Invigorating Massage Techniques with Body Oil

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Invigorating Massage Techniques with Body Oil

Getting a massage is one of the most efficient methods of reducing pain and muscle soreness. While most people think that only old people need a massage, nothing could be further from the truth. Even young and middle-aged people can get bruises and injuries that require extensive treatment. This is where an invigorating massage can work wonders.

Given this scenario, it becomes imperative that we know about the different massage techniques. There are many lubricants that can help in massaging the body but nothing works as good as a body oil. Body oil is truly the elixir that can give you a relaxing and soothing massage.

This article helps in understanding the different massage techniques that can be used with ayurvedic body massage oil. Here we discuss ways and means that you can give the best massage to a tired and fatigued part of the body. After reading this article, you will be in a much better position to treat minor aches, pains, and injuries on your own. In this way, you can get back to your physical activities that form a part of your normal life.

Read on to find out how you can make use of invigorating massage techniques with body oil. This will help you immensely in having good health and fabulous fitness.

1. Longitudinal Gliding

Longitudinal Gliding Technique

Longitudinal gliding is one of the most important methods of getting a massage. In this method, the massage is done in the direction of the flow of blood through arteries and capillaries.

 This helps a great deal in removing the fluid that gets accumulated in the site of the injury. It also has the double benefits of reducing swelling and inflammation as well as providing deep relaxation to tired muscles. This is how longitudinal gliding can help you a great deal.

2. Deep Transverse Frictions

Deep Transverse Friction Massage

Deep transverse frictions are effective in treating tendon and ligament injuries. This is because they help in breaking down the scar tissue that has caused the injury and does not allow it to degenerate.

Transverse frictions apply oscillating friction into the tissues that are mainly applied in the direction of the fibers of the tissues. If transverse friction is not applied to the tendons and ligaments, then they might get further damaged and hence, it is indeed prudent to use this massage technique to heal your body completely.

3. Kneading

Kneading Technique

Kneading refers to the practice of giving a massage with the help of a particular part of the hand like thumb kneading or palm kneading. The intensity of the pressure must change with regard to the purpose of the massage and the majority of the tissues that are being treated for. This is how kneading can help you cure your aches and sprains.

4. Compression Massage

Compression Massage Technique

Compression massage refers to rhythmic compression that creates an effect of softening on the tissues that have been affected. This kind of massage is generally used as a kind of warming up that helps considerably in more deeper and specific massage work. Sports massage most commonly uses compression massage. This is mainly because of the rehabilitative techniques that this method uses.

5. Thai Massage

Thai Massage Benefits

Thai massage is characterized by the method of treatment that is truly revolutionary. Native to Thailand, this massage technique is a unique one indeed. This is because the masseur changes his own body to move the client into a multitude of positions. The main points used here are muscle compression, joints mobilization, and acupressure. Thus, Thai massage is a good way indeed to get the best results of a soothing and relaxing massage. Finally, you can top it off with a massage using the best body massage oil in India.

6. Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage Techniques

As the name suggests, Swedish massage is native to Sweden. Here the massage is done on the topmost layers of the muscles using kneading strokes that are soft and long as well as tapping strokes that are light and rhythmic. You can also combine it with the movement of the joints. In this way, Swedish massage therapy can relax and energize you in the best possible way. It is even helpful if you inadvertently get injured.

There are four common strokes of Swedish massage. The first one is effleurage that is basically a smooth and gliding stroke that is used to relax the soft tissue. The second one is petrissage that is specifically kneading, rolling and squeezing.

The third step is friction. This helps in increasing the flow of blood and also helps in breaking down scar tissue. The fourth and final step is tapotement that is generally done with the help of the tapping of the fingers, hands or edges of the hands for getting maximum pain relief.

7. Chair Massage

Chair Massage

Chair massages are a very famous kind of massage that helps in providing exercise to your arms, neck, back, and shoulders. This is mainly done with the help of a massage chair on which you can sit fully clothed and just enjoy the machines work on your body. After the chair massage, you can apply some body oil on your body as this will help in getting spectacular results.

These chair massages are generally found in music festivals, country fairs and also in airport massage section. In fact, chair massages are so effective that many big companies even offer a 15-20 minute chair massage free for every day of the working week. This is how chair massages are becoming more popular day by day.

8. Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu is a Japanese word that means finger pressure. This form of massage resembles the acupressure method of therapy that targets certain locations of the body. Here the therapist applies rhythmic pressure that targets certain special points of the body.

Here also these points resemble the acupressure points that are important for the flow of chi which is Chinese for the body’s vital energy. The supporters of the shiatsu massage therapy help in relieving the blockages from the acupressure points.

Thus, we see that there are many invigorating techniques that can help you get relief from chronic aches and pains. All you need to do is just follow the above-mentioned methods of massage that will help you in this task. For getting the best results in this endeavor, you can definitely use the best massage oil in India that will help in improving the intensity of your therapy to the highest levels!

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