How to Cure Hair Loss in Your Teenage Daughter

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Most people think that hair loss happens only to middle-aged people. However, you will be shocked to know that even teenage girls suffer from this problem. This can be extremely debilitating for an adolescent girl who needs to have a positive body image at this crucial juncture of life.

Teenage girls are very sensitive and pay a lot of attention to the way they look and dress. Hair fall can lead to low self-esteem that can lead to a precursor to more severe psychological problems as time progresses.

The only way to solve this problem is to pinpoint the reasons that cause hair fall among adolescent girls. Then we should move forward to find out solutions to these problems that are plaguing your lovable daughter.

Let us start the discussion by first looking at the reasons behind hair loss in teenage girls.

Reasons Behind Hair Loss in Teenage Girls

There are many reasons behind hair loss in teenage girls. Let us enumerate the same.

  1. A diet that is deficient in water-soluble vitamins like Vitamin C, B2, B1, and iron can cause a loss of precious hair in adolescent girls.
  2. The secretion of hormones that is characteristic of puberty can cause a chemical imbalance in the body leading to hair loss in adolescent girls.
  3. Severe illness for a prolonged period of time can lead to hair loss.
  4. Certain serious illnesses like diabetes and thyroid problems can also have adverse effects on the production of hair.
  5. Medicines that are prescribed for some disorders like acne, pimples, and thyroid can cause hair loss in teenage girls.
  6. Some teenage girls use contraceptives that can also lead to hair loss.
  7. A severe skin disease like alopecia areata causes loss of hair on the scalp or elsewhere in the body.
  8. Irregular eating habits and high consumption of junk foods can lead to hair loss.
  9. Eating disorders like anorexia nervosa and bulimia can lead to increased hair loss.
  10. Crash Diets are also common among teenage girls. This is one the major causes for hair loss among them.
  11. Lack of macronutrients in the body caused due to bad food habits can also contribute to hair loss.
  12. Psychological disorders in which teenage girls tear their hair apart can also make them become partly bald.
  13. Excessive use of hot curls and blow dryers cause hair loss among teenage girls.
  14. Stress.

The Need For Quick Therapy

Teenage girls are very vulnerable to hair loss due to their tender age. They are at a transition point in their lives that lies between the roles of a child and an adult. They need quick therapy to free them from the shackles of various disorders.

Read on to find out what therapies will work best for your teenage daughter in getting back her beautiful tresses.

Remedies for Hair Loss in Teenage Girls

Oil Her Hair

Oiling is the best way to restore your teenage daughter’s lustrous locks. Coconut oil is the best hair oil that can help strengthen her hair so as to make it silky and smooth. You can also use amla oil or jasmine oil that also have extraordinary benefits to cure her hair problems.

KMP Coconut Oil is the best hair oil in India. This pure coconut oil for hair helps in growing back lost hair. Regular application of this best coconut oil for hair will help solve your daughter’s worries. Using Ayurvedic coconut oil for hair will definitely help her overcome her hair woes.

Make Her Eat Proteins

Hair is made up of a protein called as keratin. It needs to be replenished at regular intervals in order to keep hair healthy and beautiful. Hence, make your teenage daughter eat protein-rich food like eggs, soy, tofu, fish and meat that will help her regain her crowning glory.

Restrict the Use of Styling Products

Don’t allow your teenage girls to use too many styling products as this will harm her hair. If she is adamant, try to counsel her by explaining to her the adverse effects of prolonged usage of styling products that can damage her tender tresses.

Don’t Brush Wet Hair

Ensure that your daughter does not brush her wet hair as this can damage the strands. She should also not style her hair while it is wet.

Avoid Crash Dieting

Explain to your daughter that crash dieting can have negative repercussions. Hence, make sure that she avoids it at all costs. This will help her protect her hair.

Regular Exercise and Sleep

Ask your daughter to do regular exercise every day like yoga or jogging and practice meditation regularly. Also, ensure that she does not miss out on sleep and gets the daily quota of eight hours of sleep that can relax and rejuvenate her body.

Cure Alopecia Areata

You can consult a good dermatologist for curing alopecia areata. This is a curable disease and can be easily treated.

Change Her Medicines

If your daughter is undergoing treatment and takes medications prescribed for certain illnesses that are causing hair loss, then speak to her doctor to either change her medicines or control the dosage so that she stops losing hair.

Consult A Psychologist

If your daughter is suffering from psychological disorders like anorexia nervosa, bulimia or unconsciously pulls apart her hair, then you must take her to a psychologist to cure her condition.

Give Your Teenage Daughter Quality Time

You need to give your teenage daughter quality time. This is a very important part of the treatment of any teenager’s condition. Two-way communication is extremely important among parents and their teens. This is especially so for daughters who need more protection owing to their soft and sensitive nature.

This becomes difficult with busy modern lifestyles. However, you must remember that your daughter needs you at this crucial stage of her life. So make the most of the time available and make it possible for you to communicate clearly and effectively with your teenage daughter. If you do this religiously, then half the battle is already won.

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