White Hair 101 –What, How and Why

It’s quite a common thing for your hair to turn grey as one grows older. The transition from a young man with a full head of hair to one who has grey hair can be a tad disappointing for many. Although, it’s a natural phenomenon to take place, sometimes poor lifestyle choices and unhealthy choices contribute towards speeding up the process. Now, our body has hair follicles, which are nothing but little sacs that have skin cells in their lining. Hair follicles are mostly pigment cells, which is otherwise known as melanin that is responsible for imparting hair its natural color. Over time, the hair follicles can proceed to lose the pigment within which, in turn, is responsible for turning your hair grey. Here’s a take on what causes white hair and what the factors that speed up the process are and how you can take control. 

Typically, white hair is all the way more noticed in the case of people who have dark hair. As a characteristic feature of aging, colorless strands can appear at just about any age, during your high school years or when you are in college. So, if you are in your early 20’s and have already grown white hair, don’t be surprised. Now, as mentioned earlier, the loss of pigment is one that contributes towards turning your hair grey. However, it depends totally on the underlying cause that may include the following:


Genetics -DNA

Genetics is one such thing that is known to have a significant impact on the way you look and feel. If you are a teenager developing white hair on your head, it might be a possibility that your father or grandfather might have had a similar situation when they were young. The problem with genetics is that you can’t afford to change it, no matter how hard you try. The only possible solution, in this case, is to color your hair.


Stressed Person

Stress is a part of our daily life and something that we can’t discard easily. No matter who you are or what you do, every single individual suffers from stress from time to time, which in some cases might lead to chronic cases; the underlying causes of which can be the following:

  • Sleep Apnea
  • Sudden change in appetite
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

A study conducted in 2013 shows how stress can affect your hair turning grey. Reportedly, the study found out how there exists a strong connection between depletion of stem cells and stress carried on mice, as a subject of experimentation. Massaging your hair daily with Coconut Hair Oil can also help induce sleep and offer relief from sleep-related disorders for good.

Autoimmune Diseases

Grey Hair

Autoimmune diseases like Lupus can contribute towards untimely greying of hair. Like every autoimmune disease where the body attacks its cells, loss of pigment can lead to the greying of hair.

Thyroid Disorders

Grey Hair

Thyroid issues often make way for hormonal changes, which further leads to problems like hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, which contribute towards developing grey hair prematurely. The gland thyroid is one that’s butterfly-shaped and is located right at the base of one’s neck and functions to contain many essential functions like regulating metabolism. Thus, the health of one’s thyroid gland is directly proportional to affect the color of one’s hair. As such, an under or overactive thyroid gland can lead your body to provide a lesser amount of melanin and therefore turning your hair from black to grey.

Vitamin B-12 Deficiency

Early greying of hair

Cases, where a person experiences grey hair at an early age, can also be directly linked to the deficiency of Vitamin B-12, which is responsible for offering energy, growth, and color to your hair. Usually, a condition like pernicious anemia gives rise to Vitamin B 12 deficiency, where the body fails to absorb the vitamin in the required amount. Vitamin B 12 is one that is responsible for the development of healthy blood cells to help carry oxygen across your body, including the cells that build up one’s hair. Thus, any weak link can affect disrupting melanin production, thus turning one’s hair grey.


Grey Hair

When it comes to premature hair greying, smoking is one such bad habit that can help speed up the process. A study finds out how there exists a direct connection between smoking and experiencing grey hair for smokers below the age of 30. Not only that, but smokers also stand the threshold of developing heart disease and run the risk of lung cancer, which are both long term effects along with greying of hair. Smoking contributes towards constricting the blood vessels, which further reduces the blood flow straight to the hair follicles, causing your hair to fall out, in extreme cases. Furthermore, the toxins which are present in the tobacco within the cigarette are dangerous enough to cause permanent damage to your body, including the tender hair follicles and contributing to greying of your hair.

Can One Prevent Greying of Hair 

Grey Hair

It all boils down to the underlying fact like genetics, for instance, where there isn’t much that one can do to reverse the situation. However, daily usage of Ayurvedic products like amla hair oil, and keshaina vita oil can contribute towards restoring the health of your hair. In any case, one experiences a sudden change in their hair color; they should consult their dermatologist or general physician for consultation. For other contributing factors like Vitamin B 12 deficiency, taking Vitamin B 12 shots can help mitigate issues that contribute towards affecting the health of hair follicles to restore its natural color. For people who suffer from thyroid problems leading o premature greying, hormone therapies can help restore the lost pigmentation to a certain effect.

5 Hair Care Trends to Pick Up in 2020

With 2019 coming to an end, one starts to winder what it means for your hair and the product trends that are picking up in the market. From texture sprays to blow dryer brushes and innovative options for scalp treatments the list is pretty long. Here’s a look at 5 such hair care trends to look forward to in 2020.

Going Waterless

As frequent climate change bring forth harsh times for our environment, people are starting to look for newer and more full proof way to conserve resources, which includes water as well. Not to mention the fact that some folks are too busy to maintain their hair very day. Thankfully, both concerns are now being answered due to revolutionary offering in terms of products turning waterless. Front runners in hair care business are now resorting towards styling by dry cleansing which doesn’t require water at any step. However, when we say waterless, it doesn’t mean you won’t require water at any step. At one point in time, you will still have to use water like you normally do from time-to-time in order to wash your hair in order to prevent unwanted build up across your scalp. While you are doing so, it would be great if you could take to using ayurvedic amla hair oil to boost hair growth at the same time.

