Combat Hair Fall by Using Ayurvedic Hair Oils!

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Ayurvedic Hair Oil for Hair Fall

It is a normal phenomenon for some hair strands to fall every day. This is because new hair grows and replaces old strands. But when the rate of hair fall is faster and that of hair growth is slower, chances are there is an issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. 

According to the American Academy of Dermatologists, it is normal for a person to lose between 50 and 100 strands of hair in a day. For those who have longer hair, having a hair fall rate of more hair strands per day is also not out of the ordinary. The average person has more than 100,000 hair follicles on their scalp, so if they have a hair fall rate of roughly 100 hair strands in a day, it will not make any noticeable difference to the way they look. 

It should also be noted that women have a tendency to lose more hair strands in a day than men do. However, there is no technique to accurately and objectively measure the difference in hair loss between men and women, as women style their hair more than men, and therefore lose more hair strands. Women are also more likely to experience periods where an increased rate of hair fall occurs, such as during pregnancy or menopause. 

Let us take a look at some of the various causes of hair loss:

  1. Hair loss can be hereditary. Both men and women can have this type of hair loss. In scientific terms, it is called androgenic alopecia, and this is the most common cause of hair loss worldwide. It happens when a person inherits genes that causes their hair follicles to shrink and eventually stop growing hair.
  2. Hair loss can be due to age. As people age, it becomes apparent that hair gradually stops growing. This is because hair follicles stop growing hair, in turn causing hair to thin.
  3. Hair loss can be caused due to scalp infection. This is because scalp infections can cause the formation of scaly and/or inflamed areas on your scalp. Some people will notice what looks like little black dots while others develop a bald spot in such a location.
  4. Hair loss can be caused due to friction. For many people, hair loss can happen in parts of the body where turbans, hats, caps or any other items of clothing which are tight, rub frequently against the scalp or skin. In medical terms, this is called frictional alopecia. 
  5. Hair loss can be caused by pulling one’s hair. One of the most obvious but easily overlooked causes of hair loss is the tendency of people to pull their hair. Very often people pull their hair out of frustration, or to relieve stress or play with their hair out of boredom. They are not aware of the effect this tendency has on their hair, and the medical term for this is trichotillomania. 

Whatever may be the cause for hair loss, by applying and massaging Ayurvedic oils on your hair, you can reverse hair damage and even stimulate stronger hair growth. 

Massaging your scalp with Ayurvedic hair oils provides a boost to hair and scalp health by stimulating the hair follicles, in turn encouraging the growth of hair. Hair oils also provide the hair and scalp with essential nutrients. 

There are several hair oils that you can use to apply on your hair and massage your scalp. The Ayurveda extols the virtues of massaging oils onto hair and skin. In today’s world where the market is flooded with cosmetic products, the application of oils onto one’s hair and skin provides a host of benefits without absorbing the harmful chemicals which many such products contain. 

There are numerous oils that help in combating hair fall and promoting hair health. Let’s have a look at some of them:

  • Amla Oil

This is the oil extracted from the amla plant. In English, amla is known as ‘Indian gooseberry’, and this is a very important oil in Ayurveda. Ayurvedic amla hair oil is rich in several medicinal properties as well as being a natural astringent, making it an excellent choice for hair care. This oil contains Vitamin C, minerals and natural antioxidants.

  • Jasmine Oil

Jasmine oil is the oil extracted from the jasmine flower, which has a very appealing fragrant smell. Jasmine oil is said to have a variety of properties that are beneficial for hair health, from strengthening hair to prevention of hair breakage. It has been shown that jasmine hair oil is a natural healer having several antiviral as well as antibacterial properties. 

  • Coconut Oil

Extracted from coconuts, coconut oil is a colourless and relatively tasteless oil that has a unique and easily identifiable scent. Coconut oil is an oil that is rich in properties that are beneficial for hair. Hugely popular in a hot country like India, coconut oil for natural hair helps to moisturise the scalp and prevent hair dryness as well as a flaky scalp and dandruff. Coconut oil contains beneficial fatty acids, proteins and antioxidants. It has antiviral and antibacterial properties, and is helpful in skin repair and the prevention of hair breakage.

  • Bhringraj Oil

Bhringraj oil is the oil that is extracted from the Bhringraj plant. In Ayurveda, Bhringraj holds the distinction of being referred to as the ‘king of herbs’ and has been regarded as a ‘wonder herb’ since time immemorial. Bhringraj oil is rich in many nutrients, including Vitamin D, Vitamin E, calcium, magnesium and polypeptides. Bhringraj oil, being an oil that is rich in proteins, is excellent for application on one’s hair. This oil stimulates hair growth, promotes hair lustre and also helps in combating hair fall. 

  • Fenugreek Oil

Fenugreek, which is known more popularly as ‘methi’ in India, has been a hugely popular ingredient in India since ages. This oil is obtained from the fenugreek plant and has several beneficial properties for hair. It is said to stimulate blood flow to the scalp as well as nourish hair follicles, both of which help to develop healthier hair. Fenugreek oil also has anti-dandruff properties.

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