Pain Relief Balm


Why Use KMP Ayurvedic Balm?

KMP Ayurvedic Balm is a herbal formulation, which is based on Ayurveda pharmacopeia. Existing for more than 4,000 years, Ayurveda is known to have excellent healing properties that can treat even the most obstinate of diseases. This pain relief balm helps to alleviate muscular and skeletal sores and allow people to live a pain-free life. It has unique healing properties that offer instant relief and the effects last longer than over-the-counter pain relief medications. Made of herbal ingredients that have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, KMP Ayurvedic Balm helps in reducing pain, aches and sprains, splitting headaches, helps heal chest congestion and colds, relieves back pain, shoulder and neck aches, joint pain, and heals bruises. This is the best pain relief balm in India due to its ability to offer so many health benefits and extensive applications.

Understanding the science behind

Muscle soreness, chronic headaches and joint pains are a part and parcel of modern-day life. There are allopathic and over-the-counter medications available for dealing with such pain, but the side-effects are innumerable. However, KMP Ayurvedic Pain Relief Balm in India is made from natural, herbal ingredients and packs the goodness of Indian wintergreen, botanical flora and eucalyptus oil. The balm also contains lemongrass and together with the other ingredients, it offers excellent anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects.

The soothing and fragrant properties of Indian wintergreen oil alleviates pain from debilitating malaises, such as sciatica, arthritis and neuralgia. Turpentine and eucalyptus oil is effective in opening blocked sinuses and bronchi and offers soothing relief to all those suffering from respiratory problems. It is the best back pain relief balm as the results are quick and instant. You can get relief from rheumatism and muscle soreness by using KMP Ayurvedic pain relief balm, thanks to the presence of turpentine oil that has amazing sedative and relaxing properties.

The presence of cinnamon oil and its anti-inflammatory properties in the Ayurvedic pain balm helps keep influenza and cold at bay. The balm helps in improving blood circulation, and cough and chest congestion are treated by clove oil and tea tree oil. Clove oil also offers relief from pulmonary diseases, such as bronchitis, asthma, sinusitis and tuberculosis. The lemongrass oil present in the best pain relief balm in India makes it a perfect paradigm for aromatherapy. It acts as an excellent sedative and tranquilizer as it has anti-bacterial, analgesic and anti-depressant properties.

KMP Ayurvedic pain balm in India is ideal for fitness and sports enthusiasts as it helps to soothe muscle soreness and pain, and calm stressed out and fatigued muscles.


Apply the Ayurvedic pain balm over the infected areas and gently massage it till it is absorbed completely by the skin. You can repeat the practice two or thrice times daily.


• Botanical flora

• Indian wintergreen

• Eucalyptus oil

• Cinnamon oil

• Tea tree and clove oil

• Lemongrass oil