Scalp Care

Hair care brands wants consumers to be as obsessive about scalp care as they are about hair in general. You got trichologists, hair experts, dermatologists, stylists all screaming with one common slogan –Healthy scalp means healthy hair. Sure, there are sugar and salt scrubs filling the shelves in the market but brands are now looking to add a lot extra beside mainstream scalp care products. Scalp Exfoliating Scrubs are already in demand and comes packed with the goodness of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) to help prevent build up across your scalp, which would further facilitate towards your hair growing under a clean and pH balanced environ. Also, Pre-Shampoo Build up Remover contains Micellar water that breaks up any residue on your scalp and offers a cooling sensation before you take a shower. Additionally, scalp moisturizers, balms and sprays are also slowly picking up. No matter which scalp care product you plan on picking up, pray do read the labels for the ingredients, knowing your scalp is also a part of your skin and way different from hair care. For people with dry scalp, try coconut hair oil which acts as a natural stimulant and fights off dryness readily.

Cordless Hair Tools

Cordless Curler

While a lot of us prefer to use brands that have already embraced the “cut-the-cord” methodology for their products, 2020 is one such year when majority are looking to go wireless. Cordless hair curlers are already up for pre-orders and come in a wide range of colours to choose from.

Extension Cares and Length Retentions

Hair Extensions

Growing your hair can be a really daunting task. One has to be gentle while styling and ensure that the right products with the right set of ingredients are being used, so that it doesn’t lead to breakage. Hair product brands are totally aware of this and hence they are looking to come up with products that are aimed at retaining the length. Besides, the same kind of concern has ushered it right for wig and hair extensions as well. Whether you prefer putting on extensions as an added layer of protection or as a styling need for extra length, one needs to be sure to take care so that no damage is done. Leading hair care brands are coming up with sulphate free shampoos and leave on lotions that helps one detangle their hair with a few strokes. The best part being the products can be used for both original as well as hair extensions as and when the need be. As wigs and extensions gain popularity each day, there’s certainly no doubt that we will see a string of length retention as well as extension and wig care products popping up.

Dryer Brushes

The best thing about blower brushes is that they can outset two different tools and its inherent functions in one go. So, one doesn’t need to use the blow dryer and the brush separately. Plus, the dryer brush also offers freedom from unnecessary strain on your arms as well as commonly occurring issues like broken bristles or even excessive hair that gets sprinkled across your room or bathroom floor. There is no denying the fact that dryer brushes are the latest offering and thank God they are already made available commercially to make our lives easier. It seems 2020 has a lot in store for us to take care of our hair and scalp with added convenience.

4 Essential Hair Care Tips to Keep Up Your Crowning Glory

There’s no denying the fact that your hair is seemingly the most gorgeous and versatile accessory that comes naturally alongside your other bodily features. That is precisely why people tend to experiment with it in several different ways to change the way they look and feel. One can keep it long or short, colour it, or leave it as it is, curl it, straighten it, and whatnot. Despite all that, we tend to care less and less, and the result is hair breakage and untimely hair fall, which brings distress and discontentment in our lives. Most of us tend to complain about hair fall, but there’s not much that we do. Given our busy lifestyle, time is definitely a constraint as optimum hair care demands you invest a lot of it if you want your glorious tresses to be in their best shape. Seasonal changes are another such thing that contributes towards damage to hair fall, especially during the winters when our skin and scalp turn dry and demands that we take special attention to restore normalcy. If you have been taking care of your hair throughout the year, then you might not have to invest a lot of time while during seasons change to ensure your hair stays healthy and looks beautiful all the way. Take note that only shampooing and conditioning might work for some, but not for all as your hair is different from others and vice versa. Here are a handful of expert hair tips that one can follow to keep their hair healthy and glorious throughout the year. 

Never Skip Oiling

Never Skip Oiling

Guess what! Your granny and mommy were right. They are the ones who, in spite of belonging to the old era, were blessed with Rapunzel like hair that was free from all blemishes that we complain these days. The secret lay in hair oil. Hair oil formed an indispensable component of primary haircare and still stands strong today for anyone who wants to have a head full of shiny and gorgeous hair. No matter who you are or what you do, never skip oiling as it is the essential nourishment that your hair demands all the way.

Additionally, it also works as a deep condition mask. Do what you want to do, but consider oiling your hair at least once a week. Try Ayurvedic Amla hair oil, or organic and cols pressed oils for maximum benefit. You can also use the good old coconut oil by warming it up in a bowl and applying the same to your scalp with the help of a cotton ball. Then gently massage across your scalp with your fingertips and leave the same overnight and follow it up with a morning shower and rinse thoroughly using a mild shampoo. It will not only work to offer nourishment to your hair but will also guarantee you a good night’s sleep. Filled with the essence of Jasmine, Ayurvedic Jasmine Hair Oil is another great option to consider, which works towards locking the natural moisture in your hair.

