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While there is a lot of literature available for adult hair care, there is hardly anything giving tips for children’s hair care. An adult’s habits originate from his or her childhood. Hence, it becomes imperative for teaching our children the essentials of hair care so that they can carry them along in their adult life.

Children have different minds from adults. They always like to do things that are fun. This originates from their love of playing together. Hence, we need to teach them things tactfully. Giving lengthy sermons to them is an absolute waste of time. Just teach them something that is fun to do so that they pay attention to what you are saying.

This article explains the various tips that you can give children so that they can take care of their hair in a joyful way.

Use Hair Oils

Hair Oil for Child

The best way to get children started on the essentials of hair care is to introduce them to the different types of hair oils. First, you must teach them about the different hair types. There are basically three types of hair: dry hair, normal hair, and oily hair.

KMP Coconut Oil is good for dry hair. It is the best coconut oil for hair. This pure coconut oil for hair moisturizes each and every strand of the hair and protects your children from dandruff. It is the premier coconut oil for natural hair.

KMP Ayurvedic Amla Hair Oil is good for normal hair. It is the best amla hair oil. This Ayurvedic oil can help your children have lustrous locks. KMP Ayurvedic Jasmine Hair Oil is good for oily hair. It is the best jasmine hair oil brand in the country. It reduces the level of greasiness in your children’s hair.

KMP Ayurvedic Keshaina Herbal Hair Vita Oil is an excellent hair oil that promises to take care of all your hair issues. It is the best ayurvedic hair oil in India. This Ayurvedic hair oil can be used effectively for reducing dandruff, frizziness, and hair fall in children.

Wash Their Hair

Teach your children to wash their hair

Teach your children to wash their hair once a week with shampoo. Limit the amount of shampoo that they can use otherwise you might see that the entire bottle is over in a day. The best way to do this is to give them a handful of it yourself. Keep the bottle out of their reach.

Massage the shampoo on their hair and let the lather spread in all directions. Then let them take a bath and rinse well till all the soap bubbles have been removed. Put a towel over their heads and don’t let them rub their hair vigorously with it.

Use the Comb

Let your children learn to use the comb. Teach them that they should not comb wet hair as it can damage their hair strands. Make them pat dry their hair so that their hair does not get damaged. Show them how to comb their hair in a circular fashion so that the entire scalp gets the required massage. Once they have finished, teach them to part their hair neatly and style it in conventional ways.

Massage the Scalp

Make your children massage the scalp with some oil so that their hair can grow properly. Show them the circular motion which they need to incorporate in their massage. It should start from the center of the head and should taper off at the sides.

Don’t Blow Dry

Discourage your children from using the blow dryer or any other heating instruments. This can damage the hair. Keep these instruments out of the reach of children so that they don’t misuse it. Make them dry their hair naturally so that they get into the habit of air drying their tresses. This habit needs to continue for their lifetime so enforce discipline in such a way that they imbibe it well. This will continue till their adult life and will hold them in good stead.

Keep Styling Products Out of Reach

Don’t let your children use styling products as it can damage their hair. The chemicals present in these products can harm your children. Hence, keep them out of their reach so that they don’t use them inadvertently.

Make Natural Styles

If your children are truly interested in styling their hair, then teach them natural hairstyles that don’t need artificial chemicals. You can make braided ponytails for the girls and make the boys get a short crop. This will keep them happy and content for the time being. As they grow out of their puberty and reach adolescence, they can go for other styles if they so choose.

Use Swimming Caps

When children go for their swimming sessions in pools, the high levels of chlorine can damage their hair strands. Hence, ensure that they use swimming caps while they take the plunge. This will keep them protected and will inculcate good habits in them. This will help them in their adult life.

Wear Caps In The Sun

Make your children wear caps in the sun so as to protect their hair. Just make sure that it is not too tight as this can choke the hair. Also, tell them to remove the cap once they step indoors. This will help them learn how to use their discretion depending on the situation. This makes them more mature and teaches them life skills that will help them in the future.

Inculcate Good Habits

Childhood is a very exciting phase where children see and explore the world for the first time in their lives. Hence, as a parent, it becomes essential for you to inculcate good habits and values in them so that they learn quickly and carry them forward as you reach a ripe age. You need to prepare them to carry forward your legacy. Hence, there is a large responsibility on your shoulders.

Children are in the molding stage of their lives. Just as a potter molds his earthenware when it is wet, in the same way, you need to mold them to perfection. Maybe it will not be ideal and up to your expectations; still, you can give it a try. It is your duty as a parent to do your best and leave the rest to their destiny.

So just follow the above-mentioned tips and train your children on the benefits of hair care!

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