Ayurvedic Body Massage Oil


Why use Ayurvedic Body Oil

Ayurvedic Body Oils have been trusted for ages to bring the very best out of body massages. KMP Ayurvedic Body oil packs in the essential goodness of natural elements and Ayurvedic herbs like Manjistha, Neem and Haridra which have been in use across several Ayurvedic products for over decades. Starting with Haridra, it is known to carry natural disinfectant properties that prevent skin issues like rashes and blemishes from occurring. It also functions to add a natural glow to one's skin. On the other hand, we have Neem, which is a popular fungicide and another natural bacteria killer. Neem also when consumed purifies the blood. On the surface, it delivers the same kind of effect to one's skin and keeps itching, inflammation, redness of skin at bay. Next, there is Aloe Vera, which acts as a natural moisturizer and helps to replenish the loss of moisture from our skin due to constant exposure to outward elements. Furthermore, it also adds shine and glow to bring back the long lost luster.

Manjistha is another natural muscle relaxant that provides a ready cure for muscle soreness. Similar to Haridra, it also carries anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce the severity of the pain. This eclectic mix of the best Indian herbs in the KMP Ayurvedic Body Oil accounts for a great massage oil that one can use daily.

Essentially speaking, KMP Ayurvedic Body Oil has multipurpose usage. It not only takes care of body strains but also enhances blood circulation. If you have been complaining about the excessive amount of stress in your regular episode of life, this Ayurvedic formula can help you find effective relief. Additionally, it also acts as an effective moisturizer owing to its inherent hydrating properties. Hence, it carries the capacity to bring forth effective nourishment and adequately nurture both muscle and skin.

Lastly, KMP Ayurvedic Body Oil also functions to reduce sunburns as well as prevent premature aging and wrinkles from appearing on the skin. Thus, one can not only use it for optimum healthcare needs but also cosmetic needs as well.

Understanding the science behind

The very word massage conjures up an image of a luxurious spa treatment that is only reserved for special occasions. However, little do people know that Ayurveda is well ahead of modern-day spa and rejuvenation centers. Massage in Ayurveda is known as the practice of abhyanga which involves Ayurvedic Body Oils. While the true art of abhyanga can't be replicated, KMP Ayurvedic Body Oil brings forth the essential goodness of natural ingredients, to sum up the effect to some extent. Now, massaging with oils might sound a little boring to some people, but you have never tried it before, you don't know what you are missing. In a few days, it will only become your second nature once you start reaping its benefits.


• Take a moderate amount of KMP Ayurvedic Body Oil on your palm.

• Massage gently across your skin to absorption.

• Use regularly for best results.


• Haridra

• Neem

• Aloe Vera