Coronavirus-proof Your Home With These Actionable Tips

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Life during the raging coronavirus pandemic means staying home as much as possible and maintaining social distance. But, you’ll likely need to make a trip to the pharmacy or the grocery store at some point. 

According to, one of the best ways to keep your home free of coronavirus is cleaning it regularly. Not just coronavirus, but cleaning helps to keep all kinds of germs and bacteria at bay. 

While cleaning your home should be on your regular to-do list, take a look at helpful tips that will help you to keep COVID-19 outside of your home. 

Make a Plan to Run Errands

To keep coronavirus outside of your home, it is important that you limit your exposure to the outside world. What you can do is designate someone in your family to be the errand-runner. 

In case you live alone, you can set up a disinfectant station right outside your door. This will allow you to disinfect yourself and the packages that you’re carrying before entering your home. 

Things to Remember when You’re Out

  • Try to always keep a distance of about six feet and don’t forget to wear your mask when you step out
  • Carry an Ayurvedic hand sanitizer with you so that you wipe handles on the baskets or carts when shopping. You can also sanitize your hands after you’ve touched the grocery baskets or shook hands with someone at the store. 
  • Sanitize yourself and your belongings before entering the house and it would be better if you can create a place for keeping shoes outside of your door. This way you won’t be carrying germs inside. 

Take Extra Care to Keep Yourself Clean

You must already be a very clean person who likes to bathe every day and stay fresh. Even then, it is vital to mention that the pandemic has made the maintenance of personal hygiene an absolute must. It is effective against COVID-19. You are recommended to take a bath once every day and you can also take a shower whenever you return home from outside. 

You are also advised to wash your hands with soap and water for at least twenty seconds. Keep a hand sanitizer close by so that you can keep sanitizing your hands after you’ve touched a surface or accepted a delivery package.  

Stop Touching Your Mouth, Nose, and Eyes

Studies have shown that the coronavirus can easily enter one’s body through their face. So, you need to avoid touching your face, especially your mouth, nose, and eyes. If you find it extremely difficult, ensure that you sanitize your hand before touching your face.

Regularly Disinfect the Surfaces that You Touch Frequently

Door handles, light switches, fridge doors, and television remotes are some of the surfaces that are touched frequently. You can make use of a disinfectant to cleaning their surfaces at all times. You wipe these surfaces clean and sanitize them. 

Wash Your Ingredients and Hands Before Cooking

All of your grocery items should be washed or sanitized properly. Also, before cooking, you need to wash your hands and your ingredients. This will make sure that you’re preparing healthy meals for yourself or your family. 

Take Precaution when Receiving Deliveries

Online deliveries have increased manifold during the pandemic because people prefer to get everything at their doorstep. You can ask workers to drop your deliveries off at your doorstep and you can sanitize the package before bringing it inside. Also, if you need to pay for the deliveries, try to make online payments. 

Regularly do Your Laundry

Thanks to the coronavirus, you have to do your laundry regularly. You should wash towels, clothes, and linens in the warmest setting. The laundry hamper should be disinfected after every wash. Also, don’t shake your dirty laundry as that may disperse the virus into the air. 

Keep Your Pets Clean and Tidy

Do you have pets? If so, you should consider bathing your pets every week. You also need to clean their cages or kennels. Keeping everything clean will guarantee the prevention of possible infection. 

Avoid Allowing Guests Into Your Home

This may not sound very appealing, especially if you’re someone who loves to host parties. But, you need to avoid having guests over at the moment. In case guests come over and there’s nothing you can do, keep skin hygiene liquid close by. Make sure that your guests sanitize their hands and open their shoes outside of your door before they enter. 

Sterilize Bottles and Toys for Children

The recent cases of coronavirus have shown that children are not at a lower risk than adults. They can get affected equally. This is why you have to take special precautions if you have kids in your home. Sterilize their toys and bottles, and every item that they come in contact with. 

Thoroughly Disinfect Your Home

You can keep your home free of coronavirus if you regularly disinfect. You need to clean each room and properly sanitize. You should start with the kitchen because this is where you place food and it can be the place where lots of germs and bacteria reside. You can disinfect your kitchen by using kitchen napkins and wipes soaked in diluted bleach or phenol. 

Living rooms and bedrooms should also be disinfected once every couple of days and electronic items like sound systems, TV, mobile phones and laptops should be sanitized. Make sure to use alcohol-based disinfectants for this purpose. Furthermore, take special care to keep your bathrooms clean. 

The Takeaway 

Be cautious when it comes to cleaning your house, surfaces, and packages. Keep hand sanitizers nearby so that you can frequently use them before and after touching any surface or someone. The only way to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from the deadly virus is to keep it away from your home.

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