater from stripping it off its texture. It also makes it easier to wash the sand off your scalp.

Coconut Hair Oil Is The Ideal Replacement For Hair Gels

hair oil instead of gel

Rather than putting a bunch of hair styling products to manage your hair, just apply a tiny amount of coconut oil. On camera, coconut oil on hair looks the same as hair gels as it is extremely photogenic and adds shine to your hair. In case you are shooting in a cold location which has caused your coconut oil to solidify then Don’t worry! Just scoop a little bit on your palm and rub it. The heat released from your hand will cause it to melt.

Use Coconut Oil To Prevent Your Hair From Getting Infected By Lices

coconut oil for lice

Lice can be caused by sharing combs, hats, towels and even pillows. They usually get transferred from one carrier to another. It is important to get rid of them as soon as possible as it can damage your hair quality and also cause a lot of discomforts. Let us not forget that it’s super embarrassing when someone else spots it on your head. Coconut oil can help combat lice and is a good treatment for it. The lauric acid in coconut oil may help kill lice. While this might not be as quickly effective as over the counter lice treatment, it is surely a natural one and will cause less damage than the chemical medication.

Pro Tip:

Do not use coconut oil if you are suffering from dandruff issues. Sometimes dandruff is caused due to dirt accumulation which is caused by an oily scalp. Applying coconut oil on an already greasy surface can increase sebum production and clog pores.

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