Ingredients You Should Avoid While Buying Hair Care Products

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Ingredients you should avoid while buying hair care products

We all make sure to buy the best suitable products for our hair care regime. Most of us even spend a huge amount every month on good quality, branded hair supplements. This is because of the increase in various forms of pollutants resulting in hair problems. We are now well aware of the consequences linked to negligence in that area and therefore we do not fall back or think twice when it comes to hair care.

Social media today is doing a great job at marketing niche items such as organic products, ayurvedic hair oil products, DIY beauty remedies for every hair concern, and what not! Due to this constant reminder, we tend to choose organic products and avoid chemically infused ones. Beauty influencers are flooding the internet with DIY hair masks, which are both effective and cheap.

As mentioned earlier, we do not refrain from buying branded hair care goods. But do we really bother to read the label on them, at least once? Mostly, ‘No’.

Yeah, no shame in raising your hands up for these ladies, we all have been there! Along with this, you also need to be cautious about the new products that we buy from the stores. Not everything that states ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ should be mistaken for good. You should still practice the manner of reading the label on products.

This habit may sound super silly but, it is a crucial thing while shopping for products (any and every kind of product actually!).

Read ahead to understand why is it so essential to do so, along with a list of ingredients you should be aware of. It is about time to educate yourself about the aftermath they cause and to boycott them forever.

#1 Parabens:

Parabens are a type of xenoestrogens – which include plastics, pesticides, and a blend of different chemicals. They are commonly used in various cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. Parabens are synthetically manufactured compounds. Xenoestrogens are comprised in shampoos to work as a preservative agent. They disrupt the activity estrogen hormone and even prompt a huge cancer risk (breast cancer to be exact). They are often labeled under various names such as propylparaben and benzyl paraben, methylparaben, ethylparaben or butylparaben. Go for brands that manufacture paraben-free products.

#2 Sulfate:

Sulphates are surfactants; meaning they reduce the surface tension between your scalp and shampoo. This allows the shampoo to do its job by getting in and cleansing your scalp – Further, removing all the accumulated oil, dirt and dead skin on it. Doesn’t sound terrible at all, eh? Well, here comes the bad news! Sulfate ends up sucking out the natural texture of your hair leaving them dry and frizzy. It tends to strip away the natural oils and hair proteins. A higher concentration of Sulfate in certain formulas has been linked to cell damage. It also erodes the natural colour of your hair, damages your hair follicles and causes hair loss problems. Regular usage of sulphate shampoos can cause irritation and itchiness which is very irritating.

People with curly hair should strictly start using sulphate-free shampoos.

A smart alternative, in this case, is using products containing cocobetaines; which is derived from coconut oil. It is cooperatively mild in nature and doesn’t lather much.

#3 Mineral Oil and Petroleum:

Think of petroleum products as one of those tight latex dresses that will make you look good but suffocate you to a point where you’ll regret wearing it. Both these ingredients imbalance the oil levels of your scalp, cause acne and skin irritations.

#4 Phthalates:

These are the most popularly utilized chemicals around the globe. Phthalates are incorporated in hair products specifically to lubricate and muffle other substances. They are used to help improve absorption and boost spreadability. The biggest issue with this chemical though is that they have the ability to enter the body in numerous ways, such as through inhalation, skin absorption or even through any ingestion. All of these lead to some or the other health problems such as asthma, infertilities, diabetes, etc

#6 Formaldehyde:

It is a very harsh smelling chemical which is used to fight away the growth of bacteria on our scalp. Formaldehyde is considered to be a carcinogen for humans (cancer-causing agents). It is primarily used in hair straightening treatments to break the structural bond of curly hair. It alters the keratin present in our hair and locks them into a place for months. Researchers state that this chemical is prone to cause various allergic reactions, eye problems, migraines or severe headaches, an increase in skin sensitivity, etc. Formaldehyde isn’t that harmful if used in low levels for a shorter span of time, but why take the risk?

#7 Propylene glycol:

It is a vegetable-based synthetic chemical. It is heavily used in grooming and cosmetic products such as aftershave lotions, shampoos, make-up products, even in toothpaste and deodorants. It also plays a role of a preservative agent and helps smooth out your hair texture by defrizzing them. This chemical hurts regrowth by taking away the protein element from your hair. It even breaks down the cell structure and causes scalp irritations.

Make sure to ban these products strictly out of your hair care products. Take proper suggestions and advice from your dermatologist or trichologist.

To conclude this article, all we have to say is stay aware of what you are consuming and feeding your body with not only in terms of food and dietary measures but also product-wise. With that being said, we should also maintain a proper diet that promotes healthy hair growth naturally. Everything that we expose our bodies to reacts in a specific way. It’s better to take precautions before the main storm. So next time when you are out there to buy any hair care product, spend a few seconds to turn back the product and read it’s ingredients carefully. Protect yourself before these chemicals adulterate you gradually.

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