Dye Your Hair Black the Organic Way

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Premature greying of hair has become very common in recent times. Nowadays it is observed that even young people are having grey hair. This is mainly because of stressful and unhealthy lifestyles. In addition to this, people resort to solving their greying problem by applying hair dyes.

However, hair dyes have unhealthy chemicals that damage your hair strands. Recent research has even shown that hair dyes can cause cancer. Hence, it is not advisable to use them. Now, wouldn’t it be nice if you could prevent premature greying by using materials that are fully natural and easily available at home?

This article will help you dye your hair the organic way. In this way, you can get rid of the harmful chemicals that are present in artificial hair dyes. Read on to know the ingredients of this concoction to get color back to your lovely locks.

Amla or Indian Gooseberry

Amla or Indian Gooseberry


Premature greying of hair can be treated very effectively with the help of amla or Indian gooseberry. All you need to do is just bring some amlas and a little coconut oil to a boil. Continue this process until the amlas turn black. Massage your hair with them. This will dye your hair black naturally.

If you want some other alternative, you can use amla paste and apply on your hair for good results. You can also use amla hair oil that will reduce the greying of your hair very effectively. There are many good amla hair oils in the market.

KMP Ayurvedic Amla Hair Oil is the best amla hair oil in India. This Ayurvedic amla hair oil will help you get the color and shine back to your hair. Use this amla hair oil as an alternative to applying amla paste on your hair.

You can also consume amla as it has many other benefits. It is very rich in Vitamin C that will strengthen your immunity. This will protect you from cold, cough, and flu. It also improves the functioning of the respiratory system and cures people of bronchitis and asthma.

You must consume some chopped ginger with a tablespoon of honey daily. This will definitely help you reduce the greying of hair.

Coconut Oil


Coconut oil is also excellent for stopping the growth of grey hair. You just need to apply a mixture of coconut oil and lemon juice on your head to make the ebony black color return to your grey hair.

There are a number of coconut oils available in the market. KMP Coconut Oil is the best coconut oil for hair in India. This coconut oil for hair will definitely help you turn grey hair into black in the shortest possible time.

Ghee or Clarified Butter


Ghee or Clarified Butter


Massage your hair twice weekly with pure ghee also called as clarified butter. This will help you get rid of grey hair.

Curry Leaves

Curry Leaves


Take some curry leaves and boil them with a little bit of coconut oil till they become black in color. Just apply this mixture on your head for reducing hair loss and getting your black pigmentation back. You can also combine them with curd or buttermilk for better results.




Henna is very effective should you want to dye your hair dark brown. Combining henna with eggs and coconut oil will put any conventional hair dye to shame. Use Coconut Oil to get the best results with henna. This will give your hair a natural dark brown pigmentation. You can also mix henna with walnut pulp which will cure you of your problem of greying hair.


For applying henna, take 2 tablespoons of henna powder, 1 egg and 3 teaspoons of Coconut Oil in a bowl. Mix it well and then let it stay for an hour. Apply this paste to your hair and keep this hair mask on for an hour. Take a bath after this and ensure that all the henna has been washed away.

You will see that your hair has turned dark brown. This color will stay for a month after which you need to repeat this procedure. Apply KMP Coconut Oil regularly to your hair to maintain this lustrous and charming color. This treatment will eventually help cure you of premature greying of hair.

Ribbed Gourd or Torai


Boil a mixture of ribbed gourd or torai in some coconut oil for 3-4 hours until it becomes black in color. Massage your scalp every day with this oil till you regain the black pigmentation of your lustrous hair.

Black Tea

Black Tea


Prepare a cup of hot black tea. Add a tablespoon of salt into this cup and apply the liquid into your hair. This will get the natural black shine back into your hair.

Onion Juice


Apply some onion juice every day on your scalp. Rinse it off with water after some time. This will cure you of your baldness, hair loss and premature greying of hair.

Black Pepper

Black Pepper


You can mix black pepper, curds and lemon juice to make a mixture. Apply this concoction to your hair and massage your scalp daily to get luscious black hair.



You also need to pay attention to your diet. Ensure that you have plenty of Vitamin C and E daily as it helps reduce the greying of hair. You can get Vitamin C from citrus fruits like lemons, sweet lime and orange. You can get Vitamin E from nuts, corn, and sunflower seeds.

Thus, from the above, we see that there is no need to apply artificial hair dyes that are full of harmful chemicals. In the modern era, many businesses are going the organic way. This is because they encompass products that are made of natural ingredients.

It is high time that you soon imbibe this trend to get maximum benefits. The beauty of going natural must never be underestimated. It will definitely hold you in good stead in the coming years.

So just follow the above-mentioned tips to dye your hair black the organic way!

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