Nutrient-Rich Oils for Lustrous and Healthy Hair

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Oils for Healthy Hair

Nothing in this more gorgeous than thick and shiny hair. However, in today’s life, most of us do not get the time to take care of our hair. Also, we experiment and color, and chemically treat our hair, exposing it to harmful substances.

Thus, we witness premature greying, hair fall, rough hair and frizziness, tangles and split ends, thinning of hair, etc. So what is the cheapest yet most effective way to take care of your hair?

Well, it is the same thing that your grandma used to tell you – using Ayurvedic Hair Oil Products on your hair! Yes, back to our basics.

Whether you don’t get the time to take proper care of your hair or visit the salon for a hair spa, or have just ruined your hair after multiple cosmetic treatments, this blog is just the right for you.

In this blog, we will talk about six types of oils that can bring back life to your hair.

These hair oils will retain the natural quality of your hair and would nourish and strengthen them. All you need to do is apply them overnight or an hour before you shampoo your hair. Apart from these, you should also try to adopt a healthier lifestyle and include organic foods.

You should avoid straightening or applying too much heat to your hair as well. All of these also lead to excessive breakage.

Almond Oil: Almond oil not only prevents hair loss but also retains the natural shine of your hair. You will witness healthier hair once you start using almond oil. If you lose more than 50 strands a day, you have reasons to worry about it. 

Almond oil is rich in magnesium that will also protect your hair from the Sun. If you live in a humid place, almond oil will come to the rescue. It also helps in treating dandruff.

Almond oil contains Omega 9, 6 & 3 along with fatty acids, vitamin A, vitamin B, etc. You will be able to flaunt your hair just like before if you religiously use almond oil on your hair.

Coconut Oil: A great substitute for conditioner – coconut hair oil is something that we all have used in our childhood. However, with time, we have let go of oils that our mothers and grandmothers used to religiously use.

The best part about coconut oil is its smell. Apart from keeping your hair soft and moisturized, it also makes them stronger.

Combing your hair will not be a nightmare anymore!

It contains lauric acid, which will boost the strength of your hair. It is known for calming down the scalp as well. You should know that coconut oil is rich in vitamin E, K, and iron.

What we often forget is the fact that most of the good things are quite inexpensive. You do not have to shed a huge amount of money on its maintenance if you oil your hair religiously. 

Argan Oil: If you have invested in good shampoos, hair serums, and spa creams recently, you must have seen that most of the good ones contain argan oil. It is mainly because argan oil helps in fixing split ends and making them more manageable.

If you have to deal with frizzy hair, which ruins your outfits and entire looks, then argan oil is the one for you. It will make your hair look straight. Just the way you have always wanted!

In this regard, you should know that it contains high amounts of vitamin E and fatty acids.

Jojoba Oil: Made from the seeds of jojoba shrubs, this one is highly rich in nutrients. Your scalp will love this oil on it as it soothes the same. Jojoba oil is used for treating dry scalp problems and dandruff. 

It also makes hair thicker and adds elasticity to your hair. If you are scared to comb your hair, get yourself a bottle of the oil and see wonders happening.

It contains vitamin A, B1, B6, and E along with amounts of monounsaturated fatty acids. Time to flaunt your hair like never before! 

It gives you the right dose of confidence, which thinning hairline and frizzy hair don’t. 

Olive Oil: This is yet again a very healthy oil that you can apply to your head. The fatty acid will keep your hair healthy and protected. It will also soften and treat your rough hair.

The natural shine will surely impress you. Olive oil, which contains vitamin E, and K helps in fighting frizzy and dry hair.

Try to use it once every week to soften your hair. It also helps in increasing the blood circulation in your scalp.

Camelina Oil: This is made from a small annual shrub and great for your hair. Perfect for a hot oil massage, camelina oil balances the deficit in nutrition of your scalp.

It helps in eradicating dandruff and flakiness in the scalp. For soft, bouncy, and shiny hair, you should get this oil rich in antioxidants.

Camelina oil also protects your hair shafts from radical damage. The Omega 3, fatty acids, and vitamin E present in the oil protect your hair follicle.

So these are some of the hair oils that will help you maintain the quality of your hair. These oils are versatile in nature and contain the right nutrients that will penetrate deeply into your hair. 

These oils promote healthy hair growth and help in maintaining a common healthy scalp. As long as you provide your hair with the right food, they will look wonderful.

You can also try Ayurvedic Amla Hair Oil as it is rich in nutrients. 

Things to consider while buying hair oils

One of the first things that you should look out for is the requirement for your hair. Is dandruff the main concern? Or do you want a hair oil that will help your hair look bouncy and shiny? For beautiful-looking hair, you should know what you are looking for.

You should use the hair oils following the instructions specified on the bottles. Also, make sure that you do not use too much. Check out the ingredients.

The natural goodness for your hair revitalize your hair tissues. A nice, relaxing massage is not only good for your style but also good for your mental health. 

Find your requirements and settle for the best oil in the market. It is time to get back to the basics and doing the weekly champi to your hair.

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