Give Hair Masks a Chance 

Hair Mask


Besides oiling, one should also try hair masks from time to time. All you need is some fine natural ingredients that are either readily available in your kitchen or from a nearby store. Homemade hair masks mostly use products like yogurt as a base and the goodness of Amla, eggs, and lemon, which are beneficial towards supporting hair growth when applied across the entire length of your hair. After application leaves it for a good 15-20 minutes and then rinse it off with a mild shampoo followed by a conditioner. This should wash off the hair off the impurities and dirt and offer natural shine and softness. Also, when you are applying a hair mask, ensure to stick to the same products every time as frequent alternation, inclusion/exclusion of products might cause damage to your hair. If you find any ingredient in the hair mask to be unsuitable for your hair, consider replacing it immediately after a couple of uses.

Change the Way You Part Your Hair 

Bald Spot


Time and again, most of us happen to spot a bald spot across our hairline. So, it’s wise to consider changing parting your hair once a while. If you have long hair, try loose buns and ponytails and refrain from using tight bands that offer pull to your hair strand as this could lead to thinning and breakage. Use claw clips if possible, and invest in scrunchies instead. Go for silk hair ties and pillowcases as silk is the only fabric out of a few that can’t offer any pull to your hair. Also, it will help in managing rough or curly hair.

Never Use Heat 

Hair Dryer


A majority of us tend to use a hairdryer after a wash. While that is convenient, the heat emitted from the blower does more damage than good to your delicate strands. If your blower comes with a setting option, turn on the cold air option as you dry your washed hair. Also, if you prefer to use a hair styling tool like a straightener or curler, for instance, make sure you use a heat-protectant spray before you use the same.


Your hair is your natural crown, one that you never take off. By adhering to the tips mentioned above along with a smart and balanced diet and using herbal hair oil, you should be able to keep up your crowning glory forever!

2020 Self Care Resolutions – 7 Things to Consider

If there’s one single philosophy that dominates self-care and grooming regime, it’s gotta be freshness. That’s right! Trying something new or fresh has always been the prime concern when it comes to self-care and grooming. A new haircut, facial hair, or maybe adapting to a new skincare routine can definitely bring about a change in the way you look and feel. With the onset of the New Year, here’s the best time of the year to commit yourself to a new skincare and grooming resolution. While there are plentiful of things to be taken into account, here’s a take on seven such things to consider. 

Starting With Facial Hair

Men's Grooming and Styling  

In the world of grooming and styling, a grooming idol is one who initiates a new style of a haircut or facial hairstyle. In essence, he is the one who is capable of changing the way he looks from one month to another and throughout a year. With facial hair, it’s somewhat a bit of easy task like keeping a moustache or a much fuller beard. When considering sporting a fashionable facial hair, consider shaving certain parts of the scruff like thinning on to your moustache or maybe cut off the bridge that connects it to the beard. Like an artist experimenting, your face resembles a canvas, and you are the painter who decides to throw colors on it to create an impact on the world. If you are keen to experiment with facial hair and feeling adventurous, invest growing a goatee. Trust us. A goatee, when done right, serves to strike a great statement. One such example is Hollywood celebrity actor Brad Pitt, one out of a few folks who have carried the goatee quite gracefully. In case you hate it, you can always shave it off.

Level Up Your Skincare Routine

Facial Mask 

With entertainment-driven content being delivered to audiences over radio and TVs and social media, there’s no denying that by now, one must have learned the significance of cleansing, moisturizing, anexfoliating. This New Year, it’s time to take up skincare level up a notch by considering incorporating a serum for the face, which is all the way more proactive towards offering you a bright and clear complexion. Pair it up with a toner for balancing the oil levels and top it up with face mask (Fruits masks work the best) to help offer optimum nourishment to your skin and also effectively clean the pores. If you are starting, visit a decent parlor, and consider a facial to see the difference it can bring about to your face.

Include SPF as a Part of Your Daily Wear

SPF Moisturizer

No matter what the season of the year is, sun-rays are always harsh to your skin. So, wearing SPF outdoors is extremely important. An SPF 30 moisturizer or even higher ones can offer you a multitude of benefits besides just basic level protection from harmful sun rays. It helps in the prevention of wrinkles and fine lines from appearing, skin discoloration, and even skin cancer in some cases. So, if you have been avoiding an SPF all these years, this is the year to include the same to your skincare essentials list, without a miss. While buying an SPF moisturizer, ensure to check on the wide spectrum it covers, for instance, protection for both UVA as well as UVB rays.

Retinol before Bed 


Similar to SPF during the day, Retinol is an excellent product to use before you crash. Retinols are derivatives of Vitamin A and work great to reduce wrinkles, over-sized pores, dark spots, acne, and much more. In other words, they function to keep one’s skin firm and bright. However, a Retinol demands that you work with it through patience at least 90 days before the results start showing. Also, when using Retinol, ensure to clean your face in the morning and apply an SPF without fail. You see, while one can’t control youth for long, there are still a lot of ways to fight the apparent signs of aging for good. 2020 might be the perfect year to book your dermatologist for a visit and discover the best options of Retinol for your skincare.

The Habit of Storing and Replacing 

Toiletries Kit

Hygiene is a significant part of any grooming regimen. If you travel for work frequently, it does matter how one keeps their toothbrush or razor inside their bags. Know how to change your blades after 5-6 shaves and toothbrush after three months or so. Take a good look at your trimmers. Are you oiling and drying the blades from time to time? This year might be your chance to show good you are in taking care of yourself and be more responsible towards tour styling tools and accessories to ensure they deliver great performance over prolonged use.

