How to Improve Your Hair Density Through Ancient Ayurvedic Remedies

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Ayurvedic Tips for Hair Thickness

Hair fall is a scary phenomenon in the lives of both men and women. If you are going through this vicious cycle of hair loss, and you are looking for the reason behind the chunks of hair that is falling out overnight, there might be a deep-rooted cause behind it that requires proper diagnosis and treatment. Acute hair fall happens due to stress, lack of sleep, internal body problems, improper diet, or hormonal imbalance. Even, sometimes, weather change and water change can be the cause of hair loss. To bring a pause to such suffering you need to look beyond the usual home remedies and start introducing Ayurvedic treatments in your daily lifestyle. This will help you get back the thickness and volume in your hair.

The wisdom of Ayurveda is known to many. Hair loss can be prevented and cured, if you start incorporating certain Ayurvedic remedies, like for starters coconut hair oil can improve your hair texture and volume in a great way. However, in conjunction with this, you should also keep an eye on what you are eating. Maintaining a good diet can lead to healthier looking hair.

Restore your hair growth and get the much-awaited volume by following the ancient ayurvedic principles that address the problem from three dimensions – Nidana (diagnosis cure), Ahar (vital food that can provide nourishment and has medicinal properties), and Chikitsa (self-care and treatment).

If you have read this further and want to get back your hair volume, then keep reading for some amazing Ayurvedic cures that will enhance your hair regrowth, luster, and shine.

Regularly Massage Your Scalp to Increase Hair Volume

Scalp Massage for Hair Growth

Clinical studies have shown that people who regularly massage their scalp have a good hair density and have observed stronger and thicker-looking hair in 24 weeks. Massaging your scalp improves blood circulation, rejuvenates hair follicles, and thus, promotes hair growth. This helps in increasing hair volume.

For faster hair growth, you should massage your scalp by heating the oils first and then gently apply it by making partitions in your hair. This ensures even application of hair oil all over the scalp. Always, remember to apply this oil thoroughly in your roots first, and then working your way to the tips. Gently massage your scalp for about 15 minutes by applying pressure using your fingertips. Leave your hair for a minimum of two hours before washing to soak in the oil. In a couple of weeks, you will feel the difference in your hair.

Essential Oils for Hair Volume

Essential Oils for Hair Growth

Ancient Ayurvedic essential oils have a significant effect on increasing hair volume and bringing shine to your hair. You can easily try this at home to prevent hair damage and hair loss.

  1. Coconut Hair Oil – There is a great historical significance of coconut oil, which serves as a great remedy for hair loss. This is a very light oil and is power-packed with rich nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. Coconut oil can work wonders in facilitating hair growth and has a plethora of other benefits as well. It is the best ayurvedic hair oil and has been used by women for ages.
  2. Jasmine Hair Oil – Coming to the secrets of Ayurveda, Jasmine hair oil is one such product that comes with a bundle of goodness. It not only imparts volume to your hair but also, strengthens it. Further, due to its non-sticky property, Jasmine oil acts as a great conditioner and prevents many scalp issues like dandruff, dry scalp, and itchiness. Combine this light hair oil with coconut oil to get effective results in no time and bring back the lost luster in your hair.
  3. Rosemary – The rosemary oil is highly beneficial for your hair and helps in controlling hair fall. It contains an anti-inflammatory substance called Carnosol that helps in keeping your hormonal balance and increases follicle growth. Thereby promoting an effective hair growth cycle.

Volume Booster Pack – Amla Hair Oil and Mask

Amla Hair Oil and Mask for Hair Growth

Your hair goes through a lot of environmental damage due to overexposure pollution, thereby losing its shine, luster, and volume. To regain this lost hair gloss and improve your hair strength in abundance you can incorporate Ayurvedic amla hair oil and mask regularly in your regime.

Amla (or gooseberry) is known as the power fruit for hair and is a rich source of Vitamin C. It also contains Omega 3 and vital antioxidants that supply hair strengthening agents. Coupled with Bhringraj, Triphala, and Brahmi, this amlaki hair pack can act as great nourishment for the hair and can prevent hair damages due to seasonal changes, fungal infections, and other scalp related problems. The antibacterial and astringent properties of amla make it a great ingredient for scalp related problems and help in achieving hair volume by preventing hair loss.

A Balanced Diet for Improving Hair Density

Balanced Diet for Hair Growth

Lastly, a balanced diet is key to getting high hair volume. Including proteins in your diet is extremely vital as it is the primary source of hair nourishment. Proteins help in increasing the levels of Keratin in your hair, which makes your hair stronger and increases hair volume. Research has shown that people who eat food rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, iron, zinc, amino acids, biotin, folic acid, Niacin, fatty acids, and antioxidants are said to have more volume and healthier looking hair. You should eat more green leafy vegetables, eggs, nuts such as almonds and flaxseed, yogurt, carrots, citrus fruits, and milk which are all rich supplements of these nutrients to improve your hair density.

Remember that along with these Ayurvedic remedies, it is very important to take a holistic approach towards a clean and healthy lifestyle with good quality sleep to improve hair growth. Low-stress levels and avoiding anxiety can bring about significant changes in the quality of your hair. Keeping a check of your underlying health problems and working out regularly with a good diet plan can be some of the determining factors of your hair condition. And to get a better effect follow these few principles and use Ayurvedic hair oils to bring back the shine and volume of your hair. So start your hair care journey today!

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