How Often Should One Wash Their Hair?

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Washing Your Hair

Oily hair is definitely of a bad reputation, but the scalp also produces sebum, which is all the way vital and healthy for your hair growth. No matter what billion-dollar advertising says about washing your hair every day with shampoo, too much washing can lead to a series of bad hair days. Washing off the natural oils across your scalp can contribute towards making your hair coarse and rough, which in turn also makes it difficult to style. Most people don’t need to go for a hair wash every day, and how often do they resort to washing depends on quite a few factors. According to Elizabeth Hughes, a renowned dermatologist, one should only wash their hair when it unclean to touch and or feels oily. Here’s a look at several factors that determines a hair wash and its frequency for a person. 

Oil or Sebum

Oily Scalp

One of the primary reasons behind what one would refer to as dirty or unclean hair is oil. How much oil does your scalp produces has to do a lot with your age, sex, genetics, and environment. Compared to teenagers, older adults produce less sebum. If you have struggled with the oily scalp in the past, it might turn to dry as time passes and your age. Also, it is to be remembered that some people have the most fragile hair of all time, which breaks easily with regular washing. On the other end, some people also produce a great deal of oil or sebum that they need to wash their hair on a daily basis. Generally speaking, most people should wash their hair not more than twice a day.

Hair Type

Types Of Hair

Thin and straight hair demands more washing compared to wavy or curly hair. The reason is straight hair gets easily affected by the sebum your scalp produces and hence tends to wear a greasy look. Comparatively, a wavy or curly hair doesn’t get coated with sebum that easily. As a matter of fact, sebum is an essential contributor to curls that are well defined since it requires a considerable amount of moisture to continue to stay soft and away from frizzes. However, over-washing your hair, with store brought products that contain harsh chemicals, can straightway lead to hair loss. Also, resorting to hairstyles like one with tight braids, pull your hair in a really bad manner. The American Academy of Dermatology opines, people who are having textured hair or tight curls resort to washing no more than once a week.


Sweating Hair

Sweat leads to mess, and there are no counter reasons for that. The more you sweat, the more you need to wash your hair in a month or a week. As you sweat, sebum can work towards making your hair feel and look dirtier. Additionally, it can also lead to smells. If you exercise or workout regularly or drive a bike wearing a helmet for long durations, it is recommended that you shampoo every alternate day.

 Hair Styling Products

Hair Styling Products

When you choose to use hair styling products, ensure that they go easy on your scalp, and don’t cause any damage or irritation. If the product that you use is a heavy one, then one has to ensure that you wash your hair more frequently. Also, skip the sprays and cream for some time if you think that it’s causing recurring damage to your scalp.

 Does Daily Washing Of Your Hair Cause Damage

Dry Hair

Shampoo was designed to serve one purpose-Clean the scalp in a better way and also to remove any oil that stays in excess. But, over-application shampoo all the way across the length of your hair might cause damage to your hair. However, a shampoo, no matter how expensive, tend to strip your scalp of the crucial oils, leaving it too dry. Hence, it is of utmost importance that you shampoo your hair roots, and the end of your hair will be cleaned alongside as and when you rinse the shampoo of the hair roots. At times, people tend to complain about having dandruff. What is interesting to note here is that over-washing might lead to dandruff. Also, dry hair, flaking, and itching can result from washing your hair every day. Hence, it’s necessary to strike the right kind of balance for almost anyone with any kind of hair related issues. On the other end, shampooing as a habit is more of a personal choice. Many people experience problems like itching and flaking when they tend to stay away from washing your hair. An excellent way to put an end to these naturally is to go for an oiling session the night before you shampoo. KMP Ayurvedic Amla Hair Oil, one of the Best Herbal Hair Oil in India is an excellent choice to nourish your hair during an oiling routine.

Bottom Line

Washing Your Hair

There is certainly no one size that fits all approach when it comes to washing your hair. It actually has to do a lot with your personal preferences, hair texture, diet, body, and lifestyle put together. If anytime you think you are over-washing your hair, try giving a week off before you return to your routine. Unless you decide to work with styling products for your hair, shampooing will only work to clean your scalp. Never wash the ends of the hair with shampoo and rely on water to do the work for you. Remember, hair ending is seemingly the oldest and the most fragile part and hence require special care like added moisture.

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