The Essence of Moisturizing

Cracked Heels

 Sadly, but honestly, the whole concept of skincare has boiled down to facial care only. Having said that, the rest of the skin easily gets ignored by most of us. It’s even more evident during the winter months when one enjoys hot showers more than any other time of the year. So, this New Year, greet the chill by stocking up heavy on moisturizers. Foot creams, body lotions, and oils no matter what do not leave your skin un-moisturized at any cost. Let this be the last year for cracked heels and dry elbows. For added benefits, you might as well resort towards a daily massaging with an Ayurvedic Body Massage Oil

 Stocking Multiple Fragrances 

Perfume Bottle

A majority of us have a hard time adapting to a new fragrance besides our signature one. However, this New Year, we are throwing you a cue to spice up things a little bit. Make room for multiple fragrances that cater to different moods and occasions like night outs, flirty, afternoon essence, and others to counter the appeal of your everyday scent. Remember, similar to one’s appearance and dress, the perfume he wears bespeaks his attitude towards life and projects an image accordingly. As you stock up on your fragrances, you will have ample options to play with and set forth different vibe every time you are ready to meet the world. It’s more like offering a glimpse of different dimensions to anyone you sit with or pass closeby.

6 Steps Routine for a Healthy and Fabulous Hair

Everyone wants to look their best. With great styling, choice of apparel, make up everything set aside, nothing gets right if your hair is not right. And, it’s got nothing to do with how you brush your hair or the hair cut or the hair color but the kind of state your hair is. That’s right. The quality and health of your hair play an important role in determining the course of your rowing glory and its existence in essence. One can’t deny the fact that our hair, no matter what is seemingly the most exposed and vulnerable part of our body. Having said that, dry or untamed hair readily puts away one and all for no good. When your hair suffers from losing shine and health, it’s definitely a matter of utmost concern. There are quite a few factors to take into care, for instance, haircare pattern, dandruff, your diet, pollution and dirt, stress levels, and your choice of lifestyle. No matter what, it can be a tad difficult to exactly determine the root cause of your down-trodden hair. Well, fret not. Here’s a 5 step hair care routine that shall help you achieve a fuller, glossier, and calumnious hair in no time. Read on to find out more.

Choosing a Shampoo that Matches Your Texture

how to choose the right shampoo

If you have ever heard how choosing shampoo matters, you might as well take into consideration it actually matters. You see, there is no such shampoo rule simply because each one of us has a different hair texture. While longing for healthy hair roots, it is all the way vital that you strive to achieve a clean scalp and keep it moisturized all the way. Additionally, it is also vital that you attempt to strike the right balance between oiling and shampooing and maintain at least a day’s gap from one shampooing session to another.

Use Oil for Growth

Olive Oil

If you still believe your dermatologist is advising you on a no-oil regime, you are surely missing on the essential nutrition for your scalp and hair. Hands down, there is no potent formula that beats the essence of hair oil to help strengthen the roots and nourish your scalp deeply. Ayurvedic hair oil products like Amla hair oil, for instance, can effectively fight recurring hair issues like untimely hair fall, thinning of scalp, breakage, and dandruff.

Never Skip Conditioning

Conditioning Your Hair

Conditioners, since their inception in the market, has gained widespread recognition and have been readily identified as an essential element of haircare. It’s a magical potion that works naturally to bring shine and softness to your hair. Despite its incessant goodness, some people tend to skip it most of the time, which is all the way unadvisable as it is detrimental for the health of your glorious tresses. One needs to understand and acknowledge the fact that using a conditioner works to lock in the moisture and casts a protective layer across your hair strands, which helps to keep your hair away from damage. Additionally, a well-to-do conditioner also works towards neutralizing the hair charges, which in turn remains the way the frizz and dullness away.

Hair Masks for Ultimate Scalp Care

DIY Hair Mask

Hair masks are love and hate thing for anyone and everyone who wants to take care of their hair and keep untimely breakage and hair fall at bay. While we tend to take care of our hair, one should never ignore to take care of the scalp as well to get rid off the grime and dirt that accumulates each day due to dust and pollution. Cleaning the scalp is not only enough as one also needs to moisturize the same thoroughly. Hair masks are an effective way to do the same without having to try too hard. You can make your hair mask at home or buy from a store if you don’t want to get your hands messy dealing with ingredients. Using a hair mask from time to time will not only help clean and moisturize your scalp but also take care to nitrify everything else. Also, consider using herbal hair oil to boost strength for your hair follicles.

Styling with Protection

Natural Gel for hair

Understandably, one needs to look good, and there’s no second thought about it. While you take to styling your hair the way you desire, you should seek to protect your hair in the best possible manner. If you prefer using hair products like gel and other styling products, make sure the ingredients aren’t formulated with harmful chemicals. Use products that only make use of organic ingredients and always read the label of products when you buy them from a store commercially.

Balanced Diet and Lifestyle

Balanced Diet

You probably know this already, but despite several mentioning, people choose to follow an unhealthy diet and which, in the long run, affects their hair health. Avoid fast food and go heavy on veggies. If possible, cut down your meat and liquor intake and resort towards a healthy lifestyle. Sleep well and drink plenty of water.

By maintaining a few tips, one can work towards bettering their hair health and restore shine, volume, and softness for your precious tresses.

