Men’s Haircare Guide – How to Take Care of Any Type of Hair?

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men's hair care

You must have come across the popular saying that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. It is largely believed that men and women do not see eye-to-eye. But, if there is one thing that even unites them and the entire humanity, it’s that everyone wants great hair. And let’s be honest, achieving amazing hair is an uphill struggle. When good hair days feel far between and very few, it is easy to settle for just ‘okay’ hair. But, you shouldn’t have to. All men should be able to maintain luscious hair and stimulate hair growth so that they can try out the cialis dosage vs viagra trending in the season. 

If you are a man looking to tame your gorgeous mane, here is a guide to show you how you can take care of your hair. 

Switch to Taking Lukewarm Showers 

Fan of piping hot showers? You might be, but not your hair. Even though hot showers may make you feel great, they will strip your hair of the natural oils and make your hair look dry. Also, your hair will become prone to split ends and frizziness. Luckily, the answer is not to take cold showers, but to switch to lukewarm showers. 

Use Oils for Keeping Your Hair Moisturized 

Using a lightweight and the best Ayurvedic hair oil after your lukewarm shower is going to seal the moisture and this is particularly important for men with coarse, curly, and textured hair. 

Ayurvedic hair oil is recommended because it is made from natural ingredients and suitable for almost all types of hair. Sweet almond oil and argan oil can be very good for your hair as it is lightweight and doesn’t make the hair appear greasy. 

Always Keep Your Scalp Clean and Know Your Scalp Type 

Keeping your scalp clean should be your number one priority. If you don’t cleanse your scalp regularly, the microbiome balance will be disrupted and you’ll have an unhealthy scalp. This is going to cause inflammation and increased bacteria population which will impact your hair follicles. However, make sure not to wash your hair excessively as this can strip your hair of all the protective, natural oils. 

How often you wash your hair to keep the scalp clean depends on your hair type and also scalp type. So, know your scalp before starting your hair care routine. 

  • Oily Scalp – You have an oily scalp if your hair often feels greasy or oily. You may have tried to cut down on the greasiness by using different shampoos, but your hair continues to appear oily. In this case, you have to stop using shampoos that are labeled as hydrating or moisturizing. You need to use shampoos that are labeled as daily clarifying, balancing, and strengthening. 
  • Dry Scalp – If your scalp feels itchy and dry, it means that you have a dry scalp. The chances are that you’re plagued with dandruff as well. For minor dry scalp, you can wash your hair using shampoos that promote hydration and moisture. For an extremely dry scalp, you have to use shampoo with extensive moisturizing properties. You might also have to apply oil before and after shampooing so that your hair doesn’t feel dry. 
  • Normal Scalp – If your hair is typically easy to manage and has the perfect amount of oil, it means that you have a normal scalp. You can just wash your hair using a mild, gentle shampoo. Simply focus on keeping your scalp clean. 

Protect Your Hair from The Sun and Chlorine

No, you are not recommended to wear headwear all the time when you step out, but try not to spend a lot of time in the sun where your head is exposed. If your scalp gets sunburned, your hair will switch to being in a shedding mode.  One way to protect your hair is by applying coconut oil for hair men when you step out because coconut oil is known to protect hair from harmful UV rays. 

Also, chlorine is bad for your hair. So, when you are planning to spend a day in the swimming pool, you can either choose to wear a swim cap or you can apply a little bit of coconut hair oil. This oil is also known to protect hair from the harmful effects of chlorine and it will act as a protective barrier. 

Dry Your Hair The Right Way 

Most men step out of the shower and start to vigorously rub their hair using a towel. This method of hair drying is not recommended at all. You must not do it. 

Wet hair is susceptible to damage and when you vigorously rub wet hair using a towel, it leads to some kind of friction. Also, the hair gets caught between the towel threads and gets stretched. This leads to hair breakage. It can also damage the outer layers of your hair and cause frizziness and split ends. 

Next time when you are drying your hair, make sure to pat dry after you’ve shaken out the excess water. You can also gently stroke your hair in the direction that it grows. 

Blow drying is also not recommended and it is best if you just let your hair air-dry. However, if you’re running short on time, blow drying might be your best option. In that case, leave your hair slightly dry so that you know that you are not over-drying your hair. 

Massage Your Scalp When You Oil and/or Shampoo 

Irrespective of the type of hair that you have, ensuring that your scalp is taken care of can make a lot of difference. For this, you need to get into the habit of massaging your scalp. You can use amla oil for men to gently massage your scalp or you can massage it while shampooing your hair. Massaging the scalp will relax you and increase blood circulation so that your hair is healthy. 

It is high time that men start looking after their hair. It is an important asset and plays a crucial role in your overall appearance. Get started!

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