Extra cool hair oil


Why use Ayurvedic Extra Cool Oil?

One of the finest Cool Hair Oil Brands in India, KMP Ayurvedic Extra Cool Oil brings forth a smart infusion of 15 herbal extracts and advanced scientific methodology in the shape of a pristine preparation. The very term extra hits the curiosity of many buyers who have already been using cool hair oil with a proprietary base. However, it is the presence of natural elements and extracts like Menthol Oil, Lata Kasturi, Japa Pushpa and Sailaja which imparts "extra coolness" to one's scalp. What makes KMP Ayurvedic Extra Cool Oil receive an edge is its unique scientific blend of sesame oil with natural herbs that have been extracted following a list of Ayurvedic scriptures. In essence, it imparts adequate nourishment that your hair follicles need to withstand regular episodes of tiredness and fatigue. Additionally, it also brings effective relief from other chronic issues and associated syndromes like sleeplessness, hypertension, and minor scalp blemishes that might crop up from time to time.

Understanding the science behind

KMP Ayurvedic was built with the idea of introducing the best measures of this age-old science, which claims to have a cure for almost every disease, every disorder in this world. It's lamentable that people often fail to realize that problems like hair loss can be hinting at other underlying problems. As such, their products embody the fine essence of nature's best expressions that come blended across a range of authentic Ayurvedic ingredients. Hence, it is one of the purest rejuvenating formulas that one can possibly think of. Regular usage of this Ayurvedic formula leaves you brimming with energy, keeping aside fatigue and stress so that one can focus on life's priorities.

Talking about scalp disorders, like itchy flakes and feeling of tenderness underneath your hair; it can be quite a bit of serious issue in the long run. Regular application of KMP Ayurvedic Extra Cool Hair Oil prevents such issues from re-occurring. Owing to the extra constructive elements present in the oil, it also functions to boost neurons and stimulate muscles for good. Further, the oil is also easily absorbed to your scalp and leaves behind a non-sticky feeling, unlike other products in the market. The smart absorption formula also helps promote the circulation of blood which in turn promotes hair growth. Anyone who has been suffering from headaches or minimum hair loss can turn to use the oil and expect a surge in hair volume across mini-balding areas. One of the imperative constituents of Extra Cool Hair oil is Rosemary which has been functional in revitalizing hair pores. Lastly, it also addresses common issues like premature hair fall which seems to be troubling the youth today.

• Rejuvenates exhaustion

• Treats sleeplessness, hypertension and headaches

• Treats dandruff and scalp issues

• Mitigates recurring irritation

• Improves sleep


• Take a moderate amount of KMP Ayurvedic Extra Cool Oil on your palm.

• Massage gently on your scalp with light fingers.

• Leave it for 20-25 minutes.

• Rinse it thoroughly.

• Use regularly for best results.


• Sailaja

• Japa Pushpa

• Lata Kasturi