14 Awesome Hairstyles for Winter Months

Come winter, and it draws heavily on delicate tresses of a girl. Blizzards, rough winds, sleet all contribute towards causing damage to your hair. Albeit, it’s a challenging time for your regular hair care products, and one might want to switch to an alternate option like using Ayurvedic hair oil products for extra nourishment and strength to your hair follicles. While you can always add an extra layer of protection using a scarf or a beanie, it does make sense to invest in a hairstyle that can withstand the rough weather and still make you look fab. If it’s anything, one should refrain from using any kind of hair tools like blow dryers and curlers or keep it at a minimum level. Starting from classic curls to twisted updos, here’s a look at some of the best hairstyles for the winter months. 

Twisted Ponytails 

French Twisted Ponytail

One can never go wrong with ponytails. They have always been in vogue and shall continue to be the same, come what may. A twisted ponytail is one such variation that can serve to be an excellent hairstyle for winter. It not only makes your hair stay tight and save from flying but also add a touch of elegance to your overall personality. Make sure you use your hairspray to an optimum amount.


Hair Knots

From winter formals to festive wears, knots are a great and easy option for anyone who doesn’t want to invest a lot of time after their hair. All you need to do is to embrace your natural hair and use a high shine cream and then tie them to one semi messy bun. You might as well pull the hair drown on the front to achieve a “side-swept “look.


Finger Waves

Waves are an all-rounder hairstyle that fits every season. All you need is a good quality blow dryer, a flat iron, and a round brush.

 Messy Buns

Messy Buns

When everyone is rocking the messy bun this winter, stand out in the crowd by adding artistic features to it. Start by straightening your hair and pull it towards the top and leave the part as it is. Now, make a ponytail as you do but leave to pull the hair part ways, thus leaving a part hanging down.

 Corkscrew Curls

Corkscrew Curls

This particular hairstyle has stood the test of time and has been an absolute favorite for many celebrities. Plus, if you are planning to wear a hat, corkscrew curls look just great right under it.

 Cheerleader Ponytails

 Cheerleader Ponytails

Ah! Your favorite ponytail, with a twist. Begin with curling your hair with the help of a big sized hairband and pull your hair all the up, which looks great when you plan on wearing a turtleneck sweater this winter.

 Thin Braids 

Thin Braids

A slick braid is seemingly one of the best possible hairstyles to wear this winter as it can withstand the roughest winds of the month and continue to look awesome.

Side Swept Bangs

Side Swept Bangs

A great hairstyle for anyone who wants to sport greasy bangs after they have applied a little amount of dry shampoo to help revive the overall texture. Follow it up with a pair of bobby pins or a barrette to hold the back of your hair in place.

Ribbon Pony

Ribbon Ponytail

Rekindle your French spirit from deep within as you tie your hair into a ribbon pony. It works great for hair that turns rough during the winter months. After you have tied your hair with the ribbon, stick something thin and contemporary to stand out.

Half-Up High And Low Top Knots 

 Top Knot

A great solution for anyone who’s hair is in a mess. And guess what. This hairstyle looks all the way appropriate if you are heading out for a party or wanna get a drink with your favorite gals by your side. It fits right for hair of any length but especially looks cute on short and medium length hair as the bun can always be kept small.

 As the name suggests, the low knot is just the opposite of your high knot and applies to those who prefer to wear their hair neat. It’s traditional yet all the way pretty and works great if you have curly or wavy hair, naturally.

Beach Waves

Beach Waves

Come rain or shine; one can’t seem to do without beach waves, right? Sure, it takes time to dry your hair, but as long as you have taken a shower the night before, you should have your waves right and get dry just in time.

Side Braids (Twisted)

Side Braids (Twisted)

Got thick and long hair? Don’t worry. Here’s another classic style for you. Forget those boring ponytails. Up your game with a twisted side braid, this is not only easy to achieve but also great to flaunt!

Side Braided Buns

Side Braided Buns

If you totally love the idea of side braids but still prefer a bun, this is an effortless look to score for winter months. Side braided buns are great for any casual invitations during winter evenings and can be worn with just about any kind of dress.

 Dutch Boxer Braids

Dutch Boxer Braids

If you adore your sporty side or want all your hair to stand out from your face, Dutch boxer braid is an excellent option for you. If you have been a fan of French braids, you will surely fall in love with this style.

How Often Should One Wash Their Hair?

Oily hair is definitely of a bad reputation, but the scalp also produces sebum, which is all the way vital and healthy for your hair growth. No matter what billion-dollar advertising says about washing your hair every day with shampoo, too much washing can lead to a series of bad hair days. Washing off the natural oils across your scalp can contribute towards making your hair coarse and rough, which in turn also makes it difficult to style. Most people don’t need to go for a hair wash every day, and how often do they resort to washing depends on quite a few factors. According to Elizabeth Hughes, a renowned dermatologist, one should only wash their hair when it unclean to touch and or feels oily. Here’s a look at several factors that determines a hair wash and its frequency for a person. 

Oil or Sebum

Oily Scalp

One of the primary reasons behind what one would refer to as dirty or unclean hair is oil. How much oil does your scalp produces has to do a lot with your age, sex, genetics, and environment. Compared to teenagers, older adults produce less sebum. If you have struggled with the oily scalp in the past, it might turn to dry as time passes and your age. Also, it is to be remembered that some people have the most fragile hair of all time, which breaks easily with regular washing. On the other end, some people also produce a great deal of oil or sebum that they need to wash their hair on a daily basis. Generally speaking, most people should wash their hair not more than twice a day.

