How Body Oil Can Help In Your Skin Care Regimen

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How Body Oil Can Help In Your Skin Care Regimen

While there are many creams and lotions available in the market that claim to take care of your skin, very little attention has been given to body oil. Even though body oil can work wonders when it comes to improving the quality of your skin, still it is often overlooked by most people.

This is really a big pity as people are not aware of the benefits of these body oils. They also don’t know that there is a great variety of body oils that includes coconut oil, olive oil, and almond oil. Readers are also not aware that different oils should be used on the body and the face.

This article helps you to get a clear understanding of the different types of body oils and the places that are suitable for their topical use. We also explain the difference between natural oils and essential oils and how they have different reactions in our bodies. In this way, we provide you with tips that will help you plan and develop an effective skin care regimen.


The Difference Between Body Oil and Face Oil

While most body oils can be liberally applied on the face, you still need to consult your doctor before you do this. This is because these oils can set off allergic reactions in people with sensitive skin.

The face is a very sensitive part of the body and not all oils should be applied to it. To test whether your skin is sensitive or not, you need to apply a test sample on a small part of your face and see whether an allergy breaks out or not.If everything goes fine, you can apply the oil to the rest of your face. To be on the safe side, you need to consult and take permission from your doctor before you conduct this small test on your face. You can even use Ayurvedic body massage oils to get the best results.

The body is much more robust as compared with your face, so there probably won’t be that much of a problem as far as applying the oil on your body is concerned.

Now we proceed to discuss the different types of body oils and their benefits.


1. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the best oils for both hair and skin care. It helps in moisturizing your body and keeping it hydrated. The cool and soothing nature of the oil also helps in repairing cracks in the skin. However, you have to be a little careful when using it on your face as it can lead to pimples and acne if overused. Hence, you must ensure that you use it sparingly for some time to get to know what reaction can be caused by this oil on your face.


2. Olive Oil

Olive oil is rich and contains a large variety of vitamins and minerals that make your skin sparkle and shine with its bounty. The advantage of using olive oil is that it generally does not cause any allergic reactions when applied on the skin. Another benefit of olive oil is that it can be used all over your body without fear of any side effects. This is especially useful if you suffer from very dry skin.


3. Sunflower Seed Oil

Sunflower seed oil has a potent quantity of Vitamin E. This helps you get the required nourishment for your skin and gives it the perfect level of moisture that it needs. The best part is that sunflower seed oil is especially suitable for infants as compared with other oils. It protects their skin and prevents outbreaks of dermatological problems in infants when used under the guidance of a doctor. In this way, sunflower seed oil can help in your skin care regimen immensely and can make it glow and shine like never before.


4. Shea Butter Oil

Shea butter oil is derived from the bark of the African Shea tree. This product helps in providing ample moisture to your skin using its strong hydrating properties. The advantage of Shea butter is that most people don’t have allergic reactions to it. This oil can also be combined with coconut oil or olive oil to give spontaneous results on your skin. In contemporary times, many creams and lotions are also making use of this oil in order to increase the level of moisture in your skin.


5. Jojoba Oil

This oil has originated from Mexico and the Southwestern United States and nobody has ever reported any allergic reactions on using it. The indigenous American tribes are experts at extracting the oil from the seeds of the jojoba plant. The best part about jojoba oil is that it has anti-inflammatory properties and can help in healing wounds well. This makes it extremely beneficial for the skin.


6. Almond Oil

As the name suggests, almond oil is made from almonds hard pressed to perfection. This oil has a variety of health benefits and also has a light texture which makes it suitable for applying on the face. However, as this oil can trigger allergic reactions when applied to the face, one must consult a doctor before using it.


7. Grapeseed Oil

Although grapeseed oil is not that well known, it offers a number of benefits to people who want to use it as a body oil. The good thing about this oil is that it does not trigger any kind of allergic reactions and helps protect against harmful microbes and inflammation. The potential of this oil needs to be explored fully so you can definitely give it a try.


The Difference Between Natural Oils and Essential Oils

Natural oils are those that can be applied to the body topically without any fear of having skin allergies. These include coconut oil, olive oil, and sunflower seed oil. Now one thing that you may have noticed is that these oils are edible and are widely used in cooking. However, that doesn’t mean that you straight away take it off the kitchen cabinet and apply it to your body.

While applying these oils on your body, you need to ensure that you use the unrefined virgin variety that provides you with just the right balance of nutrients that will make your skin glow. Cooking oil generally has a higher boiling point as it is made for culinary use. On the other hand, body oil needs to have a lower boiling point as its ultimate aim is to restore the high level of moisture in the body.

This is the most important difference that you need to keep in mind when you apply natural oils to your body.

On the other hand, there are other kinds of oils called essential oils.The three main kinds of essential oils are lemon oil, tea tree oil, and argan oil. These oils have good benefits but they also trigger allergic reactions in some people when applied on the face. Hence, it is unwise to use them without consulting a doctor. Use essential oils sparingly and only after having it tested on a small patch of facial skin.

This is how we have highlighted the difference between natural oils and essential oils. Here we need to note that natural oils are also called organic oils.

Now wouldn’t it be nice if we could combine all these oils and their resultant benefits into one compact body oil that will help you derive them just by applying it on your body at night? This best body massage oil in India helps you do just that by executing the perfect blend of these wonderful oils so that you can get glowing skin no matter the weather. So just follow the above-mentioned tips and guidelines to get the kind of skin that you truly desire!

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