Herbal Hair Oil


Why use Ayurvedic Keshaina Hair Vita Oil?

Infused with the goodness of Methi, KMP Ayurvedic Keshaina Hair Vita Oil is one such revolutionary formula that can keep all hair disorders and other recurring hair problems at bay. The presence of a long line of vitamins and minerals within the Fenugreek is what contributes towards building the strength of the hair follicles. Further, it also functions to restore the essential Vitamins like A, B, C, and K along with calcium and iron which has turned out to be a beneficial offering as an Ayurvedic Hair Oil and its proprietary base formula for optimum hair care.

Understanding the science behind

One needs to understand how Ayurvedic formulas work for your skin as well as your body. They are essentially holistic and do not carry any side effects. The idea of using Ayurvedic products is supplanted by a handful of wellness strategies, where natural extracts play an important role in determining the course of things. So, it doesn't matter whether you are keen on using a topical treatment for hair care or you want to adopt a more systematic way using a combination of both. Ayurvedic hair oils like KMP Ayurvedic Keshaina Hair Vita Oil targets to find the root cause of your hair fall for issues like excessive hair loss, minor scalp blemishes, premature greying of hair, and much more.

Methi, which is the principal element in this particular formula has been long tried and tested as an excellent formula to offer growth and strength in equal measure. Additionally, it also works to bring back long lost luster that everyone craves for. Our hair is exposed as bad as our skin. When we go out in the sun, we not only take heat but also pollution, smoke, and a lot of other unwanted environmental elements, which are in no way good for our hair follicles. Hair follicles are quite strong o withstand such exposure but when exposed regularly it tends to lose its strength and eventually fall out thus causing hair loss. This is exactly where Methi acts as a chief component and does its magic. Methi or otherwise known as Fenugreek is a well-known formula to reverse hair loss. Although, it works on a good number of people, one who has been suffering from other serious illnesses or have any underlying condition might not be able to get the expected result from using the oil. Additionally, it also contributes to improving your overall hair texture and easily detangles rough hair, tames frizzy ones, while offering adequate nourishment as well. Thus, KMP Ayurvedic Keshaina Hair Vita Oil functions to offer:

• Optimum care for recurring issues like itchiness, flakes, hair fall and dandruff

• Stops premature greying

• The perfect choice for Ayurvedic treatments


• Take a moderate amount of KMP Ayurvedic Keshaina Hair Vita Oil on your palm.

• Massage gently on your scalp with light fingers.

• Leave it for an hour.

• Rinse thoroughly.

• Use regularly for natural shine.


• Methi

• Iron

• Calcium