Hair Type

Types Of Hair

Thin and straight hair demands more washing compared to wavy or curly hair. The reason is straight hair gets easily affected by the sebum your scalp produces and hence tends to wear a greasy look. Comparatively, a wavy or curly hair doesn’t get coated with sebum that easily. As a matter of fact, sebum is an essential contributor to curls that are well defined since it requires a considerable amount of moisture to continue to stay soft and away from frizzes. However, over-washing your hair, with store brought products that contain harsh chemicals, can straightway lead to hair loss. Also, resorting to hairstyles like one with tight braids, pull your hair in a really bad manner. The American Academy of Dermatology opines, people who are having textured hair or tight curls resort to washing no more than once a week.


Sweating Hair

Sweat leads to mess, and there are no counter reasons for that. The more you sweat, the more you need to wash your hair in a month or a week. As you sweat, sebum can work towards making your hair feel and look dirtier. Additionally, it can also lead to smells. If you exercise or workout regularly or drive a bike wearing a helmet for long durations, it is recommended that you shampoo every alternate day.

 Hair Styling Products

Hair Styling Products

When you choose to use hair styling products, ensure that they go easy on your scalp, and don’t cause any damage or irritation. If the product that you use is a heavy one, then one has to ensure that you wash your hair more frequently. Also, skip the sprays and cream for some time if you think that it’s causing recurring damage to your scalp.

 Does Daily Washing Of Your Hair Cause Damage

Dry Hair

Shampoo was designed to serve one purpose-Clean the scalp in a better way and also to remove any oil that stays in excess. But, over-application shampoo all the way across the length of your hair might cause damage to your hair. However, a shampoo, no matter how expensive, tend to strip your scalp of the crucial oils, leaving it too dry. Hence, it is of utmost importance that you shampoo your hair roots, and the end of your hair will be cleaned alongside as and when you rinse the shampoo of the hair roots. At times, people tend to complain about having dandruff. What is interesting to note here is that over-washing might lead to dandruff. Also, dry hair, flaking, and itching can result from washing your hair every day. Hence, it’s necessary to strike the right kind of balance for almost anyone with any kind of hair related issues. On the other end, shampooing as a habit is more of a personal choice. Many people experience problems like itching and flaking when they tend to stay away from washing your hair. An excellent way to put an end to these naturally is to go for an oiling session the night before you shampoo. KMP Ayurvedic Amla Hair Oil, one of the Best Herbal Hair Oil in India is an excellent choice to nourish your hair during an oiling routine.

Bottom Line

Washing Your Hair

There is certainly no one size that fits all approach when it comes to washing your hair. It actually has to do a lot with your personal preferences, hair texture, diet, body, and lifestyle put together. If anytime you think you are over-washing your hair, try giving a week off before you return to your routine. Unless you decide to work with styling products for your hair, shampooing will only work to clean your scalp. Never wash the ends of the hair with shampoo and rely on water to do the work for you. Remember, hair ending is seemingly the oldest and the most fragile part and hence require special care like added moisture.

Brushing Hair 101- Why, When and How

How many strokes of your brush do your glorious tresses require in a day? Thirty, maybe fifty– Well, it might be just the opposite as no one knows for sure. Speaking of brushing, the American Academy of Dermatology report of at least 15 cases out of 20 where hair fall is a result of over brushing or premature brushing in some cases. Nevertheless, before we get down to discuss the right way of brushing your hair, let’s mull over some basic facts. Your hairbrush is one simple tool that also acts as a potent instrument of styling. Hence, it does matter a lot how you plan on using the same as it can have far-flung effects on the quality and health of your hair. It’s kind of funny when someone is blessed with great hair but is ignorant of the ways of brushing it to achieve the very best. It’s pretty lamentable how people never receive any formal education to brush your hair. This is solely because the very act of brushing your hair appears to be pretty straight forward and doesn’t really involve much trouble. However, being patient and working in delicate steps is what it takes to develop a habit of expert brushing successfully. You see, when it comes to brushing hair, there’s generally a lot to do than just master detangling your hair using an herbal hair oil overnight. However, there’s nothing that you can’t learn and acquire in this world. Even if you have been doing it wrong, you can learn to use the right kind of brush, the time and way to brush your glorious tresses without having o suffer from recurring issues like hair fall, early breakage, and frizziness. Here’s a look at five ways how to go about brushing your hair in the right manner. 


Using the Right Kind of Brush

Using the Right Kind of Brush 

Choosing the right type of brush plays an essential role in determining the growth and vitality of your hair. We are not really big advocates of spending heavy on buying expensive hair brushes. Instead, if you choose to use an inexpensive plastic brush, make sure that you always use the one that comes with wide teeth as it does less damage while caressing through your hair. Choosing a wooden brush also offers excellent friction, which in some studies has been found to be contributing towards optimum hair growth. However, one should also remember that too much friction generated across your scalp can be detrimental for hair, which is softened in case of people who have spent huge in buying hair brushes that carry wild boar bristles that spoils the natural grain as it continues to rub against it.

The Right Time to Brush Your Hair 

The Right Time to Brush Your Hair 


You might know this already but still end up doing the same, resulting in hair fall and hair breakage all the time. You’ve guessed it right! Never choose to brush your hair when it’s wet. Let it dry naturally and completely. This is solely because of the fact that your hair is quite flexible when its damp and any moderate to heavy brushing strokes can bring about a significant amount of damage. Hence, choose to brush your hair when it has dried entirely as it only contributes to reducing breakage. If your hair is sopping wet, resort towards using a microfiber towel, in order to soak as much as water as possible. Even better, if you can blow it dry for just about 10-15 minutes.


