DIY Home Remedies for Silky Hair

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DIY Home Remedies For Silky hair

Believe it or not, but silky and shiny mane increases the glamour quotient of your personality. Be it a hair styling session or a windy day, silky hair strands don’t let you get defeated. They are equivalent to a long-lasting companion that we all seek.

So, what are some rewarding tips that will help you achieve a flattering, velvety mop of hair? Well, the first step is to buy a bottle of Ayurvedic coconut oil for your hair, (pun intended). Now, the second step should be to add diverse natural elements to a scoop of this sensational Ayurvedic creation. So, here we go:-

  1. Unify both Banana and Coconut Hair Oil


Banana and Coconut Hair Oil


The benefits of using oil derived from the core of coconut have been described in many books of Ayurvedic and spiritual learning. You may be surprised to learn that KMP Coconut Oil for hair has deep reserves of Vitamin E and compelling fatty acids.

Every drop of this extraordinary oil carries some essential moisturizing properties that produce a silky and strong hair volume. Unlike, the best amla oil, coconut oil can be blended with an appropriate proportion of banana to prepare a hair mask.

➔    One full spoon of coconut hair oil works incredibly with a half-ripened banana.

➔    The mixture should be applied slowly on the hair strands and scalp region.

➔    Next, leave the mask for at least ten minutes for proper drying, and then eventually wash off your hair.

The smoothness of banana and the fundamental quality of coconut will surely nurture softness inside your hair.

  1. Prepare a Fusion of Honey and Pure Coconut Oil


Fusion of Honey and Pure Coconut Oil


If we talk about some exceptional hair remedies, then a combination of coconut oil and honey will top the list. But, why is this fusion considered so efficacious? The answer lies embedded in the natural constitution of these hair ameliorating substances. Best coconut oil for hair repairs the cuticles and promotes smoother mane growth.

Similarly, honey is an abundant source of naturally occurring nutrients and enzymes that nourish the scalp, and the outcome can be seen in the form of well-structured and sleek hair strands. If your aim is to amaze everyone with luscious locks, then:

➔     Put a tablespoon of honey and coconut hair oil for men and women in a small bowl.

➔    Mix the ingredients well.

➔    Spend some time massaging the supreme mixture into the hair roots to increase the level of blood circulation.

➔    Leave the same for 10-15 minutes.

➔    Wash thoroughly.

Since both honey and coconut have a deep conditioning formula, therefore you can hope for a paramount shine and smoothness for your hair.

  1. Include Lemon Juice in a Bowl of Coconut Oil


Lemon Juice in a Bowl of Coconut Oil


A slice of lemon is not only an important reserve of Vitamin C, but it also improves hair smoothness and scalp texture due to its anti-infective residues.  A similar case is also visible in the magical green drops of best amla hair oil. The tendency of lemon to fight against dust and microbial action is praiseworthy.

The effectivity of lemon can be increased to the topmost level by including it in your oiling regime. For this you need to:-

➔    Take one tablespoon of coconut oil for natural hair.

➔    Add a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice.

➔    Mix the combination well to prepare a hair smoothening mask.

➔    Make use of your fingers to apply the mixture on your scalp area.

➔    For best results leave the mask for a maximum of 15 minutes.

➔    Wash off in a thorough manner and let your hair dry on its own.

The results of lemon juice and coconut oil mask are really captivating. The silky hair bounce obtained is comparable to a mild application of Jasmine hair oil.

  1. Opt For Eggs for an Extra Silky Effect



Opt For Eggs for an Extra Silky Effect

The protein content inside the eggs is super useful for your hair. The flawlessness and softness of your hair are directly related to the degree of nourishment. Therefore, it is your duty to let those vitamins and proteins reach your hair through the application of eggs on your head, along with coconut oil Ayurveda.

In order to prevent the offensive odor of eggs, you can use it with some of the best nourishing natural oils like the jasmine oil. For boosting extra silky hair growth, opt for coconut oil and perform these simple steps from the comfort of your home:-

➔    Whip the egg continuously until it becomes froth-like.

➔    Add one tablespoon of enriching oil made by jasmine hair oil manufacturers.

➔    Similarly, add one tablespoon of coconut oil.

➔    Make sure that this mixture is applied when the hair is still wet.

➔    Clean your hair after 15 minutes with a mild shampoo, and get ready for extra soft and lustrous curls.

  1. Conceal Your Tresses with Avocado and Oil of Coconut


Avocado and Oil of Coconut


‘Life is not perfect, but your hair can be’. Yes, this saying can be turned into reality with the incorporation of all that hair softness and sheen. Cool hair oil brands India takes advantage of innumerable herbs to remove excess oil from the scalp. This is because immoderate oil build up can be a prime factor that obstructs any chances of soft and lively hair.

A genuine balance in scalp pH is a requisite to procure wholesome, and gentle hair exterior. After the successful journey of best amla oil in India, in hair softness restoration, it is time to move your eyes towards a constructive hair mask of avocado.

For this:-

➔    Peel the outer skin of half avocado.

➔    Now, mix the main part of avocado with coconut oil.

➔    Make sure that chunks of avocado are completely blended to obtain a thick and pure mixture.

➔    Apply the blend very carefully covering every inch of your scalp surface.

➔    Let the mixture get absorbed for no less than 15 minutes.

➔    Rinse methodically so that the whole mask is removed properly.

➔    Try this tip often at home to get rid of hair dullness, and roughness.

Nowadays, the thickness of hair density can be given a different a whole new direction. Many thanks to some uncomplicated and easy-to-do DIY home remedies for silky hair that have accomplished enchanting, silky, and prolific hair tales.

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