Is Your Present Lifestyle Causing Neck And Shoulder Pain? Here’s What to Do

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Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief

Neck and shoulder pain has been around for centuries. But, lately, more and more people are suffering from stiff neck and aching shoulders. A spurt in the shoulder, neck, and also back pain in young professionals has been triggered by a sedentary lifestyle, along with a digital-heavy existence. Either people are working or studying, or they’re hunched on their smartphones, laptops, or other mobile devices playing video games, replying to WhatsApp messages, watching Netflix or Prime videos, and so on.

Another major cause of this rise in neck and shoulder pain is the work-from-home schedule that has been a result of the pandemic-induced lockdowns. This schedule has not been as comfortable as people had expected. Now that it has almost been more than a year, people are realizing that their home space lacks the discipline that the office desk provides. Dr. Raman Kant Aggarwal told Indian Express that the chances of people maintaining a healthy posture while working are rare. People are either using their laptop on a lounge chair, a regular table, or their bed, and this bad posture is manifesting in orthopedic problems. But, if shoulder and neck pain is not tackled properly, it can lead to joint degeneration or even spinal dysfunction in the long run.

Here’s What You Can do to Treat Neck and Shoulder Pain.

Remedies for Shoulder and Neck pain

  • For immediate relief, you can apply an Ayurvedic pain balm to the affected areas. You can massage the balm properly so that it gets readily absorbed within the skin. Within a few minutes, you are going to get relief and you can get on with your day.
  • To avoid neck and shoulder pain, you can exercise regularly to keep your muscles working, improve your posture while working, get enough sleep at night, take breaks in between your work and walk around, practice yoga, and so on.

You can also get massages (if possible) to smooth out the knots in your muscles. But, if nothing is possible, you can practice yoga at home and also keep an Ayurvedic pain balm in your cupboard. Made with natural, Ayurvedic ingredients, these balms do not cause any side effects and completely natural. They’re meant to be applied locally and can alleviate pain. However, if the pain has been persistent and the balm is not offering you much relief, you must see the doctor and find out the root cause of the problem.

Besides the Work-from-Home Schedule, Other Lifestyle and Habits that Cause Neck and Shoulder Pain are as follows –

Neck Pain Relief

  • Not Maintaining the Right Posture when Sleeping- If you sleep in a funny posture, you are bound to get shoulder and neck pain. For instance, when you sleep on your stomach, your neck is going to be angled in a weird manner. So, when you wake up, you instantly feel a tension in your neck. You can change this habit by sleeping on your side or back. Also, you have to ensure that you are using the right mattress and pillow for providing your neck, back, and shoulder the required support.
  • Staying Glued to Your Phone- Everybody is guilty of this habit, irrespective of age. If you stay glued to your smartphone, you are bound to have a bad posture. This condition is commonly referred to as text neck. This is a troubling situation and causes nagging pain. Experts believe that if you keep your neck angled at an uncomfortable position for a long time, you will be exposing yourself to premature arthritis. So, make sure to do some neck exercise to take away the pain.
  • Carrying a Really Heavy Bag- People who carry very heavy bags to work or university, punish their muscles. When the bag s resting on one of your shoulders, your muscles are getting punished and this is going to affect your overall posture. In the long run, it can cause severe pain. If you are carrying a heavy bag, try to switch sides whenever you can or you can get a back that can rest on both of your shoulders so that the weight is divided.
  • Excessive Stress- Modern life is quite stressful and if you’re constantly under a lot of pressure, it is bound to take a toll on your body and mind. It can also completely change your posture. You will be forced to slouch or pull the shoulders up in an uncomfortable fashion. To de-stress, you can practice breathing exercises. You can go for walks, keep yourself hydrated, practice meditation, and engage in things that make you happy.
  • Smoking- Are you looking for reasons to quit smoking? Add shoulder and neck pain to your list. The chemicals that are present in cigarettes are known to harden the arteries, which results in reducing the supply of blood to the muscles and the bones. If you are already guilty of maintaining a bad posture, smoking is only going to intensify the pain.

Don’t Wait to Find Relief

While changing the above-mentioned bad habits would be the best answer to treating your neck and shoulder pain, it is easier said than done. It is a challenging task to change habits and transform one’s lifestyle. Also, it is not always possible. For instance, you have to continue working from home if your employer says so. When you have to meet deadlines, it often becomes difficult to remember to take frequent breaks. So, the best answer would be to try and integrate physical workouts whenever you can through your day, drink a lot of water and you can get a pain relief balm. Ayurvedic balm uses can offer you the instant relief that you want and it can also relax your muscles for long-term relief.

However, consult a doctor if the pain refuses to go.

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