Blow drying Your Hair 

Blow drying Your Hair 


If you choose to blow dry your hair, always wait before your hair has dried completely. Skin experts believe that such an approach is not only less damaging to hair but also facilitates easy styling than working with damp hair, which runs into tangles and, when dry, results in frizziness. In other to achieve smoothness at its maximum level, you will need to be able to blow dry your hair and also run your brush alongside at various levels to find out which works best for your hair type.

Brushing It Less

Brushing It Less


According to a study conducted by the American Academy of Dermatology, too much brushing your hair to keep away the dirt and dust can actually result in hair loss at various levels. Avoid powerful strokes across your hair length, unless it’s absolutely necessary. Avoid backcombing or keep it to a bare minimum when you have long hair. Try parting and tie your hair when it’s completely dry, and style to your heart’s desire.


Dealing with Curly Hair

Curly Hair


Working your way with curly hair can be quite a bit of difficulty for many out there. While many prefer to use a soft and wide teethed comb, your fingers are your most potent tool to do the same. Anyone who has curly hair can delve raking their fingers along and use them like a brush to smoothly caress from the root to the tip. To facilitate the process, you might as well use some leave-in conditioner or Coconut Hair Oil on your fingers and slide your way through the tangles. Use a paddle brush if your tangles are hard to remove, only using your fingers.

Why You Are Brushing Your Hair towards Thinning – 7 Reasons to Consider

Have you been noticing extra strands of hair in your comb? Or maybe you are finding huge heavy clumps of hair in the shower? Such signs are not only alarming but herald that your preventive techniques for protecting your hair are far from being right. Nevertheless, hair care methods have come a long way to prove that thinning of your hair is not only related to genetics alone but actually has a lot to do with the way you handle and care for your tresses. Dr. Glynis Ablon, who happens to be an expert in men dermatology opines that any form of physical or environmental stress is something that can be fought to help reduce thinning of hair and take care of the damage that’s already been done. Simple things like a healthy diet and working with the right set of hair products including oils and shampoo can do the job right. Additionally, it’s also important to know that how daily lifestyle and habits also have a far flung impact on hair and could be one of the most common culprits that can be listed. Here’s a mull over across 7 such reasons why you are brushing your hair towards thinning.

Towel Drying Roughly

Towel Drying Roughly

Most men are pretty particular about towel drying their hair right after shower and they tend to do it vigorously. Such practices are not only detrimental for your cuticles but also do equal damage to outer strands of your hair. One should know that the entire structure of your hair is held by three bonds which impart strength and vitality. Now, when your hair is sopping wet, it tends to swell causing the cuticle to lift up. Subsequently, when it dries, the cuticle returns to its original position. When it’s lifted a little bit during the stage when your hair is wet, it makes your hair vulnerable to almost anything that comes in contact with it, including your microfiber towel too. Sounds scary? Fret not. There are few simple things that you can do to stop these things from happening, like using Ayurvedic Hair Oil Products and a good natural conditioner. Also, it’s important that you change the very way you towel dry. Instead of rubbing your towel with wet hands, try and pat your hair dry.

The Presence of Chlorine

The Presence of Chlorine

Fancy a dive in the pool? Remember, the presence of chlorine in pool water almost everywhere works quite vehemently by resorting to remove all natural oils from hair strands and thus weakening the bonding that exists between hair fibres. Thus, they are left prone to being dry which in turn leads to hair fall. As a remedy to this, try using a shampoo that has goodness of moisturizers and conditioner on a daily basis right after your shower in the pool. This should help promote the health of your hair after it’s been a while in the pool exposed to chlorine treated water and also restore the moisture and strength.

Harmful UV Rays

Harmful UV Rays

UV rays have been found to degrade hair bonding contributing towards its brittleness and dryness and ultimately lead to breakage resulting in thinning and baldness, in the long run. Also, if your hair is long and thick, it can give you rough texture which makes it all the way more unmanageable. Now, one might be always being able to feel the burn, but the rays of sun that carry harmful UV rays not only damage your skin but also your hair in the same manner. So, what do you do? Does it mean it’s the end of day for you out in the sun? No way! Just use a good SPF, try wearing a hat and use a shampoo with hydrating features to help protect and retain moisture.

Combing or Brushing In an Aggressive Manner

Combing or Brushing In an Aggressive Manner

Needless to reiterate, brushing or combing techniques puts a lot of physical stress on the hair fibers also contributing to cause the cuticle to strip and flake. Furthermore, aggressive brushing while your hair is still wet or damp which leads to pulling and excessive amount of hair fall and breakage. Treat your hair like as if you would have treated silk. Always make sure to use grooming tools that work gentle on your hair and stay away from irons and curlers for good.

Wearing a Cap or a Hat Every Time

Wearing a Cap or a Hat Every Time

The goodness of wearing a hat to protect your hair from the sun is always a good practice. However, if you indulge in wearing a cap, like for instance, a baseball cap all the time, it might not be a good idea. Any type of undue stress on your hair, like pulling or a moderate amount of rubbing can lead to easy breakage and hair fall. Any baseball cap when it fits right also creates a good amount of pressure from all sides of your hair. In case, you need to wear it all the time, ensure that you use Coconut Hair Oil along with a good moisturizer based conditioner to alleviate breakage and hair fall in tandem.

