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The Ayurveda, which is India’s very own system of traditional medicine emphasises on the use of natural ingredients for a host of body conditions. There is no doubt that India’s wealth of medicinal plants have helped in the creation of naturally sourced remedies that have been proven to be highly beneficial, and these ancient formulas have stood the test of time. 

In our modern world, Ayurvedic traditions and practices still hold immense relevance, and the field of hair care is an area where this is highly evident. Back in the old days, the practice of ‘Abhyanga’, or the activity of massaging high quality oils onto oneself was highly prevalent, and it is also recommended in the Ayurveda that a person should apply and massage oil on their hair on a daily basis as part of an everyday routine, which is called dinacharya. Even the process of applying oil on one’s hair has different techniques, and this just indicates how beneficial this practice truly is. 

Ayurvedic hair oils

Today, there is no shortage of diverse Ayurvedic hair oil products in the market,with each oil offering its own set of benefits for your hair. It is well known that a massage is one of the most relaxing experiences, and one need not go to a spa and spend hefty amounts of money to enjoy the benefits of Ayurvedic hair oils. Not just that, Ayurvedic personal care products do not contain harmful chemicals that are found in many cosmetic products in the market.

So, without further ado, let us take you through some of the most popular oils for applying on one’s hair:

1. Coconut oil 

Coconut oil helps to strengthen the hair


Coconut oil is the oil that is extracted from coconuts. This oil is colourless, with a mildly sweet taste, and a very distinctly identifiable scent. Coconut oil is rich in a variety of nutrients and it offers a host of properties that are advantageous for one’s hair. As an oil rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin E, it is a highly effective hair conditioner. Coconut oil helps to strengthen the hair as well as the scalp, tackles frizzy hair and hair curls. It is also said that coconut oil has antibacterial properties. 

2. Amla oil

Amla oil may help to stimulate hair growth


In the English language, amla is known as the Indian gooseberry, and amla oil, as the name suggests is the oil extracted from the amla plant. An oil that is highly prized for its medicinal properties, it occupies a special place in Ayurveda. Amla hair oil is rich in various nutrients that are hugely beneficial for hair care. This oil is a natural astringent, and this characteristic is what makes it excellent for applying on one’s hair. Amla oil contains generous amounts of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, minerals and is full of all natural antioxidants. 

3. Jasmine oil

jasmine coconut hair oil nourishes hair


Jasmine oil is the oil that is extracted from the jasmine flower. Jasmine oil is very well liked because of its uniquely appealing sweet fragrance, and the oil extracted from the flower is highly fragrant as well. This oil is a great moisturiser and it is rich in several nutrients that make it a very suitable oil for applying on one’s hair. It has been seen that jasmine hair oil is a natural healer, and is immensely helpful in strengthening hair as well as contributing in the prevention of hair breakage. 

4. Bhringraj oil

Bhringraj Oil for hair growth


Bhringraj oil is the oil that has been extracted from the Bhringraj plant. Bhringraj holds a very important place in Ayurveda, and this plant is widely regarded as a ‘wonder herb’. It is also popularly referred to as the ‘king of herbs’ due to its abundance of beneficial properties for health. Bhringraj oil is an ideal oil for applying on one’s hair as it is rich in nutrients such as Vitamin D, Vitamin E, calcium, iron, magnesium as well as polypeptides. The high protein content in Bhringraj oil makes it ideal for use on one’s hair. This oil helps to promote hair growth and hair lustre and also helps to combat hair fall. 

5. Fenugreek oil


Fenugreek oil is the oil that is extracted from the fenugreek plant. Fenugreek is known more popularly in India as ‘methi’, and this plant is very important in Indian cuisine. That being said, the use of this plant’s oil for hair care is no surprise. Fenugreek oil is said to stimulate the flow of blood to the scalp, and this oil has properties that nourish hair follicles. This in turn helps to promote healthy and strong hair. It has also been observed that fenugreek oil has anti-dandruff properties.   

6. Almond oil

Almond oil is good for preventing hair damage


Almond oil is extracted from almonds. Almonds are, as a matter of fact, one of the world’s oldest and most widely cultivated nut crops. The oil from this nut has a characteristically sweet smell and is widely used due to the various health benefits it offers. Almond oil is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin B7, Vitamin E as well as Omega-3 fatty acids and zinc. These nutrients make it an excellent oil for use on one’s hair. The natural SPF5 of almond oil makes it good for preventing damage to one’s hair due to exposure to sunlight. This oil is also known to have antibacterial and antifungal properties and is popularly used for scalp treatment. 

Now that we have explored some of the most popular oils for health care, let’s take a look at some of the numerous benefits of applying oil on your hair:

  1. Oil acts as a natural moisturiser for the hair and scalp. 
  2. Applying hair oil helps to keep the scalp cool.
  3. Massaging oil on your head helps to stimulate hair growth. 
  4. Oils help to nourish hair follicles as well as the roots.
  5. Oils contribute to making hair lustrous and shiny.
  6. Regularly applying oil on one’s hair helps to combat frizz and tackle curls.
  7. It has been seen that applying oil regularly on one’s hair helps to prevent premature greying.
  8. Regular oil massages on one’s hair helps to prevent scalp infections.
  9. Hair oils help to prevent the hair from heat damage. 

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