Hand Sanitizers and the Importance of Personal Hygiene

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Hand Sanitizers and Hygiene

One of the biggest lessons that we have learned from the currently ongoing pandemic is the importance of cleanliness and personal hygiene. Even though the threat of the virus is all around us, following hygienic practices both at home and outside can go a long way in keeping oneself safe, secure and healthy. 

Good personal hygiene is extremely important. By following personal hygiene practices, you will be better able to avoid diseases as well as the spread of germs and other microbes. Following these practices is beneficial for both your own health, as well as for social reasons. 

The elements of good personal hygiene involve keeping one’s hands, head and body clean so as to minimise contact with and contamination from harmful microorganisms. Having a healthy personal hygiene routine helps to keep you safe and healthy, while also ensuring that the people around you – be it friends, family, coworkers, classmates and the general public – are kept safe too.

One of the key aspects of maintaining a good personal hygiene routine is the regular washing of hands. Without a doubt, the first place to start when it comes to keeping yourself clean is your hands. This is because our hands are in constant use throughout the day. We come in contact with a variety of different surfaces – and we end up touching them without even thinking about what might have come in contact with them before us. We shake hands with other people, hug them, tap them on the shoulder if we need to attract their attention, and sometimes even handle items of theirs. We use all sorts of objects every day, we eat with our hands and even pick up things that fall on the floor. It is natural to conclude that our hands are indeed the biggest carrier of potentially dangerous microorganisms.

It is for this reason that practicing good hand hygiene is important. Washing your hands frequently is an effective way to keep your hands clean and free from germs. In modern times, the use of hand sanitizers has gained special importance, especially during the pandemic. 

Hand sanitizer, which is also known as hand antiseptic, hand disinfectant or hand rub, refers to the liquid, gel or foam that, when applied on the hands, kills the viruses, bacteria and microorganisms which may be present. Even though washing one’s hands with soap and water is generally considered to be more effective in removing all harmful microorganisms, the use of hand sanitizer does the job in situations where soap and water are not easily available. For a thorough and effective disinfection of your hands, use a hand sanitizer, such as nizoral ad hair loss or KMP Ayurvedic Instant Hand Sanitizer Gel, which is an Ayurvedic hand sanitizer, and comes in three unique fragrances, namely lemon, neem and sandalwood.

The following are the times when you need to wash your hands or apply hand sanitizer:

  • Before cooking 
  • Before eating
  • Before coming in contact with a baby or a child
  • After coming home from outdoor errands or activities
  • After coughing or sneezing
  • After coming in contact with someone who is ill
  • After touching any surfaces that you deem to be unclean
  • After being in contact with animals

There are numerous advantages of using hand sanitizer over washing to clean one’s hands. These include the following:

  1. Washbasins with soap are not available everywhere
  2. Hand sanitizers are quick to act and they kill microorganisms instantly 
  3. Using a hand sanitizer requires less time than washing at a washbasin
  4. Hand sanitizers can be easily carried around in one’s pocket, making them accessible at any time whenever required 
  5. Hand sanitizers are less irritating to the skin than soap and water 

Along with taking care of one’s hands either by washing or through the use of hand sanitizers, here are some of the other aspects of good personal hygiene:

  • Dental and Oral Care 

The mouth is where food is broken down and made suitable for digestion in the stomach. It is also where food particles and food debris often remain, sticking to the surface of our gums as well as our teeth. This is fertile ground for bacteria to grow. Therefore, it is important to practice good oral hygiene by brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing your teeth daily, and replacing your toothbrush regularly. Following these practices will help prevent tooth decay, bad breath, gum diseases and other oral infections.

  • Bathing

Bathing is an important activity that should be done daily using soap and warm water. It is one of the cornerstones of good personal hygiene. Using soap on your body kills bacteria and germs that accumulate on your skin. It also helps to rid the body of body odour, which is caused by odour-causing bacteria. Bathing daily also helps to prevent skin diseases and infections. 

  • Wearing Clean Clothes

Bacteria and germs can easily settle on your clothes. It is recommended that you wash your clothes after each use and wear fresh clothes daily so that you are not at risk of having these germs or bacteria on yourself. It is especially important to change your clothes after coming in contact with animals, after getting any dirt or mud on your clothes or after coming in contact with ill people. You will also smell fresh and clean when you wear clean clothes!

  • Nail Care

Fingernails and toenails are hard tissues of the body that are constantly growing. As they grow longer and longer, they tend to accumulate more and more dirt. This provides enough opportunities for bacteria and germs to thrive. Therefore, it is important to regularly trim your nails so as to keep your fingers free from potentially dangerous microbes. 

KMP Ayurvedic is committed to caring for your health and safety. Offering you a range of personal care products from Ayurvedic oils and balms to Ayurvedic hand sanitizer gels, KMP is one of India’s leading brands in the personal care market. In the times of this ongoing pandemic, it is now more important than ever to keep oneself safe, clean and healthy.

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