Picking On The Wrong Grooming Products

Picking On The Wrong Grooming Products

Using wrong grooming products like a bar of soap to clean your hair can actually do more harm than good. Primarily, it leads to excessive drying of hair and at the end, it leads to final destination, which is hair loss and breakage. The underlying cause is the presence of several chemical ingredients which are commonly found in store bought products. These products include preservatives which are added to extend the shelf life of grooming products and include parabens as well as formaldehyde which have been found to affect hormones in quite a few studies. Also, the presence of ethanolamines causes keratin to break down which results in scalp irritation. On the other hand, you got polyethylene glycol that works to take away the much-needed moisture from the hair shafts and cause further damage.

Over Styling Your Hair

Over Styling Your Hair


More than 80 percent of dermatologists believe that physical stress-causing elements are the ones that cause the most damage. However, the damage may be also linked to certain predisposition genetics. In other words, the more you tend to over-style your hair subjecting it to physical stress and pressure, the more you are guaranteed towards hair thinning and baldness in the long run.

5 Ayurvedic Ingredients to Boost Hair Growth and Volume

We all hate it when we see our hair in damaged strands. Lifestyle changes, dirt, pollution, chemical effect from store brought shampoos and conditioners contribute equally towards making our hair turn bad to worse. These days, people tend to complain a lot about hair loss and poor hair growth and it seems that there’s not much one can do about it. Well, that’s not entirely right. Every problem has its solution in its roots and it’s high time we consider the same. So wherein lay the solution to our hair problems? Talking about visiting roots, Ayurveda has the answer to all queries. Ayurveda is a treasure trove of hair blessing secrets that can contribute generously towards boosting volume and growth in equal measures. Here’s a look at 5 such ingredients and ways to go about using them simply and effectively.




Often looked at as an excellent medicinal herb, Bhringaraj works to smoothen your scalp, which in turn brings nourishment to the hair follicles. People have been relying on the power of Bhringaraj for over centuries now and needless to mention it has stood the test of time. The homemade process involves drying of leaves and grinding them into powdered form and then treating it with heated oil. Alternately, one can also heat powdered Bhringaraj with new Ayurvedic Hair Oil and apply the same directly on the scalp and leave it on or just about 30 minutes before you wash it off. Besides treating multiple hair related issues, Bhringaraj is befitting towards treating skin problems as well.

Methi (Fenugreek)



Methi or Fenugreek is considered to be a treasured spice brought to India centuries ago and was recognized as an Ayurvedic ingredient owing to its rich source of Vitamin A, C, K, and folic acid. Also, they are rich in calcium, iron, and potassium, Fenugreek seeds are known to carry high doses of nicotinic acid and protein which works extremely great against recurring hair issues like dandruff. Furthermore, it also offers relief from issues like drying of scalp, premature baldness and thinning of hair. Try including fenugreek seeds in your diet to promote healthy hair growth. Ayurveda lists Fenugreek or Methi under “Hot Foods” and in order to maximize the benefits, keep them soaked overnight. Alternately, they can be also eaten in the form of sprouts owing to their rich antioxidant properties that work insanely well towards detoxification.

Amla (Indian gooseberry)



There’s no denying the fact how our grandmothers swear on Amla for all kinds of hair and beauty needs. And guess what they weren’t bluffing one bit. Amla has always been a significant part of hair treatment resorting to massages with Amla hair oil promoting good blood circulation. Besides, it works seamlessly to remove dirt and grease from hair follicles by dissolving it easily. Additionally, it also works to restore optimum pH levels across your scalp. Being rich in Vitamin C, it offers adequate nourishment that to your hair and practically keeps free-radical at bay which bodes ill for your tender hair follicles. Amla oil is easy to prepare at home. All you need to do is to heat some good amount of coconut oil and add two teaspoonfuls of Amla Powder. Bring the oil to heat for 4-5 minutes and turn off the flame allowing it to cool. Now, collect the oil in a dish or bowl and apply it on your hair from root to tip with light fingers and massage well for easy absorption.




Triphala is one such Ayurvedic ingredient hat work to restore hair volume and repair damaged hair. It carries antibacterial properties that protect the scalp from dandruff and itching due to the formation of dry skin. One can apply Triphala in the form of powder by mixing the same with coconut oil. Also, it’s important to include Triphala in your daily diet to boost your digestion and uplift liver condition. Triphala works to cleanse your digestive system which is often a related cause for hair loss and premature baldness.




Another wonder herb of Ayurveda that works like a charm to boost hair growth– Brahmi is a natural healing herb. Brahmi works great to put down your stress levels and calm your mind. If you suffer from apnea or sleep deprivation, try including Brahmi in your diet. But, that’s not all. When it comes to hair treatment, Brahmi is a trusted ingredient that packs in all kinds of benefits for hair and beauty and is effective against a slew of issues like itchiness, dry scalp, dandruff, split ends, rough hair, frizziness, and much more. Daily massaging your hair with Brahmi infused hair oil can leave a soothing effect and relief from all commonly occurring problems.

If you have been suffering from hair relate problems and stand clueless as to what could be done, embrace the above-mentioned ingredients in your life. You will be amazed to witness the change in your hair and experience a new level of confidence with hair growth and volume boost.