Pain Balm: Your Elixir For Chronic Pain

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Pain Balm: Your Elixir For Chronic Pain

Modern lives have become very busy and stressful. Unhealthy lifestyles with long corporate work hours take a heavy toll on our health. Coupled with this, the rising levels of pollution and increasing levels of adulterated food also makes us susceptible to aches and pains.

Most people have the misconception that only elderly people have aches and pains. However, this is not true as a number of young and middle-aged people are vulnerable to chronic pain due to the reasons mentioned above. Given this scenario, it becomes imperative that we find a solution to this problem that plagues people from all age groups.

This article helps you understand the various advantages and benefits that ayurvedic pain balm provides. Here we first discuss what is pain, why we feel pain and finally we focus on ways and means that can help you alleviate your pain in the best possible way. After reading it, you will be in a much better position to deal with this gargantuan problem that seems to have no cure in sight. Rest assured that here we provide a simple solution to a complex problem in the form of a pain balm.

A pain balm is an ointment that helps you to alleviate your pain using its potent properties. It would not be an exaggeration to say that a pain balm is an elixir for chronic pain. It provides you the perfect mix of soothing as well as cooling properties that can get instant relief from pain in a jiffy. After using a pain balm, you will be relieved of your suffering in a quick and easy way. This will help you a great deal in getting your desired level of healing in the shortest time period.

Read on to find out how pain balm can work immensely as your elixir for chronic pain.

1.     What Is Pain

Pain is a noxious often discomforting feeling that can leave you immobilized over long periods of time. This is mainly caused by some trauma that affects some part of the body. There are different types of pain. Some of them are caused by accidents and injuries. This was the kind of pain that is caused by trauma.

However, there are other kinds of pains as well. For example, joint pain is caused in that part of the body that is connecting two bones. This part of the body is called a joint. Generally, there is cartilage that is found between these bones and there is also a fluid that reduces friction between the two bones.

However, with an increase in age as well as the wear and tear that is caused by the body this cartilage and the joint fluid gets eroded with time. This causes increased friction of the bones and we then experience joint pain. Applying the best pain balm of India over the joints helps in bringing relief over the affected area. Hence, it works a great deal in helping us get back to a normal lifestyle as quickly as possible.

These are different types of pain. Now we move ahead to discussing why we feel pain.

2.     Why We Feel Pain

The human body has an elaborate nervous system. This consists of millions of nerve cells that crisscross different areas of the body. The brain is the central part of the nervous system and the nerves spread out all over the body from this vital organ.

Nerves are made up of nerve cells. Each nerve cell consists of a long section that is the axon. The nerve signals are sent to other nerve cells with the help of this axon. In simpler terms, the axons are the transmitters of the information of pain. The shorter sections on top of the nerve cells are called dendrites. They are the centers of the nerve cell that receive the information from other nerves. Thus, they are the receptors of the nerve cells.

When a certain part of the body is affected by trauma, then the nerve cells transmit this signal directly to the brain through the shortest possible nerve route and we get the sensation of pain. The sensation becomes even more acute and intense if certain tissues of the body are damaged. Then we feel the pain radiating to all parts of the body.

These are the main reasons why we feel pain. In the next and final section, we discuss how a pain balm can help you get rid of your pain without any adverse side effects.

3.     How A Pain Balm Can Alleviate Your Pain

A pain balm is made of the best Ayurvedic herbs that are sourced from the pristine areas of India. These herbs include a smorgasbord of ingredients that make the best Ayurvedic medicine. Some of the most popular herbs and spices for pain relief include menthol, camphor, salicylic acid, shankapushpi, haridra, and ashwagandha. There are others too that are included in most pain balms.

When you apply pain balm over an affected area, it becomes slightly hot and reddish. This is due to the dilation of capillaries that cause increased blood flow to the area. In this way, the surrounding nerve cells relax and stop sending the messages of the sensation of pain. Simultaneously, the menthol, camphor and salicylic acid that are present in the pain balm cool down the affected area so that it does not get overheated.

In this way, we see that there is the perfect balance between the two components of the balm that complement and supplement each other. They provide you with the perfect amalgamation of two opposing tendencies that bring about a sense of equilibrium in the body. A pain balm is the only ointment that can bring out the perfect sense of balance in the body. Hence, you must definitely try it out once.

Slowly and gradually with the sustained application of the pain balm, you will see that the nerve cells and tissues that were damaged get repaired and the sensation of pain slowly fades away. Once you are sure that the pain has subsided, you can stop the application of the balm and get proper healing. You don’t need to use the balm anymore unless the pain comes back inadvertently. This shows that just a little bit of effort on your part can do wonders in managing chronic pain in the best possible way.

This is how a pain balm product of India can alleviate your pain.

From the above discussion, we can safely conclude that a pain balm is your elixir for chronic pain. So what are you waiting for? Quickly make a pain balm a part of your arsenal to combat pain and stay mobile and nimble for posterity!

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