Pain Shouldn’t Dictate Your Everyday Life! Take Back Control With These Pain Management Tips

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Everybody experiences good days and bad days. But life is different when you’re living with pain, especially chronic conditions like sciatica or arthritis. Muscle and joint pain can impact how well you can perform your daily chores and other activities. It can make you feel more tired than usual and may even make you angry or sad. 

How Does Pain Affect One’s Lifestyle?

Pain impacts an individual’s overall quality of life and well-being. According to your pain levels, you have to adjust your lifestyle. For instance, if you are a fitness freak and like to hit the gym for hardcore training sessions, you would have to skip a few days of workout because of your back or shoulder pain. You might be pulled away from living an active life and may have to forego many activities that you enjoy, such as hiking, playing sports, etc. Fortunately, there are ways to get instant relief when experiencing excruciating pain and cannot move a muscle or joint. You can turn to Ayurvedic pain balm and apply the balm locally to the painful areas of your body. The goodness of natural herbs will help offer relief within a few minutes and help you get back to your regular life. 

With that said, pain is often interconnected with the lifestyle that you lead. If you can make a few adjustments, you can keep the pain away and enhance your quality of life. 

Pain Management Tips To Help You Live A Pain-Free Life

When it is about managing pain, you need to work on your physical and mental health. Research has shown that psychogenic pain is also real pain. It doesn’t have any physical source, but the psychological factors resulting in such pain are stress, depression or bipolar disorder. 

  • Start by managing stress 

The first step to managing pain is managing stress. There is a deep connection between pain and negative feelings. Negative feelings and a sense of negativity can increase your body’s sensitivity to pain. If you are suffering from anxiety, stress, anger, or depression, it may adversely impact your body. 

Studies reveal that stress heightens pain while positive experiences ease the pain. Also, stress can negatively impact the immune system of your body. It could crimple muscles, leading to cramps and stiffness. 

Therefore, the best way to manage chronic pain is by learning how to manage stress. You can include relaxing activities in your daily routine to overcome anxiety and stress and boost your health, which will help to prevent lower back pain, muscle pain and related symptoms. Relaxing activities can also offer relief from arthritis pain. 

You can listen to soothing and relaxing music to calm your nerves and lift your mood. It can help reduce stress. You can also engage in other relaxing activities, such as stretching, meditation and yoga. 

When your body is relaxed, you are less likely to experience pain-related symptoms. 

  • Stay engaged in physical activity 

A cycle of chronic pain is triggered when there’s a lack of movement. So, if you lead a sedentary life, you need to start engaging yourself in physical activities that will move your muscles and joints. Even a small improvement in physical activity can help check painful symptoms and make you live a pain-free life. Also, it will help you to manage your weight and drive away stress. As you know, overweight or obese person is more likely to experience pain in the legs, spine and back. So, engaging in physical activity will help you get rid of the pain. 

You must avoid sitting for a long period of time, and you must get up every thirty minutes to move slowly. It will improve circulation and reduce muscle pain and stiffness.

  • Use Ayurvedic oil to massage the painful areas 

Ayurveda is an alternate science therapy that has been around for decades, and it can help you manage pain symptoms. Ayurveda believes in using the goodness of natural herbs to soothe the pain and ease the symptoms. For instance, you can make it your habit to massage Ayurvedic pain oil to the painful areas for ten to fifteen minutes a day. The gentle massage will generate heat and help get rid of the inflammation and pain by improving circulation. Also, the Ayurvedic oil’s goodness of eucalyptus or Indian wintergreen will offer pain relief because these ingredients are naturally soothing and have anti-inflammatory properties. 

  • Talk to a physical therapist 

Manual therapy and exercise can help you get rid of the pain. So, if you’re suffering from chronic pain, you can talk to a physical therapist and get a personalized physical therapy plan that will work to help you overcome pain. A physical therapist can even teach you different ways to avoid pain and manage it that you might not have thought of before. 

  • Get proper chairs and desks for your home office 

If you’re working from home during the pandemic, the culprit behind your pain symptoms might be your bad sitting posture. The furniture that you are using to work might be to blame. For instance, if you are sitting on your sofa or bed during work hours, you are most likely sitting for hours in a bad posture. A sofa is a place for relaxation, and it is not ideal for putting your laptop on your lap and continuing working for hours. It is the same if you are working on the bed because it is meant to sleep and relax your body. Therefore, you need to get a proper work desk and chair to set up a work from home space to ensure you are working in the right posture and not burdening your body. You’ll notice fewer pain symptoms if you do this. 


Nobody should have to live with pain because that’s not a life worth living. Pain will debilitate your life, and therefore, you need to follow the pain mentioned above management tips and improve your life. 

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