Jasmine Oil: History & Present-Day Uses

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Jasmine Oil Benefits

The History Of Jasmine Oil

Jasmine is highly sought-after for its scent that is highly aphrodisiac and as calming as Valium. The word ‘Jasmine’ has been derived from the French word ‘Jasmin’ and the Persian and Arabic word ‘yasamin’, which means ‘God’s Gift’. The smell of jasmine is described as something exotic, warm, sensuous, sweet, and intense. Hence, it is no wonder that Jasmine has been used widely as an essential oil in the perfume industry since the times of Cleopatra and Louise XVI. 

Jasmine essential oil is commonly used in Eastern and Asian cultures and holds a special place in Hinduism. The Hindus regard the scent as ‘the perfume of love’. In China, its beautiful aroma is used to make sick rooms more fragrant and also believed that it can clear the air of pollutants. 

Originating from Northern India and China, jasmine oil has traveled far and wide and was used by the Egyptians for treating headaches, nervous disorders and to promote a better quality of sleep. This brought the calming properties of jasmine oil to the fore and it is recognized even today. 

Present-day Uses Of Jasmine Oil

Jasmine oil offers a wide range of benefits as it is an aphrodisiac, along with having antiseptic, rejuvenating, antispasmodic, and antibacterial properties. This is why this essential oil finds its use in hair care, skincare, treating medical ailments, and more. 

In Haircare

Jasmine hair oil is known for benefiting hair and the scalp. By incorporating this oil as part of your hair care routine, you can stop hair breakage and strengthen your hair. Since the oil is light, it can penetrate the cuticle and hair shaft to condition hair deeply and maintain the natural elasticity and moisture of the hair. You can add jasmine oil to your DIY deep treatment masque or combine it with other oils for relaxing hot oil treatment. 

Jasmine oil is an antiseptic and this is why it helps to purify the scalp of buildup and bacteria. The natural healing properties of the oil helps to fight dandruff and other scalp conditions. If you are suffering from an itchy scalp, add a few drops of jasmine oil to your scalp or mix it with your pre-shampoo routine. 

The oil helps to seal in moisture and hydrate hair so that frizzes can be tamed. For controlling your frizz, you can use jasmine oil with coconut oil. Furthermore, regular use of this oil will make your hair feel softer and you can detangle your hair easily. 

In Skin-care

Jasmine oil is a popular ingredient in skincare and it has been utilized for this purpose across the globe. The soothing and antiseptic properties of the oil improve skin ailments like dermatitis, acne, stretch marks, scarring, aging skin, dry skin, and inflammation. By using this oil, you can help your skin to feel soft and rejuvenated. It is due to these benefits that people of Egypt, China, and India have been harnessing the power of this oil in skin care for centuries. 

In Improving or Uplifting Mood 

Jasmine essential oil is well-known for its mood-lifting properties that help to improve one’s state of mind by simply inhaling the rich, sweet smell of the oil. The floral energy of the oil boosts happiness and also enhances confidence, along with reducing stress, anger, and anxiety. 

One of the most relaxing ways to incorporate jasmine oil as a part of your regular well-being is lighting an aromatherapy candle or balm that releases the scent of jasmine. You can also apply it to your pulse points throughout the day. Or you can use it in aromatherapy where you can put the oil into a spray bottle and spray the oil onto your pillow, bed, or clothes. This will make your home smell like jasmine and will keep your mood lifted. 

Also, you can use Ayurvedic hair oil products containing jasmine that will not only soothe your scalp and improve your hair quality, but the smell will uplift your mood and keep you happy. Whoever smells your hair will also feel good instantly. 

Enhances Sleep Quality 

The use of jasmine essential oil helps in accentuating the quality of sleep. If you are frustrated or irritated due to lack of sleep and this is affecting your productivity, you can try using jasmine oil as a part of your daily routine. This is going to promote deep sleep and even eliminate frustration and stress. You can combine jasmine oil with other essential oils like chamomile and lavender for the best results. 

Apart from sleep, you can make use of the soothing, sedative, and antispasmodic properties of jasmine oil during yoga, meditation, and massage. This is going to increase the quality and length of relaxation, and also sleep. 

Improves and Increases Feelings of Love 

Don’t you think that there is something romantic about a candle-light dinner? You can cook regular food, but the entire ambiance gets instantly elevated when a candle is lit and the rest of the lights are switched off. The warm glow and the flickering flame of the candle with its soft shadows help in creating an intimate setting. In this setting, you can add the scent of jasmine oil. It is believed the rich, intense scent of jasmine acts as an aphrodisiac, which means that inhaling this smell is going to enhance the feelings of desire in an individual and even improve libido. You can mix the smell of jasmine with roses for an unforgettable evening with your partner or spouse. 

So, what are you still waiting for? It is high time that you make use of the wonderful benefits of jasmine essential oil for your hair, skin, and overall improvement of your well-being and sensual health. 

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