Lockdown Self-Care Tips: How to Get Salon-Like Skin and Hair at Home?

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Lockdown Self-Care Tips

Many of you might be okay with the way you look without the salon touch, but there are many others who are worried skin about when the lockdown will end. Sadly, the coming weeks are the most crucial and there’s no telling when your quarantine life will finally be over. So, hitting the salons is a distant dream at the moment.

Fortunately, there’s so much you can do for your skin and hair sitting at home. Even if you are not the avid-salon-going person, but need to do something to kill time, these home beauty hacks are for you. When you finally step out of your house, you will be Vogue-ready!

So, here are your home self-care remedies.

Drink lots of water – hydration is key to healthy hair and glowing` skin

drinking water for hair and skin glow

Its summer already. Only water can save you from the sweltering heat. Keeping yourself hydrated is the best way to maintain your skin, hair and overall well-being. By drinking a minimum of 8 glasses of water daily, you will make your skin glow from within and get rid of itchy scalp. Not just water, but you can also drink fruit juices and coconut water. So, start sipping your way to youthful, supple skin and refreshed, healthy hair.

Good old oil massage for your hair

Oil massage for your hair

Maybe, grandma was right all along. All your dull, lifeless hair needs is a good hot oil massage. A lot of hairstylists might shun the use of hair oil altogether, but here’s the thing. Your scalp only gets affected when you put oil on a dirty scalp. If you apply oil on freshly washed hair, your scalp and hair will get all the benefits of the oil. Since there are no meetings or parties that need your attendance now, you can roam around your house with oily hair and there’s no shame in it. Ideally, it is said to leave the hair oil overnight, but if you want, you can leave it for 24-hours.

For hot oil massage treatment, you can use coconut hair oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, amla hair oil or any other oil that you prefer. Just make sure to massage it properly so that the oil gets absorbed by the scalp. The next day, rinse it off using your normal shampoo and conditioner. Your hair is going to look shiny, healthy and feel much softer than before.

For the best results, oil your hair thrice a week. You can heat the oil for hot oil treatment or you can apply the oil as it is.

Honey-saffron/turmeric-milk mask for your skin

Face mask homemade

You might not get your favorite brand of face mask due to the effects of the lockdown. There might be a shortage of supply or you might not get an available delivery slot in Nykaa, BigBasket or Spencers.

What do you do then? You create your own!

A face mask made of honey, saffron and milk is something that can be used every day. However, if you do not have saffron, you can use turmeric. This face mask helps in cleansing the skin of all the dirt and moisturizes it. After you wash off the mask, your skin will feel softer and refreshed.

For this mask, you need:

A teaspoon of honey and raw milk, and a few threads of saffron or a pinch of turmeric

  • Mix it up together and apply it on your face. Leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes or till its dry. Keep the remaining mask to use later.

If you are vegan, you can replace the ingredients with aloe vera gel, a drop or two of any oil (preferably, coconut oil as it suits all skin types) and some red shakkar (jaggery).

Avoid eating processed food for the health of your skin and hair

food for healthy hair and skin

Processed skin is not good for your overall body, including hair and skin. Since you cannot hit the gym and only relying on home exercises, your body is not in a position to break down processed food. Therefore, it is best to avoid it at this time.

During this time, it is best to consume home-cooked, nutritious and less spicy meals with lots of vegetables and fruits. In a short time, you will see your skin and hair healthier than ever before.

Special tips for acne-prone, oily skin

Skin Care Tips

Dr Smriti Naswa Singh who is a Consultant Dermatologist and Cosmetic Dermatologist in Mumbai’s Fortis Hospital, suggests the following skincare tips for those who have acne-prone or oily skin:

  • Surely, your skin has gone for a toss. You can use Salicylic acid-based face wash two or three times a day to protect your skin. In case this is not available, you ca also use chandan (sandalwood) or multani mitti (earthen clay) powder or packs. These are known to help with acne. If you don’t get these also, you can create a pack at home using curd and turmeric.
  • If you have active acne, you must not use scrubs. That might lead to bursting the acne and result in scarring and pigmentation. You can apply face packs made of chandan or multani mitti.

Ultimately, you cannot control the virus, the country’s economy or the repercussions of the pandemic that might start to reveal themselves later. But, you can use this lockdown time to nourish your body, skin and hair. Because this too shall pass and when it does, you need to look your best.

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