Mistakes To Avoid To Save Your Hair And Skin From The Nightmare Of Holi Color

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Holi is the most awaited festival in India, and it is almost around the corner. You must be looking forward to creating happy memories with your loved ones, and since the pandemic regulations are a bit lax at the moment, you might even be tempted to attend a few Holi parties

If you want the joyous occasion to remain joyful after you have played colors to your heart’s content, you need to avoid these common mistakes that you are probably guilty of making every year. 

Cancel Your Facial Or Skin Treatment Appointment Before Heading To A Holi Party

Did you get a facial or skin treatment appointment because you want to look your glowing best at the upcoming Holi party? If so, you need to cancel that appointment right away because this glow won’t protect you from the post-Holi trauma. Instead, it will aggravate the nightmare. 

Facial or skin treatments involving peeling the superficial skin layer or exfoliating the skin is a strict no-no before Holi. After these treatments, the skin becomes sensitive and remains so for a few days. Therefore, your skin becomes vulnerable to severe reactions if the Holi color irritates the skin. 

So, think of getting your facial appointment after Holi, and that will help your skin get back its glow and get rid of the stubborn Holi color. 

Oil Is Great For Your Skin And Hair As A Pre-Holi Routine

While you might make a conscious effort to use organic, high-end Holi colors, you cannot expect everyone to follow suit. And the dryness of hair and skin can make you more vulnerable to the effects of toxic color. One way to prevent the chemicals and colors from penetrating your dry hair is by applying coconut oil for hair. You can even apply coconut oil to your skin or use olive oil. Gently massage the oil of your choice on your skin, and then step out. 

The use of oil will act as a protective barrier against toxic chemicals and colors. It will protect your hair and skin. Also, ensure to apply extra oil between fingertips, behind the ear and your hair. You would not want to deal with dry hair after having had a great time at the Holi party. 

Do Not Forget Your Sunscreen!

Holi celebration is typically an outdoor event. You are going to stay under the sun for hours, throwing colors at each other and drinking Holi-inspired beverages. While all the outdoor activities are exciting, you cannot hide the sun. The sun’s UV rays will damage your skin and hair if you don’t protect them. If you stay outdoors for a long time, sun allergy, pigmentation and tanning are common reactions. 

Luckily, you can prevent sun damage by applying water-resistant sunscreen. You need to select a sun-block that is minimum SPF30 for UVB and UVA protection. 

As for your hair, you cannot apply the same sunscreen, but you can apply coconut oil. Coconut oil is known to create a protective layer against the sun’s UV rays, and it can help protect your hair. 

Pay Attention To Your Nails Because They Deserve Protection As Much As Your Hair And Skin

Most people forget about their nails while moisturizing and protecting their skin and hair. When Holi is concerned, nails are primarily ignored, and this doesn’t end well because when the Holi colors dry, it can be a nightmare to remove them from your nails. The colors tend to get stuck under the fingernails, which can be a massive trauma. 

If you have long nails, you create opportunities for the color to get stuck under the fingernails. So, first and foremost, you need to trim your nails. Then, you need to apply a copious amount of petroleum jelly to make it easier to remove the colors from your nails. 

Furthermore, it would be best to avoid gel or acrylic nails done before Holi. 

It Isn’t A Great Idea To Leave Your Hair Open!

Everybody wants to look their best during Holi, but it is not ideal to leave your hair open. The Holi colors will wreck your hair. So, after you have applied oil to your hair, it is highly recommended you braid your hair. You can even wear a bandana to avoid the colors getting stuck on your hair. 

Don’t Wash Away The Colors Without Applying Another Layer Of Oil

You need to apply oil before and after the Holi celebrations. Applying oil before playing colors makes it easier to get the color off of your body. But you also need to apply oil to your body before you start to wash away the colors. Applying soap and water isn’t enough to get rid of Holi colors. So, you can start by applying another layer of coconut oil and then wash away the colors. The colors will come off quickly. 

After taking a shower and scrubbing the colors away, you need to protect your skin, and the best way is to apply a body massage oil in India. Massage the oil on your body for a few minutes so your body can quickly soak the oil and make your skin appear smooth and supple. Also, your body needs a massage after you have partied the entire day with your loved ones. 

Take Care Of Your Lips

Hydrating your skin and taking care of your hair is essential, but you also need to think of your lips. Lips are more sensitive than the skin on your body and face. Therefore, you need to give extra attention and care. You can exfoliate your lips properly and then apply a lip balm. It would be great to apply a lip balm with SPF to protect against the sun. 

Summing Up

At the upcoming Holi party, you must be prepared so while you have a great time during the party, you don’t have a troublesome time after the celebrations are over. Keep the tips mentioned above in mind, and you are guaranteed to have fun.

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